Sustainability Award
of the Year
Bay Area
Action Center

Measurement Metrics:

# of core team compared to last two years: Increased: 3-5 core people compared to a couple the previous year

# of volunteers compared to last two years: Increased: Added 10 new volunteers in the year

$ Gross revenue compared to last two years: Don’t have exact numbers, but we doubled the revenues to about $16000 from about $7600 the previous year

# of successful events sustained over the past two years: The Annual CRY Walk was organized for the 10 year in the Bay Area

# of outreach activities sustained over the past two years: Represented CRY America in a Non-Profit forum to increase visibility of the organization as part of the Bay Area community

While the Bay Area AC was “active” since 2002, the action center has seen very difficult times. We were even down to just a couple volunteers in 2011, but Bay Area organized the Walk every year in spite of all adversities to keep the CRY America name alive in the community.

In 2012, we had a change in AC leadership but we sustained that and a lot of other challenges, including but not limited to, acute shortage of volunteers. We were still able to organize 3 events (Annual CRY Walk, a high school cultural, and a Bappi Lahiri Concert as a non-profit partner to a for-profit organization). We also set up tables at 3 other events, represented CRY in local non-profit conference, featured CRY on more than 10 media channels with 2 interviews (India Abroad & Mera Sangeet), and established 3 corporate sponsorships with Arcus Lending, Samsung, and Iris Logic. CRY Bay Area was able to more than double its revenue to a total of ~$16000 in 2012.

In the past one year a few different volunteers have come together to ensure that the AC is sustainable and this nomination goes out for them and many others who have worked hard to keep CRY America active in the Bay Area.

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