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Jamshedpur district in Jharkhand, India
Thematic Intervention: Education, Protection

Project Context

ASES has been implementing CRY project in 23 slums of Jamshedpur city of Jharkhand state. In the operational area ASES is working with 3,328 families covering 5716 child population (0-18 years). The project holder Smt. Prabha Jaiswal, started Adarsh Seva Sansthan with a few like-minded people and started working in slums since March 1987 with imparting non-formal education to about 45 children of Shidhu Kanhu basti. Later on, it was extended to other bastis. ASES observed several health issues of children attending the school and then also took up initiative to improve health status in slums. It started day care centre for children of laborers and coaching classes as part of education program. ASES activities in the slums are mainly aim at ensuring child right through a strengthened community. In rural areas through non-formal educations it works on education, local governance and women empowerment.

Achievements & Impact

Key Result Areas Achievements

Ensure 100 % children of 3 to 6 years age are enrolled and retained in ICDS for accessing PSE and ready for transition in primary schools, in project area.

* 58 Children in the 3 – 6 years age-group identified among the project target families, who are eligible for ICPS services, and the parents were counseled on need of preschool education and benefits if registration in Anganwadi.
* 34 out of 58 were enrolled in the Anganwadi.
* 28 Anganwadi Centre staffs were trained on role clarity, quality service delivery and client community engagement.
* 21 Anganwadi centre staff was oriented on concept and ways to transact early childhood care and education (ECCE).

Ensure 100% enrolment and retention of children in the schools in the age group of 6-14, in project area.

* 21 drop out children was re- enrolled after counseling of their families who are now regular in the school.
* 5 schools assessed on PRAYAS framework implementation.
* 5 School Management Committees assisted with school development plan.

Key Result Areas Achievements

Reduction of child labor in project areas of urban slums in Jamshedpur Municipality.

* 15 child labors were enrolled in the school after rescue.
* 500 children and adult became aware on the issue of child labor & child marriage.

Ensure preventive measures are instituted in project area to prevent child marriage.

* 5 children parliament (Bal Sansad) meets conducted and re-formed in all 5 govt. schools.
* 24 children transacted through life skills training.
* 30 children attended session on creative learning- drawing, painting, dance and music therapies etc.

Other Highlight Processes and Achievements – 2017.

  • A week long campaign was organized on protection issue as SANGHARSH 2017.Bicycle rally was organized by members of Bal Sangathan in which 300 children participated. Child Line team also joined the Campaign. They had display cards in their bicycle with specific messages, sloganeering in unison while cycling in large chain during the rally, as they moved around the basti area. Child Welfare Committee chairperson, in the district also joined the rally. He acknowledged that slum area is a critical zone where child rights are ignored by their parents and community alike, and no one comes forward rescue them. About 2,000 signatures were collected during next four days of who committed to support the campaign during Prabhat Pheri (early morning chain walk). Wall writings were organized in the slum area by Bal Sangathan leaders to make people awareness.
  • Parent’s Day was celebrated by conducting games and other curricular activities among children of ICDS for motivating their parents. 406 Pre-School children and 387 parents (mostly mothers) along with ICDS workers in each centre participated. Objective of the celebration were:
    • Parents (mothers) encouraging for child curricular for activities in the Anganwadi centers.
    • Ensuring mother’s involvement in overseeing progress of children are making in the centre.
    • Strengthening awareness among Mothers & ICDS workers on their roles and responsibilities, to make ICDS child friendly and attractive.

Update on knowledge and capacity building workshops that the project team may have organized /participated in them (this is for the project team and not for the community groups):

  • 3 day orientation was conducted for project team by specialist from Mobile Crèches, a subject expert partner of CRY on early childhood care and education (ECCE) with focus on Preschool Education (PSE). The focus was on strengthening conceptual understanding and developing plan based on the knowledge input given. Indicators were also discussed for ensuring quality monitoring and get the desired outcome.
  • 3 day training workshop was conducted on self awareness, critical thinking, creative thinking, empathy, decision making, problem solving, effective communication, interpersonal relationship, and stress & emotion management.
  • Capacity building of the team on understanding ‘child and childhood’ and laws related to child protection Child Marriage Prevention Act (CMPA), Child Labor Prevention and Rehabilitation Act (CLPRA), done over 8 meetings.


Key Result Areas Program Activities Planned

Ensure 100 % children of 3 to 6 years age group are enrolled and retained in ICDS for accessing PSE and ready for transition in primary schools, in project area.

* Identification of out-of-Anganwadi children through regular tracking and meeting, for proactive engagement with families and parents at slum level and motivating the families for enrolment of their children in ICDS to access the basic services of ICDS with thrust on PSE.
* Joint meeting with Anganwadi Workers, Teachers, School Management Committees and basti leaders to chalk out strategy plan for enrolment and retention of listed children in 5 govt. schools & neighborhood Anganwadis.
* Build 4 model ICDS centers providing pre-school education on regular basis as per the routine. It will be empowered to take up the monitoring of ICDS independently in a sustainable way.
* Capacity building of Anganwadi Workers (of 4 Model ICDS & 3 other ICDS), mothers selected by schools & staffs on PSE (Joyful learning method.

Ensure 100% enrolment and retention of children in the schools in the age group of 6-14, in the project area.

* Identify drop-out children through child tracking at slum & school level and regular tracking of child attendance of govt. school with the support of teachers.
* Interface meeting with teachers, SMC members & drop out children’s families to ensure re-enrolment of drop-out children.
* Capacity building of SMCs on School Development Plan and support in preparation of SDP.
* District level workshop on school infrastructure and RTE.

Key Result Areas Program Activities Planned

Reduction of child labor in programme areas of urban slums in Jamshedpur Municipality.

* Monthly meeting of the Bal Sansad and Children Collectives to discuss on the issues pertaining to child labor and identify, validate child labors through child tracking within the community as well as schools and listing.
* Meeting with all stakeholders of ICPS, district labor department, MLA and affected families of child labors
* Conducting Nukkad Natak/children's cultural events involving the children to draw attention of the child labors and motivate them to be a part of the plays and motivate to continue education

Ensure preventive measures are instituted in project area to prevent child marriage.

* Identification of children vulnerable to child marriage and tracking individual cases by door to door visits and preventive support.
* Capacity building of the project team on The CRY Child Centre ToT Modules to take the process forward with the children collectives with focus on life skill.

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