"Employee Giving or Payroll Giving is a program through which Companies encourage their employees to give to charities through a monthly giving program. This program is set up and managed by the Company itself and involves regular monthly payroll deductions (of a $ amount specified by the employee) to the employees charity of choice.
You can check if your company has already listed CRY America as a supported NGO on the company website. If not, you can register with the help of your company's HR department.

The Employee Giving Program is a great way of ensuring that you continue to make a sustained difference in the lives of children, while not letting it interfere with your busy lifestyle and demanding schedules. It's also efficient, as it keeps fundraising and administrative costs low, allowing smaller regular donations to make a big difference.

Employee Giving also provides us with ongoing resources and helps us to plan ahead and save more children's lives at a lower cost.

Company's usually match the employee donations with a "matching gift" - which is a great way to double your donation for the cause of children! Employee Giving/ Payroll Giving donations are directly matched by the Company and are not received by CRY America for verifications.

Make an ongoing difference to children's lives by signing up for the Employee GivingProgram, with 3 easy steps:

Check your Company's website or with the HR team to see if CRY America is on the List of approved charities.

If Yes - sign up for the program, indicating the monthly donation amount and CRY America as the specified charity.

If not, then do register CRY America with your company for Employee Giving donations. Contact support@cryamerica.org and we can provide you with all the required information for the registration.

Encourage your colleagues and friends to also sign up for the employee giving program! For more details or assistance, email support@cryamerica.org .

Corporate Donations for Volunteer Hours
Some Corporates donate monies against volunteer hours put in by their employees for charitable work, as part of their corporate social responsibility programs. If your Company offers this program and you have spent time volunteering for CRY America, then please make this donation possible. Contact support@cryamerica.org if you need any further information or assistance.

Here are some Companies from whom we have received donations against volunteer hours:
Time Warner Brothers

CRY America is the sole representative of the CRY name & trademarks in the USA. CRY America is a 501c3 registered
organization and all donations to CRY America are tax-deductible.
You will receive periodic updates, so you can stay informed about CRY America’s projects, events & initiatives towards ensuring children’s rights.
If you do not wish to receive e-mail updates or solicitations from CRY America, you may use the unsubscribe option under the unsubscribe section of our Privacy Policy.

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