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Deenbandhu established in 1991 is a non-government Organization based in Indore city of Madhya Pradesh working among the Urban Poor and slum dwellers. Initially, the interventions were focused on promoting youth leadership, educating children, sanitation campaign in the slums, and mainstreaming slum children for realization of their educational rights. Deenbandhu has created a comprehensive inventory of all squatter settlements and building pressure on planners to develop a concrete, workable solution to address housing rights issues. Using Geographical Information System (GIS) and other technologies, the organization works with communities and city planners to optimally use public land for relocations and new settlements, incorporating low income housing into the Master Plan. Its goal is to give the present and future populations of urban poor legal, affordable city housing where they can live with access to dignified life and livelihood. With consistent advocacy efforts, Deenbandhu has been able to create an identity amongst the urban poor and is recognized as an advocate of housing rights of poor.


Indore is situated in the administrative region of the Malwa Plateau. The district is highly urbanized at 72% versus the state average of 27%. The buoyant economy of the city is supported by industrial (in Dewas and Pithampur) and agricultural activities (on the Malwa Plateau) in surrounding areas. Though the city’s economic output is significant, employment opportunities are limited with low labour intensive work. In addition, uncontrolled and unplanned growth of this urban centre has led to huge stress on the infrastructure. Slums vary in size, duration of residence, population density, service facilities, employment status, access to Anganwadi centers (AWCs) and schooling opportunities. These factors impact on the lives of children. Madhya Pradesh (MP) has the highest neonatal, child and under-five mortality rates of any state in India. In urban areas of MP, about 44% of the children are underweight, with almost half (19.5%) of these children being severely undernourished. Most of the children are deprived of birth registration, which may harm their civil & political rights in future. Health status is poor and level of immunization is low, which led to children being exposed to six preventable diseases. Most of the children in these slums are deprived of education rights. Many of them are working children and child labour (involved in rag picking and looking after younger siblings).


  • To generate awareness and sensitize community on Child Rights in urban slum of Indore.
  • To sensitize community on issues related to adequate housing, urban poverty and displacement and its impact on community and children.
  • To create awareness on various welfare schemes and programmes / entitlements which direct or indirectly impact child rights.
  • To sensitize community on livelihood issues linked with children rights to adequate housing.
  • To mobilize and organize urban slum dwellers to raise issues against forceful eviction and displacement and advocate of Patta rights.
  • Information sharing and networking on the issue of housing rights.

Review and Impact

Deenbandhu has been able to build its identity and credibility as one of the key organizations to work with slum dwellers on urban poverty issues with focus on housing rights. Over the years, Deenbandhu has been able to organize community in slum areas of Indore to raise issues concerning housing rights, employment and livelihood, violation of human rights, eviction and its impact on children. With massive community mobilization of slum people, the organization has been very successful in raising various urban development projects under Jawaharlal Nehru National Urban Renewal Mission (JNNURM) affecting slum people. To gear-up its advocacy processes on housing rights, Deenbandhu has groomed a community based organized named Jhuggi Basti Sangharsh Morcha (JBSM). In association with CRY, Child Rights (CR) perspective has been developed within the organization and also in its housing rights campaign. Over the period, CR issues linked with child health and nutrition, primary education, child participation have been raised by the organization in various forums.

  • There is increased awareness among slum dwellers on importance of birth registration and birth certificates. 145 birth certificates issued to new born children in intervention areas.
  • ICDS centers have been activated in intervention slums. Processes initiated at community level to ensure regularizing health check up and immunization of pregnant women and children.
  • 50 cases of child malnutrition identified in slum areas and issues discussed with Chief Medical Officer and ICDS project officer demanding redressal.
  • Transit schools are functional in New Prakash Nagar and Manik Bagh jhuggi basti. 99 student (45 boys and 54 girl) studying in the transit school are linked with formal school.
  • Orientation of youth members held on RTE Act.
  • Bal Utsav organized in Indore where 350 children from intervention slum areas participated. Recreational activities including games, drawing held during the Bal Utsav.
  • Regular meetings of child groups in six slums have been organized to build their confidence and leadership skill.


The following are the broad plans of Janarth for this year:
  • Sensitization of community on health rights linked with housing rights, related schemes/ programme with focus on National Rural Health Mission (NRHM).
  • Awareness generation and facilitation of processes for birth registration and issuance of birth certificates of newborn children.
  • Awareness generation of community on issue of IMR/CMR/MMR and malnutrition.
  • Awareness generation among community and members of Jhuggi Basti Sangharsh Morcha (JBSM) on various provisions of RTE Act.
  • Mobilization of drop-out / out-of-school and irregular school children through Activity Centers.
  • Campaign for Girl Child Education on occasion of International Girl Child Day.


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  • Right to Survival
  • Right to Protection
  • Right to Participation
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