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CRY America Milestones

With support of donor and volunteers, CRY America has achieved the below impact:

  • 358,475 children impacted 
  • 1,916 villages/slums covered 
  • 114,217 children immunized 
  • 49,401 birth registrations 
  • 55,172 children covered through health programs 
  • 23,715 pregnant women provided healthcare 
  • 476 Integrated Child Development Scheme (pre-school) centers activated/retained 
  • 334 Public Health Centers/Sub-centers activated/retained 
  • 575 Panchayats with active health committees 
  • 52,799 children integrated into government schools 
  • 26,194 children provided education support (non-formal) 
  • 886 government schools activated/retained 
  • 391 villages now have all children enrolled in schools 
  • 335 schools have100% retention 
  • 1,113 community based organizations in villages are active on ensuring children receive quality education 
  • 8,323 children removed from labor 
  • 372 villages/slums are 100% child labor free 
  • 1,194 community based organizations in villages are active on ensuring children do not get forced into labor 
  • 276 child marriages stopped 
  • 761 children's groups formed/strengthened to ensure children's participation  



Impact indicators:

  • 280,301 children impacted
  • 1,762 villages/slums covered
  • 100,659 children immunized
  • 37,120 birth registrations
  • 45,388 children received health check-ups
  • 43,173 children integrated into government schools
  • 20,977 children provided education support (non-formal)
  • 596 government schools activated/retained
  • 372 villages with 100% enrollment (all children in schools)
  • 327 schools with 100% retention (no drop-outs)
  • 7,649 children removed from labor
  • 363 villages/slums 100% child labor free
  • 559 Children's groups formed/strengthened



Impact indicators:

  • 248,323 children impacted
  • 1,376 villages/slums covered
  • 91,006 children immunized
  • 29,875 birth registrations
  • 36,663 children received health check-ups
  • 35,447 children integrated into government schools
  • 16,033 children provided education support (non-formal)
  • 355 government schools activated/retained
  • 370 villages with 100% enrollment (all children in schools)
  • 326 schools have 100% retention (no child has dropped out)
  • 7,240 children removed from labor
  • 355 villages/slums are 100% child labor free
  • 487 Children's groups formed/strengthened


Impact indicators:

  • 72869 children impacted  
  • 572 villages / slums impacted 
  • 12802 children immunized 
  • 2033 children provided education support (non-formal) 
  • 4194 children mainstreamed into formal government schools
  • 119 government schools with 100% retention  
  • 717 child laborers removed from workforce and provided some education support
    (formal / non-formal)  



In 2006, some indicators of the what your support to CRY America helped ensure:

  • 41027 children's lives transformed
  • 14567 children immunized
  • 9882 children covered through health check-up programs
  • 3682 children provided education support (non-formal)
  • 607 child laborers removed from workforce
  • 177 village/slums with 100% enrollment in schools
  • 149 Government schools with 100% retention


