On The Path to
Good Health

Prayatn Sansthan
Baran District, Rajasthan


“When he attended the community meeting he realized his child is malnourished. She was just 6.7 kg and used to be sick most of the time. When he followed the advice of the community collectives and saw changes in his child, he started to believe in it. The child is healthy and normal now at 10.5 kg.”
-Team member from Prayatn Sansthan

How your support transformed 2-year old Ama into a healthy and a happy child

Two-year old Ama was malnourished but her father, Mukesh, was not aware of her health condition. When he attended the community meeting organized by CRY America’s project partner-Prayatn; he realized his baby daughter was malnourished. The community along with the team of Prayatn advised Mukesh to take Ama to the malnutrition treatment center. At the health centre Ama’s health check up was conducted and supplementary nutritious meal recommendations were shared with her family.

A few weeks after the check-up Ama had gained around 3 kgs and is now an active and healthy baby.However the journey to ensure this was not easy. Read more about how your support enabled us in bringing this positive change.

Issues affecting children like Ama in Baran, Rajasthan.

In Baran, the Sahariya tribe is identified as a primitive tribe by the Government of India on the basis of low growth rate, practice of pre-agricultural level of technology and extremely low level of literacy. The Sahariya population is particularly vulnerable to malnutrition because of its geographical isolation, uncertainty of food supply and lack of adequate health care facilities.

Due to exclusion, extreme poverty, inappropriate development schemes; children are not provided with the necessary growth and development opportunities.

Our Approach

CRY America supported project Prayatn Sansthan focused on addressing food security and nutrition issues of Sahariya children by first developing trust among the community by understanding the Sahariya tribe, its culture, and occupation and then working with the local government bodies to ensure their daily needs like drinking water facility, providing regular source of income through government schemes, worked with anganwadis to ensure immunization of children.

This has resulted in the once, hesitant & shy community members now able to visit block offices by themselves to discuss and address community problems. The team has put in efforts to build good rapport with youth and children to understand their issues. Youth leadership and children holistic development is now seen as tool for change in this particular tribe.

In the last year alone, Project Prayatn has ensured:

  • Immunisation of all children and women in the project area.
  • Conducted health check-ups and monitored the health of 1,370 children in the villages. Out of which, 240 children have been identified as Moderately Acute Malnourished (MAM) and 143 children as Severely Acute Malnourished (SAM).
  • 35 children were linked with Anganwadi Centres.
  • 65 school drop outs (girls) were identified by Prayatn, out of which 19 girls were re-enrolled in school and hostels.
  • In 8 villages, issues of irregular distribution of mid-day meals, irregularity of teachers in schoosl were identified.

  • Children fairs were organised, where 345 children participated.

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