Outreach Award of the Year 2011 - New Jersey

New Jersey

Measurement Metrics:

  • 3 Facebook events posted
  • 5 Child Rights stories posted on CRY NJ Facebook page
  • 2 online media articles, one in print media article
  • 2 announcements on the local Indian radio station and an announcement on TV ASIA
  • 2 tabling events at Indian concerts in NJ where we had speaking opportunities on stage and booths to raise awareness
  • Visiting 5 high schools around NJ
  • 3 complete student chapters, and 11 starting student chapters affiliated with NJ

CRY NJ, though only started in July of 2011, was able to exceed its expectations in 2011. We were able to have TV Asia announce our Walkathon along with having the Walkathon announced on the local Indian radio station twice. Additionally, Tathaastu magazine, which has more than 15,000 subscribers, publishes all of our events in their newsletter along with their actual magazine every time we have an event, for free! Tathaastu magazine is a huge supporter of CRY NJ and will continue to publish our events. CRY NJ has also successfully used CRY Net for outreaching all volunteers, set up events modules, AC pages, and AC groups in the short span of time we have become an action center. CRY NJ also reaches out to student ACs and is planning in the future to visit different places to raise awareness even more. We have also had two tabling events where we were able to speak in front of an audience to get donations as well as at the booth where we also were able to get about ten new volunteers who have contacted us through email after hearing of our cause.