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CRY America recognizes social media as an effective way to connect with our supporters and people interested in the cause of child rights. Today, in this digital-social era, there are no boundaries to the impact that this enhanced connectivity can bring! We at CRY America are making conscious efforts to leverage social media: (1) Showcase the impact that CRY America is making and (2) Expand our reach through supporters (both donors & volunteers) like you.
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Facebook post # 1: When a child is able to go to school, he or she sets off a cycle of positive change. An educated child stays away from early marriage, avoids exploitation and becomes strong and independent. As children grow, they are able to make better choices for themselves and influence the communities they live in. Join CRY America to ensure children their right to education. Visit

Facebook post # 2: In more than 2,395 villages and slums across India, people like you have helped us create irreversible change. All it takes is communities becoming aware of their rights and coming together to ensure them. Not just by enrolling children in schools, but by addressing the root causes that keep them hungry, illiterate, exploited and abused. Join CRY America to make change possible. Visit

Facebook post # 3: CRY America celebrates over a decade of ensuring lasting change for children. Here's a special video you can share with friends and family to celebrate the potential of children! stories_of_impact/index.html

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Tweet # 1: More than 10 years of ensuring lasting change for children... made possible only thanks to you! Thank you!

Tweet # 2: There are various reasons girls drop out from schools in India as seen in pic. What are the other reasons? #GirlChild

Tweet # 3: From working in a fish factory to becoming a star footballer, Sakti is an inspiration for many girls #GirlChild

Tweet # 4: Project Shramik Vikas Kendra, facilitates children like Jyothi to pursue their education. #ChildRights #GirlChild

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