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CRY America Honor RollWe'd like to thank all those who have made a positive difference to the lives of several underprivileged children in their own small way.

  • Natural Life Part, a family run business offering unique, trend-setting, hand-made quality gifts, is donating part proceeds of their Friendship bands to CRY America to benefit underprivileged children.
    "We recently took a trip to India for inspiration and adventure. We loved how everything in India is "decorated"! From the trucks and bicycles to the clothing and jewelry. Everywhere we looked we found inspiration and beauty. Upon return, one of the products we made are these darling friendship bands. We call them Helping Hand Friendship Bands because a portion of the proceeds will be given directly to CRY America...to ensure the children of India enjoy their right to a childhood." To purchase these friendship bands, please Click here
  • Western Union Foundation has provided CRY America with a generous grant of $19,250 that will be directed towards the initiative Mahan Seva Sansthan, in Rajasthan. Through this program children from 65 villages will gain access to education and healthcare, gender and migration issues will be addressed and marginalized communities will be empowered. CRY is deeply grateful to Western Union for supporting our work.
  • Agomoni Mukherjee had a holiday season fund-raiser for CRY America in collaboration with the Bengali Cultural Society of South Jersey. This classy event was at 'Sensational Host' in Maple Shade NJ, with a sit down dinner and dancing. The event raised $2000 for CRY America. Click here
  • Spotlight Style, (www.spotlightstyle.com) an event management and design company in has established a long term partnership with CRY America. Among many things, Spotlight will donate part of its income to and assist and advice CRY on all events in New York. A fund-raising event to officially launch the partnership is scheduled for May 2009. It will be open to all supporters, so stay tuned!
  • Nikhil Johns , a sixteen year old junior at St Petersburg High School in Florida as part of his school project this year. He is organizing a group of students to put together a series of events to raise awareness about Child Rights and elicit funds for CRY. The first event is a charity soccer tournament on March 22, and the second will be a student concert. Nikhil and his group are also planning on establishing a project that will enable continuous fund-raising through the year. The Johns family has supported CRY for many years. Nikhil and his brother Arjun have donated their allowances to CRY in the past. As frequent visitors to India both children are acutely aware of the needs of marginalized Indian children and are truly motivated to make a difference.
  • Fashion Research Institute (FRI) of New York has been garnering support for child rights in the virtual world of Second Life and has now established an association with CRY America. They will be displaying posters, banners and informational brochures on the issue in their Welcome Area on their islands and conducting fundraisers on CRY America on behalf on Second Life.
  • IBSN Inc. a global service provider in business, financial, tax and wealth management services, will collaborate with CRY America to support its initiatives by enabling the organization to build its movement in the US. IBSN will make a recommendation to its clients in the US to donate to CRY America and provide mileage to CRY through its website, newsletters and e-mailers. Click here.
  • Members of The Indian Youth Organization (IYO) of the Sri Venkateswara Temple, Pittsburgh, PA have been ardent supporters of CRY America. This year, the youth, aged 8 - 18 raised $700 to donate to CRY. The Pittsburgh chapter of CRY America has benefited greatly from IYO's consitent support of the "Walk for Child Rights" event each year, and hopes that it can count on IYO to continue doing so.
  • Spencer Warren and Alana Bly - owners of Firehouse Lounge organized a charity dance party to promote the cause of underprivileged children. The "Bhangra" party on May 2nd was attended by more than 300 people and raised over $1500 for the CRY America Pittsburgh Action Center. They also hosted “CRY in July” - $1 per person donation towards CRY every Saturday in the month of July raising more than $1300 for the Pittsburgh chapter. Enthusiastic supporters of non-profit organizations, CRY America would like to thank Alana and Spencer for leveraging popular culture themes to make a positive difference in the lives of children.
  • Jeffery Pimenta, an active 8 year old in California, requested his friends to make a donation to CRY America in lieu of gifts to him, and collected $400 for underprivileged children. He's an active 8yr old passionate about soccer & the environment( he was selected one of the winners in K-2nd category for his Earth day poster contest in California). He plays piano, tennis & has been doing Kenpo karate for almost 4 yrs now. Jeff loves math & believes good education is the key to a successful future. Jeffrey feels blessed that he has access to basic needs in life & more & that every child has a right to education & so wanted to make a difference in the lives of underprivilged children by raising donations for them through CRY America instead of gifts for his 8th birthday.
  • CRY America receives its largest foundation grant of $50,000 from The Lavender Fund 2 with Community Foundation of Louisville. The grant will be directed towards three initiatives in India aimed at empowering marginalized communities to build sustainable futures for their children. The Community Foundation of Louisville has more than 1,000 charitable funds set up by individuals, families, businesses and other organizations. In 2006, it made grants totaling $26.3 million. The foundation helps donors with their giving and enables their generosity to continue after their lifetimes, supporting the causes they cared about.
