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CRY America works towards restoring to underprivileged children, especially Indian, their basic rights to survival, protection, development and participation. We believe that each of us as individuals can make a difference. All it takes is the belief that "Change is possible, because I'll make it possible". CRY America's strength lies in its supporters – our volunteers, donors, media and project partners who have come together to change the situation of underprivileged children.

CRY Boston was founded in 2005 by like-minded volunteers in the greater Massachusetts area. Since then, we've grown in leaps and bounds and organized events to spread awareness and raise funds. Volunteers are the heart and soul of CRY Boston (and CRY America) – if you would like to join our group, share your ideas and help organize events in your leisure time, please send a message to Sanjay Yengul who heads up the CRY Boston Chapter.


  • Harshita Deshpande CRY Walk Lead Harshita Deshpande Bhurat
  • Sriram Narayan CRY Walk Lead
  • Shripad Nandurbarkar CRYket Lead
  • Pallavi Razdan IT & Social Media Lead
  • Sanjay Yengul Action Center Leader
  • Ritu Singh Event Lead
  • Nikita Bhatia Volunteer Mobilization Lead

"Seeing small children in rags begging on the streets in India is heartbreaking - yet giving them a few coins does not feel like a solution. So with deep sadness, most of us turn away. It is easy to be overwhelmed by the scale of the problem, but there are ways to help. I have been volunteering for CRY America in Boston for over ten years. CRY's unique rights based approach goes beyond charity and creates and strengthens social structures that will enable children to develop to their full potential. A lot has been done, but much more remains to be done."
Sanjay Yengul

"CRY America's value of a healthy life begins with a healthy childhood very strongly resonates with what I believe in. I have always believed that if I can't make life better for a hundred children, I can at least do it for one. Thank you CRY America for giving me this opportunity to affect not just a hundred but thousands of children across the world."
Harshita Bhurat

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