Walk Event of the Year

San Diego


  • $ revenue raised through Events Module : $9237 (includes all (online and offline) registrations and online donations)
  • $ revenue raised through offline donations : $1976 (offline donations and merchandise sales)
  • # of online donors : 85
  • # and $ of corporate sponsorships (including food, supplies, etc.) : 5 corporate sponsors , $600 cash donation
  • Goods/Services - food and ad space on website/movie Theater, discount on t-shirt printing
  • Total Revenue, not including Corporate Matching of donations : $11,813
  • # of Walk teams and participants : 4 teams, 140 participants
  • # of volunteers involved with the Walk : 30+
  • Volunteer motivation efforts Facebook event, CRY San Diego Facebook page, Newsletters with updates and pictures of two Volunteer potlucks before the walk
  • # of family friendly activities conducted during the Walk (henna, face painting etc.): Henna, Face Painting, Soccer
  • Any special efforts to make the Walk enjoyable for the participants: Balloons at the start/finish line and along the path Volunteers along the path to cheer people on and hand out water.
  • # of corporate/non-profit partnerships : 3
  • Publicity (online & offline, TV/media coverage, how early did it start, etc.): 7
  • Tabling events at various concerts and events - flyers handed out and placed on cars Joint event with NetIP (Drum Circle) Volunteered at SD Tamil Sangam picnic Gave a talk at SDU. Facebook event and CRY SD page Ad on sdtelugu.com and at the movie theatre before movie screenings Event info on local NPR website (kpbs.org). Posters/flyers put up at restaurants, grocery stores, universities
  • Emails sent on mailing lists of various organizations
  • Started on June 11 with a tabling event at an Anup Jalota concert. At least two media articles Ads on the sdtelugu website and theatre
  • Information on the local NPR affiliate's website
  • Information on social networking sites

The CRY San Diego Action Center was started in 2009, when a few people decided that indifference to the plight of children was not an option. In a few short months after starting the AC, we organized the first CRY San Diego Walk for Child Rights. Thanks to that event, more people became aware of CRY, and more volunteers joined the core team. So, with a slightly bigger base, and with one walk already under our belt, we started planning for the 2010 Walk in May. We were determined to not just meet, but surpass the standard set by our previous walk by raising more funds and by adding some events. We found a Henna Artist and a Face Painting Artist, who were willing to donate their services. We decided to use Facebook as our main platform to spread the word about the walk and to enthuse people to register and even volunteer. A walk event invitation was created, and all the volunteers shared it with all their friends. Tabling events helped create awareness about CRY and publicize the walk. A local movie theatre agreed to advertise the event on their website and before movie screenings. Fund-raising started in earnest, with one of the fundraisers promising to match all donations up to one thousand dollars. To keep the community involved and informed, specially the larger volunteer base, we started an e-newsletter. Potlucks helped the volunteers get to know each other, and built up enthusiasm and a sense of purpose.

On the day before the walk, volunteers got together for last minute preparations. Two local restaurants had agreed to donate samosas for participants to enjoy after the walk. But there was a problem - there was a death in one of the restaurants, and the kitchen was in chaos. It was a tragedy for them, and it threw our plans in jeopardy since it was 11 PM and we were short 100 samosas. Our volunteers did some fast talking and convinced the only other restaurant with a kitchen open to sell us 50 samosas. Someone made potato puffs as a backup option. In the morning, we managed to find a place open early that would sell us lumpias, so we had enough food.

Despite this minor hiccup, the walk went off without a hitch. Volunteers started setting up in Balboa Park at 6:30AM. The registration area and walk route were decorated with banners and balloons, tables were set up for our sponsors and partners and the route was marked in chalk. The whole area had a festive flair. Volunteers were stationed along the route to cheer people on and answer questions from curious bystanders. The first participant checked in at 8 AM sharp, and the walk started on time at 9 AM. As participants finished their 5K, they got a well-deserved glass of lemonade and snacks. We had put together a brief survey to gather some information about the effectiveness of our publicity efforts, and some demographic information about participants. A good number of people answered the survey questions. We also did an MVC event - a slogan competition. Most of the women got free henna done, and children got face painting. People milled around and chatted. For many of them, it was their second year walking. The walk is on its way to becoming an annual tradition! We had 2 soccer balls available, and an impromptu game started. It was a beautiful morning - and a good day for child rights.