Special Award for New Action Center of the Year 2009 - Charlotte


Measurement Metrics & Key Stats:

  • Revenue generation: $5647.16
  • # of core team members: 5
  • # of active volunteers: 8
  • # of successful events: 2
    • Poker Night at Microsoft, which was attended by 20+ people. This was an event for raising awareness and recruiting more volunteers.
    • Microsoft Giving Campaign, which raised almost all the revenue for 2009
  • Media coverage: Submitted a CRY Video for the Windows 7 non-profit contest from Microsoft. Video was viewed by thousands of people across the world, including other non-profits.

It was interesting the way we started. An email was sent to a crowd by one motivated individual, which led to the recruitment of one other member and as they say �log saath aate gaye kafila badhta gaya�. This was ONLY in September 2009 and in a short amount of time, we have grown to a strong core group of 5 with 15 volunteers.

The only thing that really drives us is the motivation to make a difference in the lives of innocent children deprived of their rights and paying a price for each breath of air. The one core belief that keeps our motivated group together is the fact that we realize that we had been blessed with a privileged childhood and were given amazing opportunities, by our parents. Now, it�s time to give back to the community!

In 2009, we had two very successful events! One of them was the Poker event held at Microsoft. This event helped create awareness in the campus about CRY and brought attention to the work we are involved in. We had an overwhelming response and the kick-off speech was by a Sr. Director from Microsoft, who has a strong impact on people development, well known in the community and is also a strong supporter of CRY. This fact is even more important because this person is a non-Indian.

The MS Giving Campaign was a very successful drive for donations and with very little resources; we were able to compete with 900+ other non-profits and raised over $5,000. Only a handful of these 900 non-profits raised over $5k. This is a big win for us!!

We have partnered with the student community in University Of North Carolina, Charlotte and have also found supporters for CRY in other major organizations such as Bank Of America, Wachovia/Wells Fargo, DUKE Energy, Charlotte Mecklenburg Schools, AT & T, local retailers, to name a few. While 2009 was the year to launch ourselves, 2010 is a year to build a stronger foundation and spread our reach far out in the community!


Charlotte has several other organizations working towards child welfare, such as Pratham, ASHA and others. There is also a very strong presence from Boys & Girls Clubs, Goodwill, and various other established non-profits. While we see this as a challenge, we are also extremely excited about partnering up with these organizations.

Our focus for 2010 is to continue to work towards raising awareness for CRY in the community and get traction for other CRY events in the future. Our core group and volunteers will identify local opportunities and volunteer our time for their causes. This will help us build goodwill in the community.

We as a group are committed to this cause and are willing to go the extra mile to do what we can, to bring smile to all kids we can reach out to. We have just started and we are sure you will hear a lot from us.