CRY America

Thank you for supporting events organized by CRY America. Events are an integral part of CRY America and we recognize events as important opportunities to raise awareness about children's issues and bring people together towards a common cause. Events build the CRY brand, create media excitement and raise significant financial resources for CRY America.

CRY America's Volunteer Chapters (Action Centers) organize approximately 50 to 70 Events each year across 20 US cities. The resources raised from these events go towards ensuring lasting change for thousands of underprivileged children.

Ways in which you can get involved: There are many ways in which you can support CRY Events and we are always looking for people to help!

  • Help organize events in your city
  • Help publicize and promote the events among your friends, family, colleagues, local community
  • Sponsor the event or help find sponsors for the event
  • Become a Fundraiser - set up your own Fundraising page for the event
  • Become a Team Leader - form a team and attend the event together
  • Host a CRY Event eg: a small dinner event at your home or a nearby restaurant
  • If you know of an organization that is organizing an Event and is looking for a charity to donate the proceeds to - do recommend CRY America or inform us about the contact
  • Most importantly - please attend and participate in our events - we need your support!

Types of CRY America Events

We organize a range on events and we're sure that you will find something of interest to you! Majority of our events are organized by our Volunteer Chapters across the US and If you would like to organize any of the following events in your city - please contact

  • CRY Walk - 5km non competitive walk for families & 5k run for sports enthusiasts
  • CRY Dinners - formal sit down dinners and semi formal events
  • CRY Holi - festival of colors held in March/April
  • CRY Concerts - well known artistes or an event with local music groups
  • CRY Cricket - tournament between two or more cricket teams.
  • CRY Dandia - Indian dance event
  • CRY Festivals & Cultural events
  • Movie Screenings
  • My Birthday & CRY - individuals who would like to donate their birthday gifts to charity, often contact CRY and we thank them for their generosity. A special event page is set up with the relevant information which can be sent out to your guests for making the donations. Contact for more information.
  • My Wedding & CRY - individuals who would like to donate their wedding gifts to charity, often contact CRY and we thank them for their generosity. A special event page is set up with the relevant information which the couple can send out to their guests. Contact for more information.
  • My Special Occasion & CRY - we are contacted by individuals and volunteers who do special events and donate the proceeds to CRY such as participating in the Houston Half Marathon or New York Cycling Race etc. A "My Occasion for Children" page is set up for such special events with relevant information which can be sent out to family, friends and colleagues. Contact for more information.

CRY America takes this opportunity to thank all its volunteers who put in countless hours and resources to organize Events across the US which raise significant financial resources that go towards ensuring that underprivileged children, their parents and communities attain what is rightfully theirs - a life of dignity and the right to a happy childhood.

CRY America is the sole representative of the CRY name & trademarks in the USA. CRY America is a 501c3 registered
organization and all donations to CRY America are tax-deductible.
You will receive periodic updates, so you can stay informed about CRY America’s projects, events & initiatives towards ensuring children’s rights.
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