Action Center Sustainability of the Year Award 2008 - Pittsburgh

Pittsburgh Action Center

The Pittsburgh Action Center of Child Rights and You America was started in 2003 by Aprajita Rathore and Ravi Ramamoorthy, two young professionals with a vision for establishing a lasting, dedicated team that would raise the banner on behalf of Indias least-fortunate children. Nearly six years on and in light of the beloved founders departure for Dallas, Texas, the Pittsburgh Action Center is still going strong with 2009 promising to be its most active year yet.

Pittsburgh Action Centers secret has been the unfailing dedication of a small core team that refuses to quit and continues to inspire others along the way to join the movement. We have continued to build our team, and awareness of it, through our well-established events (the annual Festival in the Park being the most prominent), our groundbreaking media and civic outreach, and our ties to other local cultural and nonprofit organizations. Pittsburghs small-town atmosphere, where many in the non-Indian as well as the Indian community share mutual acquaintances if not outright friendships, plays a role. At one point in 2008, the core team consisted of nearly as many non-Indians as Indians, a testament to our ongoing efforts to reach across cultural boundaries.

Since 2006, the team has been headed up by Tejas Pevekar and co-chaired by Adam MacGregor. Other longtime core members who have kept the team afloat include Sohini Advani, Sandeep Prasad, Kalyani Gopalan, Marc Brands, and several others who contribute their time despite busy professional and personal schedules. When Pittsburgh AC loses members, it is most often temporary, and even then due to relocation or life change rather than loss of interest. Such is the case of team members/supporters like Satish Nagavarapu, Ann-Elizabeth Young, and Eric Linge, all currently surveying our activities from San Jose, Calif., Morrocco, and Singapore respectively.

  • Pittsburghs current core team stands at well over 12 active members, and revenues over the past four years have averaged over $10,000 annually.
  • Approximately 50 percent of that current core team has been with us for over two years.
  • Our PR efforts have ensured coverage by the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, the Tribune-Review, Pittsburgh Patrika, and the Pittsburgh City Paper as well as the Pitt News.