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Bringing Childern’s Dreams to life

Thank you for supporting CRY America towards making a difference in the lives of thousands of underprivileged children. Your continuous support has helped ensure children equal opportunities to dream big and fulfill their potential.

As you leaf through the pages of this booklet, you will read some amazing stories that demonstrate that dreams do come true! One such story is that of Renuka Madhar from Donwad village who was forced to drop out of school to get married. But Renuka wants to become a doctor. To bring her dream to life, the team at CRY America supported Project, Mahila Abhivrudhi Mattu Samrakshana Samasthe (MASS) worked with the school authorities and counselled her parents about the ill effects of child marriage.

Through a number of relentless efforts the marriage plans were stopped. Renuka is now back in school and pursues her dream of becoming a doctor.
You will also read about people and businesses who have come forward to make children’s rights possible - our donors, volunteers, event sponsors, media sponsors, staff and other supporters. Only because of the support received from 20,885 donors and 2,000 volunteers like you, CRY America has been able to irreversibly transform the lives of 600,558 underprivileged children living across 2,726 villages and slums through support to 70 Projects in India and USA.

Thousands of children are still looking to us, to help them realize their dreams too. We hope that you will be inspired by these stories and believe that together, we have and will continue to bring children’s dreams to life.

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