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CRY America works towards restoring to underprivileged children, especially Indian, their basic rights to survival, protection, development and participation.

The CRY San Diego Action Center has been around since 2004. There was a brief period of dormancy, but it has been a constant and vibrant part of the San Diego landscape for the last 6 years. The AC started in the year 2004, and was active till 2006. We did events in partnership with other orgs, and originated a talent show at Qualcomm called Rang Tarang, which is held to this day – although not as a CRY event now. Most of the original CRY team moved on, and the chapter went quiet for a while. It was revived by Ankit Taneja, Edward Remias and an enthusiastic group of volunteers in the year 2008, and has been going strong ever since. It is run by people who are passionate about making a difference in the lives of children. And about bringing the community together in the process. We have conducted a variety of fun and successful events like CRY Walk/Runs, Holi, Flashmobs, the NightHeist Bollywood parties, Dandiya etc. We are always looking for creative ways to engage the community and volunteers, and raise money to move the cause of Child Rights forward. The volunteer base is always in flux, but the current core group consisting of Edward, Renuka, Bharath, Ruchika, Palak, Karishma, Surbhi and Nanditha has been around for a while, and we have great plans for the coming year.


"Children are special to me. I strongly feel that they deserve a childhood. I look back at my childhood days, and I look at my daughter, and it breaks my heart to think that there are children who never get the same chance we got. Because they are working or married off, or lost their life to a disease. I wanted to do something about it. It is a population that does not have a voice, and we are the ones who can give them a voice. The way CRY works resonates with the way how I would want to help - bring about sustaining change and empowerment. So, I am passionate about making that difference in whatever way I can, because I can."
Edward Remias

Being raised in a family amidst love and strong pillars of support, I feel very fortunate that I was given all the basic rights a child deserves. To me, my 'obvious' comfortable childhood has dramatically shaped who I am today. Knowing that there are children who are unaware that they have rights, let alone access to these rights pains my heart! I had to do something to soothe my aching soul. I chose to support CRY about 4 years because it’s a powerhouse that brings about a sustainable change and I strongly believe in their mission! Through CRY, I have been able use my creative juices to make a difference through various events. Besides the fact that you are contributing to a social cause, you are able to develop your personality in many it's like a double bonanza! The adrenaline rush that comes with organizing successful events to fund raising to meeting super energetic volunteers is unmatchable. All in all, it’s been a fantastic journey so far and I am looking forward to some great experiences ahead.
Renuka Parlapalli

I joined CRY 9 years ago because a friend needed volunteers, and because the name was a familiar and well respected one from my childhood. I stay because I get way more out of it than I put in. The ills of the world are too many to count. So you pick something you care about, pick an avenue you think is effective, pitch in, and hope what you do makes some little difference. CRY is the avenue I picked. I believe in their effectiveness - and the committed but totally chill volunteers I get to hang out with make it fun as well!
Ruchika Pandey
Volunteer Mobilazation Lead