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West Champaran District, Bihar
Thematic Intervention: Education, Protection

Project Context

DEEP was registered in the year 1991 under Society Registration Act, with an objective of mobilizing marginalized community for issue based movement for their rights. It started working with education as an entry point in the Gaunaha block with Tharu community. In 1992 the project holder Mr. Sushil Prasad Shashank came in contact with Mr. Anil Bodia, an education official and got opportunity to work on education issue of Tharu children. Afterward he initiated many projects on child education, child labor, successfully ran non-formal education (NFE) centers, strengthened the organization of Tharu community, supported their cause for Scheduled Tribe status and rights over forest, etc.

The situation of children is worse in terms of their access to education and protection of other rights. DEEP has been focusing on education and protection issues from the last three years. Anganwadi is the most basic of public service delivery institution for infants and children. However, the monitoring visit by the Child Development Project Officer (CDPO) and supervisor was not institutionalized due to interior location of DEEP’s work area. After analysis, it has been found that there is need of 14 more Anganwadi centers under Integrated Child Development scheme (ICDS) in addition to existing ones, to be able to cater to the needs of the children in DEEP’s working area. Challenges in access to schools and poor interest among the parents for education have resulted to large number of children remaining out of school and working. Interface meeting with teacher’s community, engagement with Block Education Officer (BEO) has created that space for DEEP to make entry into the school and test the PRAYAS model. Media conference in district level by DEEP with evidence has resulted in teacher’s appointment and infrastructural improvement in many schools. The organization has also put sincere efforts towards creating an informed community through exploring children groups’ innovative skills and expressions.

Achievements & Impact

Key Result Areas Achievements

Ensure 100% children in 3- 6 years age-group are enrolled in ICDS Anganwadi Centers in all project villages.

* 69 children in the age group of 3 - 6 years enrolled in the Anganwadis.
* 100% attendance has been ensured in 6 model Anganwadi centers at Semrahani, Beria, Sherwa, Laxmipur, Khairahani, and Bankatwa.
* 20 Mata Samiti (Mother Committee) and community members in 10 villages have been reached out in awareness building process.
* 12 out of 22 AVS (Anganwadi Development Committee) has been mainstreamed made active.

Reduction incidence of child labor and child marriage in all intervention villages.

* 265 children who were engaged in domestic work and were out of school were enrolled in the school.
* 17 migrated children mainstreamed into school.
* 21 child marriage cases prevented.

Key Result Areas Achievements

Ensure 100% children in 6-14 years age-group in the project villages are retained in schools.

* 371 children in the age group of 6-14 years identified as irregular in school and with potential to turn into drop-out have been regularized in the schools.
* 41 children enrolled in Belatanri residential bridge course center.
* 22 girls have been enrolled in Bakhri Kasturba Gandhi Valika Vidyalaya.
* 29 children enrolled in local Private Mission School without any financial burden on parents through long negotiation with the management.
* 41 teachers and 3 retention center coordinators undergone capacity building process facilitated by Vikramshila Education Resource Society.
* 55 RTE volunteers trained and training report is in place.

Improve children’s understanding on age appropriate development, world realities and views formation.

* 20 Bal Panchayats have been under strengthening process so that children can raise voice on their issues.
* More than 500 children participated in Bal Mela (Children Fair) and school level Bal Utsav (Children Festival)
* 25 girl children from their Bal Manch (children collectives) capacitated in a workshop on different facets of gender discrimination, impacts and causes of early marriages in a very participatory manner. It was conducted by Ms. Urmila, a gender specialist.

Update on major events /campaigns that may have taken place on ground:

DEEP is putting serious effort to strengthen School Management Committee (SMC) through different inputs. They are also engaged with teachers. In this process, due to pressure of local Community Based Organizations (CBOS), 2 teachers have been regularized in school. Through their process 30 children were admitted in class XI after passing the board exam. DEEP’s advocacy process was successful as new 4 teachers appointment was ensured in CRY operational area. Bal Manch (Children’s Forum) also played significant role in this process.

Update on knowledge and capacity building workshops that the project team may have organized /participated in them (this is for the project team and not for the community groups):

In the review period project team have undergone capacity building on ECCE (Early Childhood Care and Education) policy, tools and methods of transacting the same with children. The team also went to Jago Foundation for exposure visit and was oriented on their ICDS intervention and model building process. Selected project team members were also taken for exposure visit to Child Centre Module transaction process in Odisha state.


Key Result Areas Program Activities Planned

Ensure 100% children in 3- 6 years age-group are enrolled in ICDS Anganwadi Centers in all project villages.

* Village level awareness campaign on importance of PSE through meeting, wall writing, children rally.
* One day sensitization workshop with all AVS (Anganwadi Vikas Samity) in the area on importance of PSE and their role.
* One day sensitization workshop with the Anganwadi workers in collaboration with CDPO & LS on PSE, ECCE, joyful method etc.
* One day AVS convention and resolution for new ICDS and monitoring of the ICDS.
* Advocacy with the local MLA and SCPCR members.

Ensure 100% children in 6-14 years age-group in the project villages are retained in schools.

* Establish 3 Retention Center for Girls (drop out) only for 5th Class.
* Identification & enrolment of eligible girl children for RBC (Residential Bridge Course) and KGBV in the area run by Dept of Education, Bihar.
* Community level meeting with parents / guardian for children regularity in schools and control drop-outs.
* District level workshop on education issues of Tharu community with Teachers union, DEO, DM, DCPU, media and SCPCR members.
* Building digital literacy centers in Pipra Done office along with the library.
* CB of Vidyalaya Siksha Samiti members on roles & responsibilities- on Student-Teacher ratio, monitoring of daily activities, regularity of MDM & distribution of text book, scholarship, infrastructures etc.

Key Result Areas Program Activities Planned

Reduction incidence of child labor and child marriage in all intervention villages.

* Community level sensitization sessions and meeting on impact of child labor and child marriage.
* Mobilization of community members to take part in the GP level and ward level CPC formation process.
* Capacity building and engagement of the local CBOs, PRI members, identified parents whose children have migrated to cities for work.
* Capacity building of adolescent girls and boys on impact early marriage and motherhood.
* Panchayat level workshop with the local youth, parents, Panchayat members, CPC member, CBOs members, local police, on child marriage and importance of girl child education issue.

Improve children’s understanding on age appropriate development, world realities and views formation.

* Bal Mela on Children’s Day in 2 Panchayat ensuring participation of government stakeholders.
* Capacity building of the Children Collectives members on different on child labor, child marriage, migration etc.
* Rolling out of Life Skill Module developed by Child Cell, CRY.

Financial Summary: January to December 2018

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