Past Events
of 2015

Past Events

CRY Holi across cities of Seattle, San Diego, Pittsburgh, Chicago & Atlanta had people celebrate the festival of colors! Know more.

CRYket at Houston had people come in to field for child rights. They had a ball of a time. Know more

CRY Walk for child rights in Pleasanton was a success! Thank you to the Krovidi family for organizing the event and helping to kick off the CRY Walk Season! Know more and join the CRY walk in a city closest to you.

CRY Seattle organized a Successful Ina Mina Dika Bollywood Musical Concert on May 9th raising 18,000 for children's rights! Know more here.

Reflections, Paint for a Cause took place on April 18th at FunAsia Richardson. The event was a fun-filled and inspirational activity where children created artwork with the theme of children helping others in need. Thank you to FunAsia for providing the space and promoting this event! Know more here.

Soulful Sulfi Night took place on April 10th. To know more click here.

Volunteers from CRY Indiana ran the Indiana Half Marathon on May 2nd and raised $1,506 for children's rights! Know more.

CRY UW organized a successful Superhero in Yellow 5k in partnership with “Girl in Yellow”. Read More.

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