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Machilipatnam, Krishna District, A.P.
Thematic Intervention: Education, Protection

Project Context

CRASA (Compassionate Rural Association for Social Action) came into existence in the year 2003 by renaming/re-registering CROSS (Christian Rural Organization for Social Service) which was registered in the 1998. CROSS was registered as a religious organization which was duly amended in 2003 as CRASA to take up social issues. Mr. Yesupadam, is the project holder of the organization. CRASA became partner to CRY in Jan-2012 and covered 19 villages in two Mandals – Machilipatnam & Kruthivennu. With CRY intervention in the project area, there is significant improvement on various child rights indicators in the operational area. CRASA is a member of CADME (Coastal Area Disaster Mitigation Efforts) network operational in 9 coastal districts of Andhra Pradesh.

Achievements & Impact

Key Result Areas Achievements

Ensure reduction of child labor in project area.

* A detailed assessment of reasons of drop out and sectors employment by child labor conducted. * 46 out of 234 identified child labors belonging to age under 18 years were mainstreamed during the year.
* 87 vulnerable families were sensitized on the importance of girl child education across 13 villages.
* Awareness sessions were conducted in Community Based Organization (CBO) meetings in 10 villages.

Reduced instances of child marriage in project area.

* Project identified 47 girl children who were at risk of being dropped out from school and 196 girls who are already school dropout and are into child labor. These girls are closely monitored and their families are engaged in counseling. The project organized specific counseling for 84 families, on the need to have positive attitude towards girl children.
* Project counseled 16 religious leaders and 24 caste leaders on the issue of child marriage.
* Project ensured 3 girls and 1 boy from frequently migrating families is admitted into social welfare hostels.

Key Result Areas Achievements

Ensure reduction in school dropouts in project area.

* 33 teachers visited 88 families with school dropouts and child labor and counseled parents to send their children back to school.
* 77 dropouts were mainstreamed during the year out of identified 132 dropouts under the age of 18 years.
* Enabled 78 students belonging to poor families to apply for scholarship and 68 of them received total scholarships of value US $ 1,270.
* Project ensured all 248 children from target families completing 5 years age are enrolled in school, and all 133 children who completed 5th standard (in lower primary school) transition to 6th standard in Upper Primary School.

Consistent advocacy efforts ensured:

* 2 each of new classrooms were constructed at Podu primary school, Gilakaladindi primary school, and Pallipalem upper primary school.
* 3 teachers and 1 physical education trainer were appointed to Gilakaladindi high school and 1 teacher at Podu high school.
* Toilets were built for girls in 17 out of 18 schools, absence of which was forcing girls to drop out.
* Playground facility was created for Polati Thippa high school.

Other Highlight Processes and Achievements – 2017.
* Project formed 4 child collectives in 4 new villages. And, capacity building efforts were made to develop leadership qualities among members in all the 13 child collectives.
* Assisted 160 families in applying for different social security benefits from government, and out of those 41 families received the benefits.

Update on major advocacy meetings that the project may have organized /participated in:

CRASA identified critical need of improvement in Polati Thippa Backward Community Boys Hostel such as repair of toilets including availability of running water in toilets, repair of drinking water supply connection, and repair of electric wiring as many fans & lights were not working due to this, and painting of the buildings. The project team engaged with the hostel warden and chairperson of the School Managing Committee, and together placed petitions with Backward Community Welfare Minister and Zila Parishad (District Council) Chairperson seeking improvements in the facilities. Through this advocacy engagement, the project ensured improvement in essential facilities and appointment of Warden In-charge and 2 Tutors at Polati Thippa hostel.

Update on knowledge and capacity building workshops that the project team may have organized for the community groups: Capacity building event were conducted twice for staff on RTE (under the Right of Children to Free and Compulsory Education Act) and CLPRA (Child Labor Protection and Regulation Act).


Key Result Areas Program Activities Planned

Ensure reduction of child labor in project area.

* Engage with DCPUs for awareness creation programs on child protection issues at community level.
* Demand for formation of Child Protection Committees at Panchayat/ Mandal level.
* Organize individual and family counseling for parents whose children are working as child labor, to sensitize them about negative effects on children.
* Conduct awareness programs / Kalajatha on child labor at community level.
* Conduct capacity building sessions through meetings/campaigns for CBOs on CLPRA and RTE Act.

Key Result Areas Program Activities Planned

Ensure reduction in school dropouts in project area.

* Track all children in the age-group of 6-18 years to ensure they are in school and there is full transition between schools of various levels
* Conduct enrolment campaigns in all habitations. Ensure enrolment of all 5+ children into 1st standard to prevent situation of never-enrolled.
* Guide children who completed 10th standard to apply for higher education courses.
* Guide 10th and 12th standard failed children to appear for supplementary exams.
* Conduct sensitization events for teachers against corporal punishments and to opt for child-friendly teaching methods.
* Strengthen School Management and Development Committees (SMDCs) by ensuring regular meetings and improved parents participation in meetings.
* Identify and assist children to apply for social security entitlements (Caste Certificates, scholarships, bus pass, medical certificates etc)

Key Result Areas Program Activities Planned

Reduced instances of child marriage in project area.

* Regularly track girl children at risk of dropping out of school, including girls who are already dropped out and into child labor to prevent their marriages; and counsel parents and guardians. Sensitize them on harmful impacts of child marriage.
* Assist girls from most needy families and girls from families where parents migrate seasonally to get into social welfare hostels.
* Demand for compulsory registration of marriages in Gram Panchayats.
* Engage with ICPS / DCPU / CWC / SJPU towards proactively working against child marriages.
* Organize convergence meetings between government departments for better coordination towards preventing the child marriages.
* Sensitize faith and caste leaders on the issue of child marriage and urge their involvement in preventing child marriages.
* Facilitate discussions among child collective members against child marriages.
* Encourage adolescent girls to organize themselves into adolescent girls' groups to empower themselves with information and strength of unity against child marriages.

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