Volume 47, October 2020

Thanks to your generous support, we've made so much progress on helping provide urgent relief to underprivileged children and their families who have been most affected by the pandemic. You've also helped ensure our first ever Virtual Galas were a monumental success, raising hundreds of thousands of dollars for the children who need it most. However, there is still a long way to towards setting up the basic services children need to get their lives back on track. You can support them by contributing to our #TakeActionForChildren campaign, shopping with CRY America as your charity partner on Amazon Smile, or through many of the other options we have through which you can make a difference! Click here for more.

Volume 46, May 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic has created unprecedented upheavals in our world - especially for underprivileged children. CRY America, together with our partners CRY India, are working on extensive COVID-19 relief projects to thousands of children and their families. Your support to our efforts through contribution to our relief work, monthly giving and creating lasting change for children will help children adjust to the new normal of a COVID world. You can also stand with children by joining many of our new and exciting online events coming up!
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Volume 45, February 2020

It's not only the start of a New Year, it's the start of a new decade. We hope you've had a great festive season and a great start to 2020. Thanks to your generous support, we accomplished so much in 2019 for children. To know just how much, check out our new Online Booklet going over all that we did together last year here. Because you stood by them, 733,684 children have already been impacted over the years - here's to seeing just how much we can magnify this impact in the coming year!
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Volume 44, October 2019

This festive season, we are so grateful for everything you’ve done to support children! You’ve helped them learn, dream and grow and we have so many stories of children who’ve defeated the odds to shine – all thanks to you! Like Sahana, from CRY America Project Sanlaap, who showed us how the right support at the right time can empower a child to overcome unimaginable challenges. You have been ‘Making Every Step Count!’ with your participation in CRY Walk events across the United States and in organizing smashing CRYKet tournaments across many cities.
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CRY America Online Booklet 2019

2019 has been a year of amazing changes and transformation in the lives of children. We have been able to impact 733,684 children this year. Our booklet captures the changes, volunteer experiences and stories of changes from CRY America supported projects. Thank you for believing in our work and helping us create happy childhoods! Click here to read more.

Volume 43, June 2019

We have so many reasons to celebrate and it’s all thanks to YOU! Rohit, from CRY America Project DEEP, recently cleared the Bihar Military Police exams! However, as a former child laborer, his journey wasn’t easy. Our Action Centers organised some amazing events in the 1st half of the year filled with fun, community spirit, and of course lots of excitement. Click here to read more.

Volume 42, April 2019

Winter 2019 was an inspiring time at CRY America with many new and heartwarming updates of children from our Projects. Among these was Naveen Kumar, who is now going to Japan as part of the Sakura Science Plan for promising young minds in the field! Our volunteers and donors also blew us away with their amazing commitment which made the landmark CRY Gala Dinners in March such a success! Read on to know more...

CRY America Online Booklet 2018

A lot has happened at CRY America in 2018! Check out our 2018 booklet for highlights on the past year's great events, volunteer experiences, and inspiring stories of children from CRY America supported projects who've overcome incredible challenges and are now on their journey towards brighter futures. Click here for more.

Volume 40, October 2018

Your support has helped CRY reach many milestones this year. CRY America was upgraded to the Platinum Seal of Transparency by GuideStar. CRY has been nominated by The Elders, an international body founded by Nelson Mandela as one of the top 100 non-profits making a difference in the world! Read on to know more about these milestones, exciting upcoming events and inspiring stories from the field. Click here newsletter.

Volume 39, July 2018

This quarter was full of warmth and energy at CRY America! Our volunteers held several great events, such the Detroit Summer Carnival and the LA Art Competition, making this summer one to remember. We would like to thank our generous donors for making our Gala Dinners, CRYKet and Cultural Events a success. Your efforts helped us raise over half a million dollars for happier childhoods! Read about the highlights of these events, Naveen’s amazing story, our newest supported projects, and more, in this edition of our newsletter.

Volume 38, April 2018

2018 began with a bang as the year was kick-started by a great event line-up. Two successful CRY Gala Dinners were held in March at New Jersey and Seattle. San Antonio, Seattle, San Deigo, Orange County, Atlanta, and Austin, held colourful CRY Holi events that raised over $70,000 for the benefit of children! Thanks to YOU, our amazing supporters, volunteers and donors, we have been able to impact the lives of 695,077 children and counting. Read about our impact, event highlights, and Revathi’s inspiring story in this first edition of our 2018 newsletters.

