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Location: 9 villages in 6 blocks of Sambalpur district, Orissa


Patang was started in the year 2003 with a vision to create a platform for young people to actively engage them in social justice issues in Western Orissa. The founder member of Patang, Rita Mishra was a Pravah team member for many years. Pravah's work with young people inspired Rita to set up Patang.


Sambalpur is famous for its tie and dye textiles, folk dance and music and also for the Hirakud dam, which is one of the largest mainstreams dams in the world. It is situated in the Western part of the Orissa state.

  • Average literacy rate of Sambalpur district in 2011 is 76.91% compared to 67.29% in 2001, of which male and female literacy rate is 85.17% and 68.47% respectively.
  • School drop out children has become a regular feature in the primary schools of tribal dominated area many of schools holding the situation of single teacher status.
  • A big strength of the teachers are para or contractual teachers, they are receiving a very less remuneration, in comparison to the full time teachers. And they are holding the major responsibilities of the school. Poor retention in schools.
  • Overall the SMC are formed on the paper and mostly by the schools headmasters as per their requirement the SMC members have very less understanding on the act and on their responsibilities.
  • The infrastructure development is far behind what was mentioned in the act, most of the schools don't have all weather building and class rooms, no separate toilet for boys and girls, boundary, play ground, drinking water facility and kitchen for cooking MDM
  • Heath situation is in dismal state. Only in 21.29 villages heath facilities are available within the village.
  • The available sources of livelihood are shrinking and the traditional sources of livelihood are either diminishing or becoming extinct, thus leading to children migrating to other regions..
  • Farmer suicide is making headlines everyday for last two years.


  • To ensure access to quality education for every child, as per education as a fundamental right.
  • To promote creation of child-friendly environment and child participation.
  • To sensitize the community on CR issues in order to act on/reduce Child Rights violations.
  • To create a cadre of young advocates on child right issues
  • To act on implementation of provisions as per RCFCE act 2009 in the villages involving youth volunteers.
  • To build capacities of young volunteers on CR issues and child-centric perspective,
  • To promote spirit of volunteerism among young people and thus sensitizing a broader mass on child right
  • To promote and recognize youth-led actions/ change on CR issues.


  • Around 100 volunteers placed for learning and exposure in different organizations for a month. They worked directly with more than 3000 young people - through camps, workshops, exposures and campaigns
  • Total 32 projects have been supported in 8 districts
  • Issues /Themes  addressed - Sanitation, Health, Education, RTI, NREHA, Youth development, Livelihood, Disability
  • Methodology undertaken, comics, research, Satire, pala, Construction, street theater, door to door campaign
  • Resources mobilized from community - Place, money, tent, Food items, Human resource - doctors, writers.
  • Developed an Oriya life skills curriculum
  • Setting up Patang learning center in school - (just started in one school)
  • Adolescents have led action projects on various social issues. The circle inspector of schools recommended programme to a school in Bargarh.Designed a (draft) curriculum called Sampark.
  • Conducted baseline with 150 adolescents from 10 villages in Jujumura block
  • Workshops during summer holidays,
  • Training given on youth development perspective. Undertook a research study on needs and aspirations of young people in the mentioned states (selected locations except Assam).
  • Organized 3 huge camps on Gender, RTI and Diversity (post Kandmal riots)
  • Trained 420 peer educators in Ganjam dist. For Nehru Yuva Kendra Sanghtan
  • RTI campaign in Rairakhol block


  • Mapping the status of child rights and community awareness.
  • Design/Develop & facilitate creative innovative learning materials
  • Exposure to alternative/ innovative educational practices
  • Formation of children club and capacity building
  • Organizing Puppet show, film festivals, comics, poster exhibition, palm plates/ leaflets, Theatre  Radio Program, Forum theatre
  • Community monitoring/ community report card/ appeal
  • Selection of volunteers and Issue based trainings and exposure and their skill building.
  • Project design workshop using ADDIE (Analysis, Design, Development, Implementation and Evaluation) model
  • Flagging off event- young people start their projects

Budget summary:

Particulars Amount (US $)
Right to Development 2,826
Right to Survival 4,768
Right to Protection 706
Right to Participation 5,121
Administration 4,238
Total 17,660


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