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CRY America works towards restoring to underprivileged children, especially Indian, their basic rights to survival, protection, development and participation.

CRY Seattle was founded in 1998. It is the biggest and oldest action center of CRY America in US. CRY Seattle is a completely volunteer managed action center. Our strategy has been to create a strong medium through which we can make people aware of the situation of children and raise funds for underprivileged children. We organize fundraising events and awareness generating activities on a regular basis. Our goal is to organize a very diverse set of activities that attracts and challenges the volunteers to innovate more and more. Volunteers organize a variety of fundraisers including charity dinner, Run event, Dandia and Garba dance events, festival of colors, Dance shows, cricket and volleyball tournaments, and Indian music concerts.

We raise close to half a million dollars in a year and would like to increase our impact by raising more and more funds to help children’s dreams come true. CRY Seattle team puts in tremendous energy in each of our fundraising events. CRY Seattle team really dedicates itself to this cause, and works very hard, making great sacrifices toward this effort. The team is very passionate about the work we do.

Please send an email to to join the team of CRY Seattle volunteers! Together we can make a wonderful difference in the lives of children.


"Each and every child truly deserves the best start in life. CRY America has helped in providing that start to a better future to a number of underprivileged children in the last 10 years. Every child is unique, every child is precious and should have a dignified, happy and cherished childhood, free from the clutches of child labor, fear, poverty, and diseases. I feel that nothing is more important than ensuring that the fundamental rights of children are protected. CRY America has promoted equal inclusion of every child and the cause of the girl child, by encouraging communities to provide the same opportunities and protection to girls as boys and by preventing violations faced by girl children. CRY America has provided a path to individuals - activists, volunteers, donors - that we can traverse together to create a world that has equal opportunities for all the children."
Rajesh Munshi
Seattle AC Leader

"CRY America is one of the rare organizations which is like a managerial organization to multiple grass roots NGO, thus making its reach across India in trying to fix the underlying problem and not just the symptom. Philosophy being “teach someone how to fish, rather than give a fish to the poor”. Moreover, it’s the only one which does internal & external financial audits along with a social audit to find other ways of bringing the change. I believe in its values and its mission."
Paresh Mundade
Seattle AC Core Group Volunteer.