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Kaushambi district, U.P, India
Thematic Intervention: Health and Nutrition

Project Context

DVEUS has been an implementing CRY project in 35 villages of 3 blocks of Kaushambi district - Allahabad Division with an aim of upliftment of people living in Kaushambi district. Mr. Pervez Rizvi is the project holder. Since his college days, he has an active involvement in social activists and in 1989 along with like-minded youths he formed a group to work and understand the problems in the society. The project holder has good understanding of local concerns on various issues related to socio, educational, economical upliftment of the people. DVEUS has association with CRY for about 17 years. It has a dedicated and committed team who puts tremendous effort to establish the issue of malnourishment at the district level amongst the community, media and the administration. It initiated periodic growth monitoring that gave significant results in terms of grade movement.

Achievements & Impact

Key Result Areas Achievements

Strengthen good parenting practices among community

* Contact meeting with 6369 households in 35 villages held on early-marriage, issue related to birth spacing, low weight baby birth and its impact on children, issue related to child mortality, malnutrition.
* As a result of these meetings 295 boys and 296 girls were Breastfeed within 1 hr of birth.
* 186 meeting with adolescent girls covering 1,200 adolescent girls were organized.

Securing access to health and nutritional entitlements for 0-6 years children.

* 274 girls and 318 boys received complete immunization.
* An assessment of nutritional status of 4194 children was carried out. 1256 were found to be Moderately Acute Malnourished (MAM) and 427 were found to be Severely Acute malnourished (SAM).

Key Result Areas Achievements

Strengthen community birth management system and public service institutions in health & nutrition domain.

* 642 women registered in ICDS (lactating mothers 356).
* 585 Pregnant women accessed 1st Ante Natal Checkups (ANC) and 447 received 2nd ANC.
* Ensured 89% institutional delivery among 669 live births. 326 among them accessed benefits under JSY Scheme.
* 90 SAM (severely acute malnourished) children were sent to Nutritional Rehabilitation Centre (NRC) at district hospital for care and treatment.
* Another 172 SAM children were linked with provisions under National Food Security Act (NFSA).

Other Highlight Processes and Achievements – 2017.

* As a result of advocacy, Anganwadi building has been constructed in Mahendra and Thambaawalpur. At the same time visit of Anganwadi workers Mirpur, Durgapur, Leharda and Hakimpur improved as a result building pressure at CDPO level. However, state level strike of Anganwadi workers has impacted ICDS services in project areas
* 3 Staff nurse and pharmacist were recruited in the new PHC (Primary Health Centre) of Karari of Kaushambi district as a result of advocacy efforts of the project. Further advocacy efforts are being made to introduce newborn care unit and improve cleanliness at the centre.

Update on major events /campaigns that may have taken place on ground

As a result of projects advocacy efforts and engagement right up to level of National Commission for Protection of Child Rights (NCPCR), 261 out of identified 575 children in the age group of 1-5 years belonging to marginalized groups received Birth Registration from local administration without having to present any affidavit or pay fees. Efforts are on for securing the same to the rest of the children.

Update on knowledge and capacity building workshops that the project team may have organized /participated in them (this is for the project team and not for the community groups):

* Orientation meeting of project team members on Seasonal Diseases
* Orientation meeting on water conservation and livelihood

Any other observation about the project:

The organization has been actively advocating for improving the infrastructure and service in existing Community Health Centre (CHC). It has assisted in identification and procurement of land for new buildings and further sanctioning of newborn care unit.


Key Result Areas Program Activities Planned

Strengthen good parenting practices among community

* Capacity Building of the mothers committee on the importance of locally available nutritional food, importance of colostrums feeding/ early initiation of breast feeding and exclusive breast feeding and complementary feeding to the children.
* Sensitize male members in community on maternal and child health related issues including aspect of reproductive health, menstrual cycle, pregnancy related complication, newborn care and related issues, infant/child mortality as well as nutritional issues.

Securing access to health and nutritional entitlements for 0-6 years children.

* Periodic Growth monitoring of all 4194children under 0-5 years in the intervention villages as per WHO norms. Ensure quarterly growth monitoring of all children with monthly follow up and growth monitoring of severely acute malnourished children.
* Capacitate members of mothers committee (Matri Samiti) on their role and responsibilities to make Anganwadi Centers functional. Organize coordination meeting of Anganwadi workers to devise strategy to address the issues identified by the Matri Samiti and Anganwadi workers.

Key Result Areas Program Activities Planned

Strengthen community birth management system and public service institutions in health & nutrition domain.

* Capacity building of ANM, ASHA and Anganwadi workers on home based new born care. Develop follow up plan at community level for proper home based care components in coordination with local duty bearers.
* Household tracking will be conducted for doing individual counseling for the rest and care of pregnant women, delivery plan, and specific plan for high risk pregnancy.
* Create awareness among community on maternal and child entitlements including Pradhan Mantri Matru Vandana Yojna (PMMVY) under NFSA and Jananai Suraksha Yojna (JSY). Facilitate process at community level to seek benefits under the schemes.

Enhance livelihood opportunities to improve nutritional status among children

* Mobilize community to seek employment under MGNREGA and demand wages on time. Facilitate community demand for timely payment of wages for work under MGNREGA.
* Identify deserving households who have been excluded from NFSA and facilitate process to link those households under the programme.

Financial Summary: January to December 2018

Budget Breakup 2018

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