Abhishek BachchanAbhishek Bachchan
Actor, India

Do your part because we're neglecting the future of our country and I don't think any child should be deprived. They must get all the privileges they rightly deserve - education, housing, food, basics we take for granted.

Maneet ChauhanManeet Chauhan
Celebrity Chef, New York

There is a saying that it takes an entire village to raise a child. I feel that CRY is that village. Each one of us should do our best possible to support CRY America to raise these children who are the future of this world."

Swapan PandaSwapan Panda
Director/ Secretary,

CRY America supported project Kajla Janakalyan Samity, West Bengal, India
It gives us immense pleasure to know that CRY America is celebrating its 10 years journey. We sincerely appreciate the noble efforts undertaken by CRY America for overall development of the children of India in particular and the world at large. We feel proud to be a partner of CRY America for ensuring education, health, participation and development of the children of socially excluded and deprived families. With the glorious support of CRY America, we have reached 15000 children directly and 35000 indirectly - ensured enrollment in schools, reduced drop-outs, prevented child labor, child trafficking, and early marriage. We wish CRY America, the success of 10 years of gracious and untiring hard work for the betterment of the children.

Rakesh GuptaRakesh Gupta
Volunteer, New York

CRY America comes of age! Ten years and glowing! In these ten years, we have worked tirelessly to restore the rights of underprivileged children in India and the US. Our resource generation efforts through events, individual donors and corporate sponsors have always worked hand-in-hand with building our brand loyalty. If we have asked individuals and corporates to share a part of their hard earned money, we have ensured that they are aware of what it can do for children. Volunteer action is one of our strongest achievements. With 25 Action Centers (AC) in some of the major cities of the US, CRY America has ignited the passion of more than 500 committed volunteers, some of whom have been volunteering for almost a decade.

The youngest leader of one of our AC's is all of 15 years and the oldest are perhaps Hanu (Alabama) and I in our fifties. We organize events all year round, to suit the interests of a wide cross-section of society. Through these, we have seized every opportunity to reinforce credibility, enhance our image, increase awareness, create excitement and raise resources for underprivileged children. With this inclusive approach, I am fully confident the CRY America shall grow from strength to strength in the years to come.

Peggy Dulany
Founder & Chair, Synergos

I have long admired CRY for its innovation in enabling the members of the broader public in India, in the United States and around the world to open their pockets and hearts to address the problem of child poverty. And just importantly, CRY's work addresses not only the symptoms of child poverty and exclusion, but their root causes. Read more

Rajesh MunshiRajesh Munshi
Volunteer and Donor, Seattle

Each and every child truly deserves the best start in life. CRY America has helped in providing that start to a better future to a number of underprivileged children in the last 10 years. Every child is unique, every child is precious and should have a dignified, happy and cherished childhood, free from the clutches of child labor, fear, poverty, and diseases. I feel that nothing is more important than ensuring that the fundamental rights of children are protected. CRY America has promoted equal inclusion of every child and the cause of the girl child, by encouraging communities to provide the same opportunities and protection to girls as boys and by preventing violations faced by girl children. CRY America has provided a path to individuals – activists, volunteers, donors - that we can traverse together to create a world that has equal opportunities for all the children.

Dr. Apoorv AgarwalDr. Apoorv Agarwal
Volunteer and Donor, North Carolina

India has more than 300 million underprivileged children who are lost in the attention surrounding India's recent economic growth. There is growing disparity between the rich and the poor in India and the condition of India's underprivileged children is especially dire. Children are India's future. If they are marginalized, India's growth cannot be sustained. I strongly believe in CRY America's model of bringing sustainable change in children's lives because a change is real only if it lasts. CRY works with the entire community in which children are growing up and hence is able to address the root causes of deprivation, not just the symptoms. Individuals, corporations and government need to mobilize to bring lasting change in children's lives.

There has to be a true public-private partnership to change the situation of children in India. We must all do whatever we can to support organizations like CRY that are trying to understand and address the root causes that keep children deprived and marginalized.

