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of the Year
Seattle Action Center

Participation in national events (Walk, cricket, MVC)

Measurement Metrics:

$ amount of revenue generated: ~380K

# of active volunteers: 8 (We get some additional volunteers for few specific events and then they drop off)

# of successful fundraising events conducted: 7

(ValentineSing-O-Gram (Feb), Holi (march), Uphaar Dinner (May), IMD Singing Concert (June) Run/Walk (July), Dandia (October), Poker Tournament (October)

# of national events participated in: 2 (CRY Walk And Dinner)

# of outreach efforts: 2 (FB Chase, External Event Partnership with API Chaya for IMD)

% increase in size of core team over past year: We don’t have a defined team structure with designations. Our general speaking core team has not really increased by a whole lot – 1 more person added.

% increase in Profitability (net revenue/gross revenue) over past year:

We don’t have exact comparative numbers. Will have to do the math. Also, honestly I don’t have the final numbers after Microsoft giving campaign and matching.

% increase in gross revenues over past year- Our revenues stayed about the same with 20-30K range.

% increase in outreach efforts over past year:Chase program, Worked with another organization. More outreach than ever before.

CRY Seattle and was able to raise total of ~380K in 2012, thanks to the events, awareness raising campaigns and support from local community & of course the volunteers and support from CRY America.

We had a lot of uphill challenges, including acute shortage of volunteers and volume of local charities almost doubling over last years –creating a huge competition to get the donor base. However, using strong project management skills, experience and dedication of volunteers, we were able to pull off all events successfully.

In 2012, CRY Seattle organized 7 events raising between $600 to over $150K. We stepped away from low ROI events, and concentrated more on the events which provide either great ROI, or great awareness or just good fun for volunteers (as morale booster).

As example of this is Holi event, which received over 300 attendees despite a really bad weather, showing the hard-work of volunteers in spreading awareness, as well as support of local community. Our Dinner even– Uphaar, which was effort of 100s of hours by our few core volunteers and lots of hours of help from all other volunteers resulted in raising over 130K and providing high class fun and entertainment to the guests. We collaborated with another NGO and presented a singing concert "Ina Mina Dika" which was a great outreach effort. In spite of our challenges, we maintained the rhythm and kept going. Another thing, which improved was, collaboration with CRY America - in general.

CRY Seattle is proud to be one of the top revenue generators for CRY America and am glad to be part of CRY America family!

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