  • CRY America is proud to have the opportunity to once again be an official sponsor for a film at one premiere event at the 2007 South Asian International Film Festival (SAIFF) to be held in New York between October 3 and 9. SAIFF will promote CRY America through several avenues before and during the festival. To learn more about our partnership with SAIFF do check out http://www.saiff.org/
  • CRY America is pleased to announce a partnership with California based Alamo World Travel & Tours, to develop a special vacation opportunity for CRY America supporters. Alamo World Travel has negotiated special group pricing especially for members of the CRY family, and is offering a choice of two wonderful cruise dates and destinations. More importantly, these two cruises that are being promoted through Alamo World Travel, will help raise funds for CRY America at no additional cost to you, because for every cabin booked by our supporters, a donation is made directly to CRY America. If interested please click here...http://www.alamoworld.com/. Do forward it to your family & friends.
  • CRY America is now registered with www.artphilanthropy.com If anybody selects CRY after making a purchase of artwork, 25% of that purchase will be donated to CRY America.
  • Anisha Patwardhan is like any other 7 year old. She is good at studies, plays sports, enjoys art & music and likes to read. What’s different is that at this age she has learned the difference between needs and wants. She has realized that if she wants to have a great life, it’s a must that others on this planet and this planet itself must have a great life along with her. She understands that her happiness is intricately connected to the well-being of others in this world. Her way of expressing it was when she was planning her birthday. Her invitation, in addition to having the usual party details, read as follows:
    "Dear friends: I am celebrating my birthday with the children of the world. All of us are lucky and have everything we need. But there are so many children of our age, who need food, clothes, shelter and of course, education. So, if you were planning to bring me a gift, I wish that you rather bring a donation for my friends-in-need. You can bring cash, or a check made out to Child Rights and You America, Inc. That will make me really happy! I'll see you at the birthday and we will have lots of fun. - Love, Anisha."
    That evening Anisha raised $150. That sum was matched by Stratogent (www.stratogent.com) and Nishith Desai Associates (www.nishithdesai.com). That was a total raise of $450. When asked if she missed the gifts all this 7 year old had to say was, "No, I don't miss gifts because I don’t know what I would do with all those gifts. I have these (checks). Now my friends-in-need are going to get the things they really need. I am happy because my friends will be happy."
  • Anu Jain helped make Uphaar 2004 a great success in Seattle.
  • The BEA Foundation, a corporate advised fund at Community Foundation Silicon Valley, awarded a grant of US$ 10,000 for CRY America supported project Shramik Vikas Kendram. The project works with underprivileged children and communities in Andhra Pradesh.
  • 93 employees of Birlasoft Inc. pitched in to make a difference to the lives of those affected by the tsunami. Together they contributed $10,855 towards the CRY America Tsunami Rehabilitation efforts.
  • Cincinnati-based Convergys Corporation, a global leader in integrated billing and customer care and employee care services, contributed US$ 2500 for CRY America supported projects in India.
  • GE Healthcare, a unit of General Electric Company headquartered in the United Kingdom, contributed US$ 5000 towards CRY America supported projects in India. GE Healthcare is committed to serving healthcare professionals and their patients in more than 100 countries.
  • Global Amici, contributed $ 1,146.34 towards CRY America. Half of this contribution is towards CRY America Tsunami Rehabilitation programs and balance towards the education and healthcare of children.
  • The 5th grade of Hannah Senesh Community Day School in Brooklyn, NY learned about India in Social studies and about the poverty that exists in India and so the 14 students created an Indian Cookbook, sold copies of the same and donated the proceeds to CRY America. CRY America received a check of $282 from their teacher Dahlia Nayman and sincerely thanked them for their thoughtfulness.
  • CRY America is very pleased to receive a contribution of $50,000 from Home Decorators Collection, one of America’s leading direct marketers of home décor and improvement. The grant will go towards two CRY America supported projects: Shramik Vikas Kendram and Disha. On behalf of all the children who will benefit from this partnership, thank you Home Decorators Collection for your generous gift of hope.
  • For the second consecutive year, Hellenic Rug Imports Inc., has partnered CRY America in the festive season by placing a large order for CRY America greeting cards.
  • Hexaware Technologies partnered CRY America in 2005 by purchasing greeting cards, thus enabling CRY America spread awareness about its efforts in the area of child rights.
