Vol 20, August 2011

In its 8th year, CRY America's largest annual event - CRY Walk for Child Rights will be organized by 20 Volunteer Chapters all over the USA. Come join us in Boston, Philadelphia, New York, Chicago, Southern California, Pittsburgh, San Diego and Bay Area in the next few months. Donations raised from the CRY Walk will go towards ensuring every child's right to a childhood - to live, learn, grow and play. View newsletter

Vol 19, June 2011

The first half of the year for CRY America has been abuzz with a number of awareness and fundraising events. The CRY Dinners in New York and Seattle in May 2011 were a great success, attended by 325 people and raised over $215,000. Indian actors, Sharmila Tagore and Soha Ali Khan were our guest speakers at the dinners. Our online fundraising campaign to 'Make it Same' for children with disabilities raised close to $15,000. There is lot more to come...our popular annual event, CRY Walk for Child Rights 2011 will be organized by our Volunteer Chapters across 20 cities from June to October this year. CRY Cricket 2011 will be held across 11 cities this year. Do keep logged in to to know more about events happening in a city close to you. View newsletter

Vol 18, April 2011

For us at CRY America, it is your belief in the rights of children that act as our guiding force. The committed and continued support you give us is crucial. To see the impact of your support, read the story of Riku - a child who constantly faced discrimination because of her disability and ignored by her school and society. She, now not only goes to the public school like other children with self-confidence and esteem, but also participates in school and community functions, sports and cultural fora. We have launched an online fundraising campaign for over 800 children with disabilities like her with the objective to ensure them quality education and dignity. So far, we raised $8000 against a target of $20,000. I thank you for your participation and encourage you to spread the word about the campaign at View newsletter

Vol 17, September 2010

Over the last 7 years, CRY America has endeavored to ensure that children - regardless of their gender, caste, class, color, race, and ethnicity are given equal opportunities to develop to their full potential. CRY America's vision is to create a just world for all children. One, in which every girl's childhood is preserved, cherished, nurtured and protected. However, in many villages and communities across India, till today, girls are anything but free from discrimination, abuse, neglect and social bias. 53% of girls in the age group of 5 to 9 years are illiterate, half of the mothers are still children during their first pregnancy and one in six girls do not survive to see their 12th birthday. Our work in one of CRY America's supported project - Gram Swaraj Sangh (GSS) that works in the Kutch region in Gujarat is directed towards empowering girls to be aware of their rights, bolster their confidence when the odds against them seem impossible, empower them to participate in decisions affecting their lives and become torch bearers of their communities. Read more

Vol 16, July 2010

Whether it is in sharing a common passion or coming together for a cause, communities are increasingly driving change across the world. We see evidence of this in the ever-increasing group of CRY volunteers and donors across the US, India and the UK. In June 2010, we kick started CRY America's largest annual event - CRY Walk for Child Rights. In its seventh year, the CRY Walk will be organized by 20 Volunteer Chapters all over the USA. We began walking on June 5 at Hartford, CT and will continue to walk across 19 different locations over the next 4 months. Come join us in Denver, Huntsville, Saint Paul, Bay Area, Detroit, Boston, Frankfort, New York, Chicago, Pittsburgh, San Diego and Philadelphia. Zee TV, one of India's leading satellite TV networks, is the official media sponsor for CRY Walk 2010. Read on to know more

Vol 15, April 2010

All of us will agree that education is the foundation for human development and has a profound impact on the growth of societies and children. Education has given many of us the opportunities to lead a better quality life and attain our goals. However, for millions of Indian children, education remains a distant dream - due to poverty, caste, gender discrimination and lack of access to schools.

Nearly 8 years after the Indian Constitution was amended to make education a fundamental right, on April 1, 2010 the government implemented a historic law to provide free and compulsory education to all children in the age group of 6-14 years. While this is a landmark Act, one of India's most ambitious steps is limited as it does not address the issue holistically. It needs to address why children do not go to school and allocate adequate financial resources .Read on to know more

Vol 14b, November 2009

Our vision of a just world for children was further strengthened by individuals who expressed their dream and view of children's rights through our 'My Vision for Children Campaign (MVC)', a new initiative launched by CRY America this year. Over 60 individuals aged 10 to 83 years living across 15 states participated in this campaign which ran from mid June till mid October. Touching thoughts, beautiful poems, poignant pictures and paintings were received. Our thanks goes out to all our MVC contestants for participating in this campaign and our congratulations to all the winners of the contest! The MVC entries that you will see on our website all capture one belief, one dream: of a better world for children. Read on to know more

Vol 13, June 2009

Millions of children are denied their basic rights on a daily basis. CRY America launches the 'My Vision and Dream for Children' Campaign - an initiative to bring people together from different walks of life to dream of a better world for our children; to engage in the larger debate on children's rights and to express their vision and dream for children in creative ways. In the words of John Lennon "A dream you dream alone is only a dream. A dream you dream together is reality." CRY America believes that no matter how long or difficult the journey - if each one of us believes in doing what's right and works towards that day, then all children will have their right to live, learn, grow and play.
Read on to know more

