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Mr. Parvez Rizvi, the Project holder has been involved in social development activities since his college days. Thus he felt the need to systematize efforts and formed the organization Doaba Vikas Evam Utthan Samiti registered in 1992 which has been involved in the social and economic upliftment of people living in Kaushambi district.


Kaushambi district is classified as one of the 20 backward districts in Uttar Pradesh under the Backward District Initiative lan under the Rashtriya Sam Vikas Yojana in India. Kaushambi district got a place in the list of 150 districts to benefit from the recently launched Employment Guarantee Scheme. The scheme would be for digging ponds, digging drains and to level the agricultural land of BPL families in case they are undulating. The scheme would guarantee 100 days of work for each family under BPL. The infant sex-ratio of 850 is worse than the sex ratio of the district as a whole.

Other issues of this area include land alienation among the mariginalized, as 90% of the agricultural land is owned by the upper caste communities; high degree of unemployment; poor social infrastructure including low literacy and lack of adequate number of primary schools; lack of public health infrastructure and high Infant Mortality Rate (IMR) and high incidence of Child Labor.


  • To cater to the education needs of the children belonging to the disadvantaged group in the area.
  • To benefit from government programs so as to make them more realistic and beneficial for the targeted persons, with special focus on children.
  • To work towards empowerment of women through formation of women's group and by providing awareness education and economic independence so as to make them equal partners in the development process.
  • To empower and motivate people towards forming exploitation free society, which guarantees children their rightful place andriority in the society.

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