A decade
of change

Thank you for being part of CRY America's 10 year journey

With over 25,153 donors and 2,000 volunteers, CRY America has impacted the lives of 695,077 children living across 3,676 villages and slums through support to 73 projects in India and USA.


Executive Committee worked well

Volunteer Action Manager recruited to

FB 'likes' cross 10k

Fundraising Director based at LA


CRY Am celebrates 10 years of lasting
change for children

422,383 children impacted across 2395
communities through support to 64 Projects

10 Years focus on donor/ volunteer
appreciation and presentation of impact

Celebrity Chef Maneet Chauhan attends
NY & Seattle Dinners


Revenues cross $1.2 million

115,720 children impacted and
73,521 children enrolled and
retained in schools

Volunteer Action grows to 500 volunteers
across 24 active Action Centers

Online fundraising campaign showcasing
project impact increases website revenues

CRY Dinners at Seattle & NY with
celebrity Sharmila Tagore raised $215,000
Donor retention rates increase with
Telecalling, Direct Mailers & CRY Drops


CRY America Executive Committee

13,558 children immunized,
12,281 births registered,
10,139 children covered through
health check-ups, 4,546 pregnant women
provided healthcare

CRY Walk grows to 16 Action Centers,
1578 participants & $93,000 revenue
CRY Cricket series across 7 Action Centers
that raises $17,000

'My Occasion and CRY' - new donation option launched


CRY America Board met 5 times on
policies, plans, reviews

157,491 children living across
830 villages/ slums impacted through
support to 31 Projects
Grant priorities for USA Projects established

Action Center Recognition Awards established

CRY America on Facebook, Twitter & Blog
My Vision for Children
Campaign launched - 60 participants

Institutional grants from
Western Union, Aetna, Lavendar Fund
& Zee TV


Revenues cross $1 million

$755,000 grants disbursed to 26 projects
in India and USA
50 villages/slums 100% child labor free
& 275 children's groups formed/ strengthened

Indian Ocean concerts at Seattle,
Connecticut and Houston

Issues campaign focus on education,
girl child & child labor
CRY Talks at Google, Harvard, Cisco,
NetIP Conference

CRY DROPs – monthly recurring donation
scheme established


Name change from
Child Relief and You America Inc.
to Child Rights and You America Inc.

72,869 children living across
572 villages/ slums impacted through
support to 21 Projects

500 volunteers from 20 AC's raise
$544,000 through 47 local events

Vikramshila Project holder meets
CRY America volunteers, donors & media

$50,000 grant from Community Foundation


Revenues cross $900,000

$424,000 grants disbursed to 14 Projects
177 schools with 100% enrolment &
149 schools with 100% retention

CRY Walk grows to 7 cities

CRY Cards online shop established

Resource Generation function launched
with first Marketing Manager
Donor relationship building and
retention systems established


Corporate office in Boston with full time CEO
Revenue crosses $650,000

Grant priorities & systems for
India Projects established
$89,652 Tsunami relief grants disbursed
30,611 children immunized,
4,356 births registered

500 volunteers from 21 Action Centers
organized 55 events through the year

CRY Connect Newsletter launched

CRY Charity Dinners organized in
Seattle & New York


Accounting, Banking, Statutory
Compliance systems established
Revenue crosses $400,000

$200,000 grants disbursed to 11 India
Projects & 2 US Projects

CRY Walk launched by 4 Action Centers
First Charity Dinner (Uphaar 2004)
launched by Seattle Action Center

CRY America website launched
with online donation facilities
First CRY America Press Conference
in New York


CRY America obtains 501c3 public
charity status
Revenue $87,709 through volunteer-driven

227 volunteers across 13 Action Centers
join CRY America
First Annual Volunteer Conference held
at New Hampshire


CRY America incorporated as a
US Non Profit Organization

CRY America is the sole representative of the CRY name & trademarks in the USA. CRY America is a 501c3 registered
organization and all donations to CRY America are tax-deductible.
You will receive periodic updates, so you can stay informed about CRY America’s projects, events & initiatives towards ensuring children’s rights.
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