  • CRY America released grants totaling $89,652 to 3 NGOs (Jagruthi, HELP and Community Services Guild) towards Tsunami relief and rehabilitation efforts in India.
  • "Students for CRY America", the student arm of CRY America was initiated; aiming to involve students across the USA in CRY America activities.
  • Our 2nd e-newsletter "connect@cryamerica" was emailed to all CRY America donors, volunteers and posted on our website in May 2005.
  • Over 500 volunteers across 21 Action Centers organized 55 events in their local communities to spread the mission of CRY America & raise resources
  • CRY America’s 3rd Annual Volunteer Conference was held on June 4 and 5, 2005, at Sargent Camp, New Hampshire. Over 30 volunteer leaders, staff and Board members met to review and plan activities for the organization.
  • Two Charity Dinners were successfully organized in support of child rights. Pledge 2005 was organized in New York on June 09, 2005 and Uphaar 2005 was organized in Seattle on June 18, 2005.
  • CRY America made a grant of $20,000 to Save the Children, USA towards Hurricane Katrina relief and rehabilitation efforts with a focus on addressing the needs of children who are always the most vulnerable in situations like this.
  • "I stand for child rights" - CRY America wrist bands that some of you sported was initiated in 2005.
  • CRY America Walk 2005, our popular annual walk event was organized at Pittsburg, South California, Chicago, RDU, Bay Area, Boston and Lexington from August through October 2005
  • CRY America launched its greeting cards... you can now buy your cards and not only bring happiness and joy to your family and friends but also ensure children attain a future.
  • CRY America’s 2004 accounts were audited and our 2004 Annual Report (including our financial report) was published and sent to donors & volunteers
  • $355,000 was given in Grants to 14 child development projects in India and the USA, 12 based in India and 2 in the USA. Our NGO partners work with the community, parents and children, empowering them to demand their basic rights.
  • CRY America crossed the $650,000 mark in revenue generation, primarily through Action Centre events, online donations & direct mailers in 2005.
  • We set up our corporate office in Boston in July 2005 with our first full time employee. Feel free to call 339-235-0792 for any information you require.
  • In 2005 some indicators of the what your support to CRY America helped ensure:
      • Children immunized/ given health check-ups = 30,611
      • Number of pregnant women provided health check ups/ health care = 1292
      • PHC’s & Sub Centres activated = 11
      • Birth registrations ensured = 4356
      • Number of children mainstreamed in schools = 5119
      • No of Non functional Government schools reactivated = 14
      • Number of villages having 100% enrollment in schools = 56
      • Number of schools with 100% retention = 113
      • No. of CBOs active in the area of education = 66
      • Child labour/working children removed from workple and mainstreamed into formal schools = 872
      • Child labourers given an opportunity to an education - formal schools, NFEs, bridge schools = 1081
      • No. of CBOs active in the area of child labor = 38
      • No. of villages/slums child labor/working children free = 13
      • Child marriages stopped = 34
      • Children removed from labor = 1255


  • Jan 2004: Davis, Washington DC, Cincinnati and Detroit Action Centers join CRY America.
  • June 2004:
    • First Charity Dinner (Uphaar 2004) at Seattle supported by over 150 donors and raised over USD 140,000. This was our largest fund raising event in 2004.
    • CRY America launched its website CRY America with online donation facilities, which received an overwhelming response from our volunteers, donors and supporters.
  • July 2004: The second Annual Volunteer Conference & Board meeting held at RDU was a great meeting, reviewing and planning forum for CRY America leaders.
  • CRY America Walk 2004 event organized at Richmond, RDU, Bay Area and Lexington from August through October 2004
  • October 2004: "Bal Suri", a Pandit Hari Prasad Chaurasia concert series in aid of underprivileged children organized at RDU, Pittsburgh , NJ, Boston, Detroit, Bay Area and Seattle.
  • Dec 2004:
    • The first issue of our e-letter - Connect@CRYAmerica.com was developed and e-mailed to all our volunteers and donors.
    • CRY America crossed the half a million dollar mark in revenue generation, primarily through Action Centre events, Online donations & Direct mailers in 2004.
    • $200,000 grants disbursed to 13 child development Projects in 2004, of which 11 Projects were based in India and 2 Projects based in the USA.
    • Our volunteer base grew to include over 500 volunteers across 17 cities through the formation of Action Centers.


  • March 2003: Bay Area & New York/New Jersey Action Centers join CRY America.
  • June 2003: First face to face Volunteer Conference takes place in New Hampshire.
  • August 2003: Pittsburgh, College Station, Philadelphia & Charlottesville Action Centres join CRY America.
  • November 2003: CRY America obtains 501c3 clearance. All donations to CRY America become tax exempt
  • December 2003: CRY America closes its first year raising $87,709 Total Revenue ($ 59,200 Net Revenue) through volunteer-driven fund raising.


  • November 2002: CRY, Child Relief and You America, Inc., Registered as a US Non Profit Corporation.
  • Seattle, RDU, Boston, Richmond & Lexington Action Centers pledge their support to CRY America.
CRY America is the sole representative of the CRY name & trademarks in the USA. CRY America is a 501c3 registered organization and all donations to CRY
America are tax-deductible. CRY America, PO. Box 850948, Braintree, MA 02185-0948. Tel. 339-235-0792 and 617-959-1273.
Email: support@cryamerica.org
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