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CRY SoCal had great year for all the reasons mentioned below.

Volunteer acquisition: In 2012, we had a core group of 12 volunteers at least 2 of which were recruited in 2012. We had 69 volunteers at the end of year, 15% higher than the previous year.

Volunteer engagement and retention: We at CRY SoCal believe that it is as important to retain volunteers, as it is to recruit volunteers. With that principle in mind, we try to constantly keep our volunteers engaged and motivated through what we call the 'CRY SoCal MMM' – Monthly mandatory meeting. We try to get together in an informal setting either over coffee, lunch or something similar. This gives us an opportunity to get to know each other better while also discussing progress on events.

As leaders, it also helps us understand what motivates each of our volunteers.

Additionally, we speak weekly via conference calls at least 2-3 months prior to an event. Helps us stay connected and make consistent progress.

Fundraising: This year (2012) we started online fundraising ahead of time as a result of which we had the highest number of fundraisers in 2012. 11 volunteers set up their online fundraising page and helped us raise over $9.3K (in addition to the registration) – the highest we have raised so far, which we consider to be a great achievement.

Outreach award: During our events in 2012, we had at least 2 media partners cover each of our events resulting in at least 4 different media articles. During 2012, we also had the opportunity to partner with 'Inspiration Awards 2012'. This was the first time ever we sought partnership with a non-Indian organization. We gained immense exposure especially via their social media campaign. We were also mentioned as a 'community partner' on their Event Program brochure that was handed out to guests on day of the event (attended by over 2,000 guests). This helped us spread awareness about CRY and our mission through non-conventional channels. In addition, we also partnered with other local non-for profits for cross-promotional activities.Sponsorship: Over the years, we have been building a strong sponsorship base for CRY SoCal. During events in 2012, we were able to bag some great sponsorships like Jamba Juice, NowCom ($1,000), Trader Joes in addition to the other popular local Indian restaurants.

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