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New Life Foundation was established in the year 1988 under Manipur Societies Registration act 1989.Mr L Pishak is the founder of the organisation. Its main objective was only to develop the local youths and their skill development by organizing sports meets and some social services like repairing of village roads, social service camps, sports, making of fishing nets etc from self contribution and in collaboration with the local G.P members and Pradhan. Since the establishment of this organization it was confined only to the grassroots level. In the year 2003, the Executive Committee approached Mr.L.Pishak Singh to facilitate this organization and with the facilitation of Mr. Singh the organization has started functioning properly and also widening the services and its operational areas. The organization is running a children home since 2010. The organization also applied for NGO support at CSD and it was also granted and started functioning since July 2011, under EED – SCENEI project.


The 6 villages of the project area have common problems. The social security schemes of the Government which are specially meant for the poor like PDS, NRHM, MGNREGS, and IAY etc are not reaching the real beneficiaries. All these schemes and the resources of the village are under the control of the village chief and rich people only. There is lack of infrastructures in these villages. Transportation and communication are also not good. Even the ASHA and Anganwadi center also not functioning well. Two villages do not even have a single School (both private & Govt).

80% of the children of these villages are in a private school. Age manipulation is widely practiced in these villages because of election. Most of the villages are affected by drugs and substances abuse. Some people have also died of HIV/ AIDS. Over the years, children have started engaging in domestic, forest and agricultural works few children have also flown to other states in searching of jobs, few have joined the UGs and few were affected and also infected by HIV/ AIDS. For the past 5-6 years, these villages were occupied by many insurgency groups, so the Govt had opened an army battalion near the villages. The villagers were very reluctant to reveal the facts of the community especially regarding child abuse and substances.


  • Build up intimate relationship with community and diff. stockholders to gain their confidence and thrust.
  • To establish institutional services for women and children for temporally shelter and relief and place of reintegration and rehabilitation mechanism.
  • People mobilization and capacity building program for collective effort to fight against human rights violation.
  • Mass campaign and awareness generation on women and child rights, LCP, Conflict and peace promotion program.
  • Gender, Globalization and its negative impacts, health, education and human trafficking.
  • Short term support services for basic needs, growth, development and protection to the survivors and family.
  • Formation of village base pressure , watch dog, vigilance committee or survivor groups to ensure and accessibility of Govt. schemes and availability of services and means for reaching to the villages basically to the needy people.
  • To make / develop a common platform and enhancing for networking and alliance building to address the critical issues for long term.

Review and Impact

During the last year, the organization has made efforts and shown improvement in programme implementation, financial management and have brought in expected result by building cohesiveness amongst the communities in the villages, organized children in collectives, advocated for the Right to education, health, protection of the children the villages. Although there have been ethnic difference amongst communities, the organization has been able to sensitize them on child rights. In spite of being a 3 year old organization in its operation in District, it has demonstrated the aptitude to take up challenges to advocate for child rights in the district.

Some of the key achievements were:

  • Rescued 2 trafficking children and handed over to their parental home according to JJ Act process.
  • 6 project village communities, parents aware and alert about their children by our poster campaign.
  • 1 ICDS centre at Harmontang is sanctioned and process to set up is carried on by the department.
  • School teachers of six villages have been trained on RTE and now supports the cause.
  • 11 dropout children are re-enrolled in School.
  • One day free mobile health camp has done at Phungchongjang, 551 people from 12 villages done primary health screening, providing health awareness programmes and got medicines.
  • Advocacy for activating the NRC with the NHRM for the 101 children are indentified as Malnutrition is carried on.
  • 27 children (0-2) are completely immunized during the month of August.
  • Formed 2 adolescent girl group for 12 villages.


  • Community meetings with regular household visits, and adolescent groups to spread awareness on trafficking in 12 villages and identify stakeholders.
  • Workshop on the issue of trafficking with the village chiefs of 12 villages, members of village protection committee and religious leaders.
  • Identification of gaps in the observance of law in the cases of rescue and rehabilitation.
  • Support the advocacy of the State alliance and party to strengthen the education in the villages as a rehabilitating approach for the children.
  • Sensitization programme on POCSO Act 2012 and JJ Act at community level through community meetings.
  • Network meeting with church leaders, student union, women union and other Philanthrophic organizations.
  • Understanding on the dimensions of right to participation developed amongst adults.
  • Improved Understanding developed on children on their age appropriate development, views and reality.


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  • Administration
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