Actor, India

Congratulations CRY America on your 10th year anniversary. Continue your good work!

Rachna MandalamRachna Mandalam
Student Supporter, San Jose

My dream is that every child can have the basic necessities. Food, water, a place to live, and kind, loving parents who will be there for them and help them achieve their dreams. If every child could have those little things that we take for granted, the world would be a so much better place.

Y LaxmanraoY Laxmanrao
Project Holder
CRY America supported project Shramika Vikas Kendram, Andhra Pradesh, India

Hearty Congratulations to CRY America on completing 9 glorious years, bringing smiles and lasting change in the lives of the most deprived children.

Malay Kumar SenMalay Kumar Sen
Secretary/Director, CRY America supported project Makhla Muktadhara Rehabilitation Centre for the Disabled, West Bengal, India

We are congratulating CRY America for its 10 years journey! We are proud to be a partner of CRY America. Our partnership enabled 861 children in 106 villages are now participating in family and community functions, sports and cultural forums, voicing their issues and are all mainstreamed to schools or anganwadis. The local government has realized the Rights and needs of the children with disabilities.

Shashank ShekharShashank Shekhar
Donor, Bay Area

I would like to congratulate CRY America on its 10th year journey. The number of donors and volunteers have grown tremendously during these years. Its biggest achievement however, is the number of lives it has changed for better. I am delighted to be a CRY America donor and humbled by the dedication that every member of this organization exhibits towards the cause.

Sree Harshini Dasari
Donor, Illinois

Every child needs to be heard, come let us STOP the unheard CRY's.

Janill and Sahul Sharma
Patrons, New York

We recall seeing the iconic CRY logo on the back of greeting cards when we were children ourselves. Little did we know that behind that smiling logo was a powerful force that has impacted the lives of 100's and thousands of children in India. As an adult we were reintroduced to CRY via the CRY America fundraiser in NYC. It was at this event that we truly understood the impact that CRY has made in providing basic rights to children and more importantly an avenue of hope for their future. The work that you all have done just in CRY America alone where over 400,000 children have benefited from your programs is truly remarkable. We were happy to host the fundraiser for CRY on the occasion of Diwali in Stamford CT and look forward to being a part of the CRY family in the future.

Shalinee Sharma and Arvind Krishnamurthy
Patrons, New York

Congratulations to CRY America on the first decade of many more decades to come.

Ritu and Parag Pande
Patrons, New York

We congratulate CRY for improving the lives of so many underprivileged children in India. The scope of work with children in India is overwhelming, but knowing CRY is making real progress is energizing for Parag and I. We look forward to a time when organizations like CRY are not needed in the world, but in the meantime we hope to see continued growing support for such an important cause. With deep gratitude we thank all of those at CRY working hard to make a difference in children's lives.

Naveen and Anu JainNaveen and Anu Jain
Patrons, Seattle

CRY America helps us achieve our mission of bringing equality to children and provides them with the basic rights that each child deserves. CRY reaches out to each of us and has created a movement in making a lasting difference to marginalized children with the motto‚ Exchange is possible, because I make it possible'. We at Intellius, and Naveen a personally want to be pof that change.

Tanzie Variava
Supporter, New Jersey

"I've seen CRY work amongst the poorest children in India since I was 10. Never before has a non-profit organization done so much ...for so many, with so little."

Megan Sharif
Donor, Bay Area

“ Khalid and I had such an amazing time. Such a great cause. We came to the event to see Arjun but left knowing we’ll join CRY America and the cause that its fighting to improve. As a mother of two young boys, I know that CRY America is a cause that I need to help. A little bit goes a long way and if my donation can even help one child get the education or anything they need to improve their life then I feel good about myself that I didn’t just sit back and watch. It could ‘ve easily been my children there instead of them… we are blessed and we need to share our blessings … they didn’t choose the life but we can help make the change.”

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