Sustainability Award
of the Year
Seattle Action Center

Measurement Metrics:

# of core team compared to last two years - 3-5 core people.

$ Gross revenue compared to last two years - about the same with about $20-30K apart.

# of successful events sustained over the past two years - Reduced one or two smaller/low ROI events and made other events more successful.

# of outreach activities sustained over the past two years - Increase by 1 event

Year after year, CRY Seattle has been able to sustain the Gross revenue.

Bear in mind, when we are talking about numbers like 350K-400K, it is really hard to keep that number going especially with the dip in volunteer base and increase in the competition in the NGO space locally. In 2006, we had about 15 core volunteers, which went down to 3 to 5 core volunteers over the next few years. We have been able to reach out to new donors, as well as retain regular donors. We have also made efforts and have been successful in getting volunteers right before the events or on the day of the event. We made a put in a lot of effort in gaining more volunteers, and hence in 2013 received much more support. Our strategic efforts from 2012, resulted in benefits to a certain extent in 2013.

CRY Seattle has organized multiple events, and has become one of the most favorite organizations for events like Holi, Dandia. We are the only Non-profit to have an event like Sing-O-Gram running for more than 4 years which brings smile on the faces of our supporters.

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