Hari Namboodiri’s
Project Visit





"Thank you for arranging the project visit in Kolkata on 24th Aug 2015. The CRY funded project I attended was run by "The Calcutta Samaritans", an organization working for homeless children in the city of Kolkata, one of the four major metropolis of India. I spent one day visiting two neighborhoods, "Rajabazaar" and "Hastings". where, there were about 1000 homeless families, who, have been living in deplorable conditions for past several years. I spent time talking to them individually, going to an actual ICDS center (Anganwaadi) a Government run school, a local club, and, a meeting place (Machaan). I particularly wanted to know if their lives have changed and what difference they are seeing presently. They cited instances, before and after CRY's involvement in their lives, and, I was able to feel that their lives were truly being impacted after CRY's involvement.

I could see confidence and positivity which would bring a lasting effect on their future lives. The parents were aware of their rights which, was not there, before CRY got involved. The parents and kids were ready to face and challenge the concerned authorities whenever things were not going right. Children were specially aware of all of their rights and expressed their happiness in the work done by CRY. I think CRY has a unique working model: Identify issues affecting a child - let them know of their rights - identify and resolve the problem by involving peers, family, local government etc to have a permanent solution. I am happy that I am a CRY volunteer and the money we raise here is well spent and is making a difference."

Dr. Haridasan Namboodiri, Ph.D. is the Lead Volunteer of Philadelphia Action Center for CRY America. We thank him for his involvement and dedication towards the cause of protection of Child Rights.

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