Innovative Event
of the Year
New Jersey
Action Center

Measurement Metrics:

New event idea/event

The event our action center did was called the “CRY New Jersey Derby.” We organized the event with our local raceway track where attendees were able to watch horse races in a private box where a multitude of dishes were served to them including Chicken Marsala, Pasta Vodka, various salads, Salmon, Tilapia, Mashed Potatoes, and much more. The theme of the night was Sunday Brunch and attendees wore summery dresses and preppy clothes. There was also a race in the name of our charity and all attendees took pictures with the winning horse. Additionally, we had a silent auction consisting of various jewelry and clothing items as well as services such as a room makeover from an interior decorator.

# of participants/attendees:

We had about 50 people attend, but all of them recommended us to do this again next year because many people did not know how enjoyable a Derby event could be.

Type and diversity of attendees:

People of all ages from middle school students to grandparents, all of whom enjoyed watching the races and rooting for their favorite horse

Revenue generated:

$3,000, but as stated before we will be doing this event again due to the response of our attendees and how they will advertise this to all of their friends.

Degree of replicability (1-5) - how easy would it be for others to organize this event?

As long as you have a local racetrack (which are in many places, you just have to look!), it will be really easy to plan the event. You just have to ask to arrange a private event in a private box and negotiate a good price. Then, you just give a deposit, choose the dishes you want to serve, and advertise! No additional planning on your part!

Media coverage (# of articles):

We had 1 article in Tathaastu, a magazine with over 25,000 subscribers around the country. We also asked to advertise on our local Indian radio station and broadcasted it on the announcement of the 14 high schools around the state that CRY NJ has clubs in.

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