Student Action Center of the Year 2011 - New Jersey

New Jersey

Measurement Metrics:

  • 5 core group members
    1. Nikita Bhatia – AC Lead
    2. Shikha Bhatia – Accounts Lead (Co–AC Lead)
    3. Michael Kumar – Outreach Lead
    4. Sreela Kodali – Events Lead
    5. Czarinah Libang – Volunteers Lead
  • 6 outreach activities conducted
  • 1 event conducted

For decades now, CRY America has been a constant crusader for deprived and underprivileged children. With a mission so pure and a vision so clear, CRY America has motivated people to take action. In July 2011, New Jersey teenagers were inspired by the CRY beliefs and came together to start the CRY NJ Action center. CRY NJ Action Center is unique as it is student-run. The core group of CRY NJ consists of a group of concerned kids who have been able to influence others like them. CRY NJ has been able to influence kids in 3 schools to establish CRY Clubs along with 11 other schools attempting to start them. Because of the age of the people running this club, we are able to use Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and other technological techniques to recruit volunteers and spread awareness. In the 5 months that NJ was a stumbling action center, we were able to make around $6,000 with 2 tabling events and our walk. In only 5 months we were able to set up all of our pages, events modules, websites, CRY Net accounts, and groups. CRY NJ also hosted a Walk in August that raised more than $3,000 despite the torrential rainfall that day, cancellation of performances and DJ, and lack of monetary sponsorships. We conducted a raffle that raised around $800 and provided quality Mexican food from Chipotle. Our countless efforts for the walk will be replicated in all future attempts. CRY NJ will continue to champion the cause and encourage our fellow peers, rope in the community even with the hardships we faced, and as a new and efficient chapter that is tackling the same CRY objective with a youth and technology-focused approach.