  • Harish Saluja provided tireless support to the Pittsburgh chapter, donating ad space in Housecalls magazine and 'The Journey' for a movie screening fundraiser. He continues to promote CRY America events on his radio show.
  • Members of the Huntsville India Association contributed $ 16469 towards the CRY America Tsunami Rehabilitation programs. These resources will be directed towards the construction of 3 Child Right Centers in the Cuddalore district of Tamil Nadu.
  • Judy and Joe Philip donated $ 405 to CRY America as a wedding favor for guests at their wedding. The amount enabled the education and healthcare of 16 children.
  • Kevin Kalra, a freshman at University of Texas, Houston, requested friends and family to donate to CRY America, instead of giving him graduation gifts. Thanks Kevin!
  • Myleeta Aga, DC, made a contribution to CRY America as a wedding gift for her friend. The contribution enabled education and healthcare for two children for a year.
  • On daughter Anooshka's 1st birthday, Nikita Shetty asked guests to donate to CRY instead of giving Anooshka birthday presents.
  • NetIP Cincinnati chose our Cincinnati Chapter as their preferred non-profit charity for 2004. They actively support us through fundraising and awareness at many of their ongoing events and meetings.
  • Naveen Jain helped make Uphaar 2004 a great success in Seattle.
  • Palmetto Industries partnered CRY America in 2005 by purchasing greeting cards, thus enabling CRY America spread awareness about its efforts in the area of child rights.
  • Priyanka Tope, a 13 years old child artiste is donating proceeds from her two CD albums, Priyanjali & Rainbow: A Bridge to India to children's causes throughout the world, CRY America being one of the recipients. Priyanjali contains bhajans, and Rainbow: A Bridge to India has songs in various Indian languages, and in various moods. I want to help kids in need all around the world. I have been learning music from early childhood and I decided to use my musical abilities to reach people and to help underprivileged kids. She is grateful that the blessings of her parents and grandparents, teachers, and the support of family and friends are with her in this cause for children. Read more about her on her site http://www.priyankatope.com/.
  • Pooja Khanna and her fellow students from an independent student organization called MiRtH that comes from a high school in New Jersey came up with a truly wonderful idea. They made Christmas and New Year cards for their counter part in CRY America supported projects in India. he children from our projects were thrilled to receive cards all the way from the US. Pooja and her schoolmates from MiRtH are now truly part of our mission to bring happiness to children in India.
  • CRY America is proud to have the opportunity to be an official sponsor for a film at one premiere event at The 2006 South Asian International Film Festival (SAIFF) held in New York between October 4 and 6. SAIFF promoted CRY America through several avenues before and during the festival.
  • The 6th graders of San Domenico Middle School in San Anselmo, California, raised both money, ($1656!) and awareness for CRY America, after they were moved by a history lesson on the caste system in India, taught by their teacher Wynn Richards. We have been truly touched by their efforts.
  • 27 young girls from Scarsdale, New York practiced for months to perform a play, Krishna Leela, for the benefit of CRY America and its work for the rights of children. The event raised $6,932.
  • Sandhya Shimoga and her family organized a "pot luck" fund raiser for CRY America on the eve of India's 57th Independence Day. The event brought together a bunch of expatriate Indians in a burst of goodwill and bonhomie, to raise funds for the benefit of underprivileged children. Sandhya and her family plan to make this a regular event to support ongoing projects of CRY America.
  • Sita Vashee helped make Uphaar 2004 a great success in Seattle.
  • Vikram and Mrunal Rawal promoted the cause of underprivileged children at their annual Diwali Party which helped raise over $1,000 for our CRY America Pittsburgh Action Center. Enthusiastic supporters of CRY America’s cause over the years, Vikram and Mrunal have helped spread awareness amongst the Pittsburgh community. Vikram and Mrunal, Thank you for your ongoing support!
  • Vijay Vashee helped make Uphaar 2004 a great success in Seattle.
  • "In recent years, my friends and I have all chosen to donate money to a favorite charity instead of sending flowers when someone dies, and I know my aunt would have preferred that too." - Vinneta Anand. This special idea that Vineeta and her friends have initiated, re-iterates our belief that 'Change is possible. Because I'll make it possible'. By deciding to contribute to a favorite charity instead of sending flowers in memory of a beloved friend or family member who has passed away, they have ensured that children receive the power to exercise their basic rights and freedom to follow their dreams.

CRY America is the sole representative of the CRY name & trademarks in the USA. CRY America is a 501c3 registered organization and all donations to CRY
America are tax-deductible. CRY America, PO. Box 850948, Braintree, MA 02185-0948. Tel. 339-235-0792 and 617-959-1273.
Email: support@cryamerica.org
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