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CRY America works towards restoring to underprivileged children, especially Indian, their basic rights to survival, protection, development and participation. We believe that each of us as individuals can make a difference. All it takes is the belief that "change is possible, because I'll make it possible". CRY America's strength lies in its supporters – our volunteers, donors, media and project partners who have come together to change the situation of underprivileged children.

CRY Orange County in Southern California started off as CRY Los Angeles and then branched off as CRY Orange county in 2016. We began the year with a brilliant Holi Celebration on the Beach and had around 150 participants who had a time of their lives. The future seems very promising and we aim to hold several diversified events which may include but not limited to art exhibitions, dance and entertainment events for kids and adults, fundraising walks, gala dinners and much more. Our goal is two fold - create awareness & raise money for children's rights.

We are a volunteer driven organization and you can help by donating, volunteering, participating in events and most of all by being a Child Rights Advocate.


  • Percy Presswalla AC Leader
  • Laura Vasquez Social Media Coordinator
  • Percy Presswalla CRY Walk Lead
  • Anna Fitter Volunteer Recruitment Lead / Community Outreach Lead

In 2014, I visited a CRY- supported Project Vanchit Vikas Sansthan (VVS) in Ahmednagar. What I saw had mixed emotions. The Pardhi tribe (which makes up for most of the VVS) often faces harassment by Indian law enforcement agencies. The criminal branding of the tribe goes back to 1871 after the British passed the "Criminal Tribes Act". Despite being exonerated by the Indian government, the community is still perceived to be indulging in criminal activities. However through the relentless efforts of the VVS, children have been removed from labor and enrolled in the formal school. VVS has also formed a children’s group and created awareness about child marriage. The day I visited the village I saw a well-organized school, with enthusiastic kids and equally enthusiastic teachers. The school was a hope that the community so badly deserves. Then we visited another school which is work in progress and has a strong community involvement to work with the Government for the rights of the kids and their family. Thanks to organizations such as VVS we are able to not lose hope completely. Their success is the success of the whole nation. I sincerely wish much success to CRY for supporting originations such as VVS and one village at a time we shall overcome… one day… we shall overcome the injustice in India in particular and the world at large.”
Percy Presswalla
Orange County AC Leader