CRY America Online Booklet 2017

“It takes a village to raise a child!” – African Proverb. 2017 saw CRY America impacting the lives of 695,077 children – all thanks to your support! For every inspiring story you read here – such as 12 year old Naveen who went from being a child labourer to becoming an inventor - there are thousands more that YOU have made possible.

This year has inspired so much gratitude in our hearts for our supporters. Those who have participated in our annual events like the Gala Dinners and CRY Holi or the ones who have enthusiastically led the CRY Walk or even the ones who have been our invisible backbone with their generous contributions. Read about the change you have fostered – we hope this deepens your resolve to enable happier childhoods for millions of children in India in the coming years! Click here for more.

Volume 37, July 2017

We hope that the stories of change you read about CRY America supported projects will inspire you to celebrate the impact you have been part of creating. It is your continued support that ensures not just groups of children, but generations of them, find paths to their dreams. Read more.

Volume 36, June 2017

Every child faces unique challenges in their lives. 695,077 children have received the means to face their obstacles with courage and hope. Through your support, so many are beginning to realize their dreams. We hope that the stories of change you read about at CRY America supported Projects will inspire you to celebrate the impact you have been part of creating. It is your continued support that ensures not just groups of children, but generations of them, find paths to their dreams. Click here.

Online Booklet, 2016

This year, we share with you stories of children who have made every opportunity count and moved forward to realize their dreams. We also have the privilege of introducing the people that have come together to ensure lasting change in the lives of children. You can read about the colorful CRY Holi, the meaningful CRY Gala dinners, the exciting CRY Walks and various other events that were held in 2016 in the pages of this booklet. We hope that these stories will inspire you and strengthen your faith that together we have and will continue to help children dream big & realize their dreams. We thank you for your continued support towards ensuring children have a better today and tomorrow. Click here.

Volume 35, August 2016

It’s been a busy first half of the year with CRY Dinners across 5 cities, CRY Holi events across 6 cities, closing of the accounts & financial audit, the Right to Write online fundraising campaign and media outreach.
We launch the second half of the year with the Joy of Five online fundraising campaign, the CRY Walk for Child Rights across 16 cities, our Monthly Recurring Donation CRY Drops program and leveraging foundation grants. Read more here.

Volume 34, May 2016

Thanks to your support, CRY America has impacted the lives of 618,915 children living across 3084 villages, ensuring they have access to schools, quality health services and a safe and secure childhood. You have been a key part of our journey in ensuring change for children across 70 Projects. Read more here.

Online Booklet, 2015

Thank you for supporting CRY America towards making a difference in the lives of thousands of underprivileged children. Your support has helped ensure children equal opportunities to dream big and fulfill their potential. As you leaf through the pages of this booklet, you will read some amazing stories that demonstrate that dreams do come true! Here are the highlights of the events and activities that were carried out in the year to enable happy and healthy childhoods. Read more.

Volume 33, November 2015

The last quarter is key for us to reach our fundraising goals & meet our Grant commitments!

This year we have allocated Grants totaling $850,000 to 32 Projects doing excellent work with underprivileged communities & their children, an increase of 10% over last year. Your support has given children access to quality education, healthcare, immunizations & protection from child labor, child marriage, abuse & gender discrimination. To read about the change you have enabled, click here.

Stories of hope, September 2015

CRY America supported projects, spread across different parts of India, work on various issues like poverty, education, health, child labor, child marriage, and help children access their basic rights and facilities that they have no access to.

Here are some stories of change that we hope will inspire you to continue to support us in our efforts to ensure the rights of many more children today so they enjoy a bright and secure future. Click here.

Volume 32, June 2015

The last few months have been encouraging.

Pledge 2015, Uphaar and Viswaprem charity dinners organized in New York, Seattle and Alabama raised over $200,000. The CRY Walks have started across cities and are getting a good response. Learn more about our upcoming events in Seattle, New York, Los Angeles Action centres. All of this only strengthens our belief in the power of you. You have been an integral part of what we do, and we would like to thank you for your support. In this issue read more about the change your support has enabled. Read more here.

Volume 31, April 2015

The start of the year for CRY America has been very optimistic and we would like to share key updates with you. We launched ‘Let Her Fly’ Campaign which ensures girl children across projects reach their potentials. Its our campaign to raise awareness & resources for girls.

