Innovative Event
of the Year
SoCal Action Center

Measurement Metrics:

# of participants/attendees: 100 participants

Type and diversity of attendees: 90% Indians and 10% Caucasians

Revenue generated: $10,314

Degree of replicability (1-5): -how easy would it be for others to organize this event?

5 Media coverage: (# of articles): TV Asia covered the entire event that was aired on TV the next week.

Drawing competition for kids: at our 5k Walk event was an innovative idea and something that had never been done before. This not only kept kids engaged but also was a great forum for us to celebrate the cause with our young ambassadors.

Watermelon eating competition: Most 5k Walk/Run events end with a bottled water and banana handed out to runners, ours was the most innovative and suprising for all the participants.

We had a variety of food, snacks and juices laid out for runners as refreshments. Once all the runners/walkers completed the walk, we conducted 'WaterMelon Eating Competition', wherein, the participants will have to eat watermelon chunks without using their hands.

This innovative event idea helped people engage with others. It gave us an opportunity to have fun with the participants and bond with them on a personal level. As we walked around and made conversations with people after these activities, the core team was able to spread the word about CRY to encourage more volunteer sign ups.

We ended our event with Prize distribution for: Runners: 1st Price, 2nd Price Watermelon Competition Winner: 1st Price Drawing Competition Winners: Certificates were awarded to all the kids who participated. In totality, the event was a great success and people of all ages seemed to have enjoyed it thoroughly.

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