Special Award for New Action Center of the Year 2009 - Frankfort


Measurement Metrics:

  • $ amount of revenue generated - $4471 not including ~1500 material contributions from local sponsors.
  • # of active volunteers - 19
  • # of successful events - 5
  • # of media articles � Cable 10 coverage.

Revenue generation

CRY Action center was established in Frankfort in early 2009. Frankfort is a small city with a limited Indian population. Under the guidance of CRY America, a core group was established by March 2009 and several events were planned for the year.

We could keep the expenses to 14% of the net generated revenues as we were able to influence local businesses to provide most of the things needed for the event (food, coupons, prizes etc). This helped us in generated more revenue for CRY and keeping the event expenses very low. Such contributions exceeded $1500 in 2009 and we could not include them in the below revenue chart as these were material contributions. Also, we are left with enough inventories to conduct couple more volleyball and tennis tournaments along with one cricket tournament and hoping that our expenses would be low in 2010 as well. We have retained $650 as seed money for future events.

Event Name Revenue Expenses
Cricket and other Children events $3,482 $387
Tennis, Volleyball and Corn Hole $989 $267
Beyond Fundraising
Participated in local ethnic festivals and set up booth and promoted CRY
- TAK (Telugu Association of Kentucky)
- Frankfort Cultural Fest (Attended an Interview re: CRY)
- Local Cable TV
- Booths in other local events
Total $4,471* $654
Grand Total for Action Center $4,471* $654

Table 1 � 2009 Frankfort Action Center Event list with Expenses and Revenues

* Received material contributions from local businesses that exceeded $1500 in 2009 and we did not include them in the below revenue chart.

Volunteer mobilization

CRY started off in 2009 with 3 core members and now we have a very strong volunteer base. We currently have 19 key volunteers including 6 core members. Our volunteers played a key role in making all our events successful in 2009. We can easily say that CRY now has a firm base in Frankfort and Richmond Kentucky.

Name Role
1 Srinivas Dharanipragada AC Lead
2 Lalitha Kuchimanchi Volunteer
3 Ramya Boppanna Volunteer
4 Reena Reddy Volunteer
5 Francis Reddy Core Volunteer
6 Jasti Bhavani Event Lead
7 Uday Gudapati Event Lead
8 Silpa Mannem MVC Co_Lead
9 Sravan Walk Lead
10 Saradhi Core Volunteer
11 Srinivas Dharanipragada Core Volunteer
12 Yellaram Narendar Core Volunteer
13 Deepshikha Sigdel Core Volunteer
14 Kiran Gangaram Volunteer
15 Anasuya Core Volunteer, Web Master
16 Kiran Madisetty Core Volunteer
17 Durga Vemuri MVC Co_lead
18 Sowmya Kota MVC Co_lead
19 Surya Kalavagunta Volleyball Lead

Thanks to our successful events in 2009, we expect more volunteers to enroll in 2010.

Events and Media coverage

Event Name # of Participants Revenue Expenses
Cricket and other Children events 250 $3482 $387
Tennis, Volleyball and Corn Hole 120 $989 $267
Beyond Fundraising
Participated in local ethnic festivals and set up booth and promoted CRY
- TAK (Telugu Association of Kentucky) 125
- Frankfort Cultural Fest (Frankfort Indian Association)
- Local Cable TV 300
- Booths in other local events
Total $4,471* $654
Grand Total for Action Center $4,471* $654

As mentioned above, Frankfort had successfully organized many revenue generating events in 2009 like Cricket, Volleyball, Tennis etc. We also collaborated with other local associations to spread awareness in our neighborhood about CRY. As part of the Frankfort cultural fest, we collaborated with Frankfort Indian Association and Cable 10 (local cable channel) and organized a CRY Awareness interview where we had an opportunity to talk about CRY and our 2009 plans. This was telecasted several times by this channel.

After IPL became such a runaway hit across the world, CRY-Frankfort action center conceived the idea of KPL (Kentucky premier league) CRYket 2009. Following the same format of IPL, we had some interesting inclusions like teams having their own names and having bowl-outs as the deciding factor for ties. Teams from Lexington, Louisville, Richmond and Frankfort participated in the event. All the participants were pretty excited and enthusiastic to participate in this format of cricket for the first time. With 8 teams, 8 players and 8 overs each, it was a very competitive and interesting concept.

Apart from 80 participants, this event had an audience of 180-200 people who enthusiastically participated in the games organized for the audience. Like IPL KPL too had generated a lot of positive response from the audience. We made this a family affair by also organizing events for children and women.

For volleyball we had 12 teams from Frankfort, Lexington, Richmond and Louisville and overall we had 34 games to decide the winner. For Tennis we had contests for women�s doubles, men�s doubles, mixed doubles and men�s singles and 65 games on the whole.

Frankfort is a very small city and we are very excited with our events so far as we not only raised a decent amount but also increased the awareness of CRY and penetrated our local community. Most importantly all the event participants, players, families were very satisfied and expressed interest to participate in future events. We are looking forward to an exciting 2010.