Uphaar, our CRY Gala Dinner in Seattle held on March 21 was a great success, our supporters help us raise $130,000 for child rights. ‘Viswaprem’ our fundraising dinner held in Alabama on the 25th April was a success as well. We also held CRY Holi events in Seattle, San Diego, Pittsburgh, Chicago & Atlanta in which over 5000 people celebrated the festival of colors! Read more here.

Volume 30, Jan 2015

CRY America has been able to impact the lives of 600,558 children in the year gone by, ensuring they have access to schools, quality health services and a safe and secure childhood. You have been a key part of our journey in ensuring change for children across 70 projects. Last year CRY Walk for Child Rights, was held across 16 cities and our supporters helped us raise nearly $100,000.

Read more here.

Volume 29, September 2014

This Friday, November 7, we shall be hosting our annual pledge dinner to ‘Celebrate Childhood’ at the Taj Pierre Hotel in New York. Our Celebrity speakers at the dinner are Madhur Mittal, the award winning actor from "Slumdog Millionaire"; Dr. Roshini Raj, the medical host from NBC's Today Show and Vipp Jaswal, the Head of International Affairs at FOX News Channel & Business Network. Read more about the dinner in the newsletter. Also, catch a glimpse of the change ‘YOU’ have enabled by supporting our project SSDC and helped several girls re-enroll in schools. Furthermore, learn about the upcoming CRY Walks in 5 cities this month. Read about this and more on how your support has impacted the lives of children in the newsletter.View Newsletter.

Volume 28, July 2014

Thousands of children across CRY America supported Projects have been able to lead a happy and secure childhood because of the support received from donors and volunteers like you. The Stay in School Campaign for the Girl Child enabled hundreds of girls to go to school. The Seattle Uphaar Dinner, Alabama Viswaprem Dinner, New York CRYket, 100 Years of Bollywood events and CRY Holi are a testament to the belief that "Change is possible because I will make it possible".

Read about this and more about how your support has helped irreversibly transform the lives of millions of children. View the newsletter

Volume 27, April 2014

We are very happy to announce the launch of our new website with this newsletter! Do take a look. We hope you like it.
Over the past 11 years, your support and belief in children's rights has ensured that 450,832 children's lives across 2,642 villages and slums have been impacted.
Support the Stay in School Campaign that will enable 1,944 girl children to complete their education and reach their potential, by addressing roadblocks that keep them out of school.
Join our annual CRY Walk for Child Rights events being organized across 20 cities in 2014 - bringing hundreds of individuals together with the belief that 'Change is possible, because we will make it possible'. For more information, click here.
We would also like to thank all our volunteers, donors and partners who have supported CRY America in this journey. View the newsletter

Volume 26, September 2013

Your support helps us work with our Project Partners to make sure that children are growing up to be healthy, cases of malnutrition are spotted at an early age and that these children receive the needed nutritional supplements and health care at the right time. Our recent campaign - FULL - aimed at ensuring a healthy childhood for 448 malnourished children across CRY America supported Projects. Read about it here. We would also like to thank our donors and volunteers for taking the time to visit Projects during their trips to India. Do read what Dheeraj Mehta (CRY Seattle volunteer) has to say about his recent visit to Navsrishti Project. View the newsletter

Volume 25, April 2013

The girl child is the most vulnerable member of most households. Thousands of girls do not go to school or drop out of school at an early age in India. They are forced to look after their younger siblings, work in hazardous conditions and are victims of gender discrimination. For them, education is a distant reality. Join our 'Stay in School' campaign that aims to ensure that 2300 girls overcome these challenges, are educated, and make better choices for themselves, their families and communities. We thank the Hans Foundation and Raga Rasa: Kartik Seshadri's Center for Indian Classical Music for matching every dollar donated to the Stay in School campaign upto a total of $20,000 each. Every donation will be matched $ for $. View the newsletter

Volume 24, November 2012

Some of our best childhood memories are unforgettable - the first day of school, writing on the first page of a new notebook, new pencil boxes, new school uniforms, laughing, playing, even getting punished with friends and sharing tiffin boxes at break-time - going to school has given us all such rich experiences. Many of the successes we enjoy today are due to the education we have received. Yet for thousands of children in India, these are memories they cannot make. In 9 years, with your support, CRY America has ensured that 1089 public schools have been activated, 466 villages have 100% enrollment and 351 schools have 100% retention today and thousands of children have been given education opportunities. But, we still have a long way to go. Take the Pledge to make Education a reality for children - "like" the CRY America facebook page as an affirmation of your commitment that every child goes to school and has their own happy childhood memories. View the newsletter.

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