Vol 12, March 2009

Twelve villages in Koraput district (Orissa) where SPREAD - a CRY America supported project works now have access to education, health and livelihood. This is yet another example of the change that you have enabled. The tribal community were faced with economic pressures, a loss of their identity, poor quality education and displacement forced many tribal children to drop out and discontinue their schooling. SPREAD initiated community level awareness programs for tribals on the government system and facilitated a people's movement to restore their land, livelihood, health and education rights. To attract and keep children in schools, a 'go to school' campaign was organized in which 656 children participated, which moved from street to street convincing reluctant parents to send their children to school. Despite the difficult economic situation in 2008, I am happy to report that we were able to support 27 Projects, like SPREAD, which positively impacted the lives of children living across 535 tribal, rural and urban communities. 123 villages and slums have achieved 100% enrollment in schools, 59 villages are now child labor free and 126 Children's groups and clubs were formed and strengthened. This impact was possible only because of the unstinting support received from every donor, volunteer, staff member and well wisher of CRY America. Read on to know more

Vol 11, October 2008

Quality education remains the most important tool towards the realization of rights of all children. It has a profound impact on growth and development, nature and nurture of children as well as societies. It gives individuals the power of choice - it enables people to think, question and judge. Article 45 of the Indian Constitution states that, "The State shall strive to provide free and compulsory education to all citizens up to the age of 14" and the 93rd Constitutional Amendment (1994) made education a fundamental right that guarantees free and compulsory education to all children in the age group of 6 - 14. However, statistics show that this right remains largely unrealized and that current education schemes do not enable quality education for underprivileged children. With your support, CRY America has directly impacted the lives of 156,000 children living across 1211 rural, tribal and urban communities. 160 government schools have been activated, 296 villages now have 100% enrolment of children in schools and over 930 community based groups are deeply engaged in making education a reality for their children in CRY America projects like SATHEE. Read on to know more

Vol 10, June 2008

This newsletter brings to you the issue of the girl child. Girls in India have not fared well and this is repeatedly brought out through studies and statistics such as the sex ratio, school enrolment and drop out rates, child marriage etc. This is not due to any lack of intelligence or capability, but due to continuous discrimination that she faces right through childhood and beyond. A girl child born into a tribal or dalit family is doubly disadvantaged with additional layers of discrimination & oppression. Feticide, infanticide, child labor, lack of education and health opportunities, malnutrition constantly confront her. Read the newsletter to know more

Vol 9, April 2008

In our first newsletter for 2008, CRY America is happy to say that our fight for child rights goes on. The going is as tough as ever, but thanks to likeminded and committed supporters like you, we continue to impact the lives of thousands of children like Subhag Lal who once a child laborer has today grown up to be the village pradhan in Ghorewal in Sonebhadra district in Uttar Pradesh, North India. While the issue of child labor needs to be looked at holistically, small, everyday things we do as responsible citizens, can add up to make a bigger difference to the lives of children. Read the newsletter.

Vol 8, Dec 2007

As we reach the end of 2007, we at CRY America would like to thank each one of you for your support in bringing the situation of marginalized children in India to the forefront and committing to making a difference through your contributions and participation in various events. This year, we also changed our name to Child Rights and You America Inc., re-inforcing our commitment to the child rights approach. Together, with over 5000 donors and 500 volunteers, we have enhanced the lives of 72,000 children and their communities. Read more.

Vol 7, July 2007

This newsletter, the first after our name change from Child Relief and You America Inc. to Child Rights and You America Inc. attempts to illustrate the difference between a relief and a rights approach to dealing with children's issues. CRY America believes that the 'rights approach' is the most effective way to bring lasting change to children's lives. The newsletter also captures key insights on the rights of children in India, presented by Ingrid Srinath, Chief Executive, CRY India and an inspiring speech on the Indian economy by Fareed Zakaria, Editor, Newsweek International, at Pledge 2007, a charity dinner organized by CRY America in May 2007. Read more.

Vol 6, March 2007

The first newsletter of the year 2007, shares with you the impact of your support and the permanent difference you have made to the lives of 41,027 underprivileged children in the last year. Yogita and Dinesh, our volunteers from the CRY America Seattle Action Center witnessed this at Shramika Vikas Kendra (SVK) first-hand on their visit to India. Do read excerpts of their experience in this newsletter as it truly demonstrates how your support transforms the lives of children. Read more.

Vol 5, Dec 2006

This is the last issue for year 2006. It recaps the year's happenings, and what each of you enabled to ensure a sustainable change in the lives of children. Simple act like asking friends to donate to CRY America in lieu of gifts to organizing large and small scale fundraising event. Read more.

Vol 4, Sept 2006

This issue of Connect@CRY America is an update on events - past and forthcoming. It highlights the Right to Development and its importance in addressing the root causes that hinder a child from experiencing his/ her basic rights. We have also re-introduced CRY DROPS as well as a facility for you to purchase your CRY America greeting cards and products online. Read more.

Vol 3, March 2006

Our third issue of Connect@ CRY America is a review of 2005 - it reiterates how each one of you, your belief and partnership, made 2005 possible for CRY America. Read more.

Vol 2, May 2005

Our second issue of Connect@ CRY America focuses on the support we received from you and organizations which enabled us in our rehabilitation efforts in the Tsunami affected areas. It also highlights how Shramika Vikas Kendram (SVK), was able to completely eliminate child labor in the cotton fields in the projects operational area. Read more.

Vol 1, Dec 2004

The first issue of our e-letter - Connect@CRYAmerica, introduces you to 9 year old Kavitha who became both a heroine and a victim and how Don Bosco Anbu Illam, a CRY America-supported initiative though she deserved better. There's also numerous ideas which can be explored to contribute to make a difference and the 25 years celebration of our partner in India, CRY. Read more.

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