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9 slums in Kashi Vidhyapeeth Ward of District Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh, India.
Thematic Intervention: Education, Protection, Participation


Dr. Shambhunath Singh Research Foundation (SRF) is a secular, non-profit development organisation, which was established by the group of development professionals under the inspiration of literary figure and social activist late Dr. Shambhunath Singh. In the initial phase, the organisation worked in the field of protection and development of culture, art and literature. Over the last 2 decades, SRF has undertaken interventions on child rights, women’s empowerment, human rights, urban development and environment protection in rural, semi urban and urban areas. SRF has partnered with a number of national and international organisations to support projects in and around Varanasi. The Project Holder, Dr. Rajeev Kumar Singh, has around 25 years of experience working with different agencies like the UP Voluntary Health Association, has been nominated to various government committees and has been honoured with the ‘Red and White Bravery Gold Medal’ in 2001 for his work against child labour, by Godfrey Phillips India Limited.

Achievements & Impact

Key Result Areas Achievements

Ensuring access and quality education for all children at primary, upper primary and secondary school level.

* 72 dropped out children (32 boys and 40 girls) have been linked with open National Institute of Open School (NIOS) for further studies.
* 37 children (15 Boys and 22 Girls) who were school dropouts have been re-enrolled in the school
* 27 children benefitted by Medhavi Chatra Yojna which is a scholarship for children of laborers who excel in academics.

To create informed sensitized, empowered family members and community to stop child marriage.

* The child marriage cases that were identified by children were taken up by the alert group where they helped in negotiating with the parents in 19 cases of girls.
* 61 girls were linked with Kaushal Vikas Yojna under which 48 girls were provided training of tailoring, 12 were given training of beautician and 1 was provided hotel management course.
* Capacity Building workshop for police department organized in 4 districts- Gazipur, Chandauli, Jaunpur and Varanasi where SSPs of the respective districts were participated. These workshops were done to sensitize them on the Prohibition of Child Marriage Act ( PCMA) and were appreciated by the police personnel
* 26 girl child marriage have been stopped through support of adolescent girls group, community level intervention as well as police

Key Result Areas Achievements

Ensuring vigilant governance for child protection in operational areas

* 119 children out of 133 children under 0-1 year age have been completely immunized.
* Community Alert Groups acted in 24 critical cases child marriage, physical injury, separation from family, child labor, and medical requirements during the year.
* 2 children who were engaged in cremation works at Manikarnika Ghat were provided shelter in an institution after their mother, who is aged 26 and is single, expressed her inability to take care of them. The children were produced before the CWC and are currently staying in a home.

Other Highlight Processes and Achievements – 2017.

SRF discussed the issue of absence of state rules of the Prohibition of Child Marriage Act (PCMA) with the State Commission for Protection of Child Rights (SCPCR). After the commission acknowledged the same, advocacy for formulation of the state laws was done throughout the year. The team referred to the Rajasthan state laws and drafted rules / SoP (standard operating procedures for implementation of the law). The draft SoP for child marriage was prepared by the partner for sharing with the Ministry of Women and Child Development (MWCD). In subsequent meeting with the MWCD Minister Mrs. Reeta Bhauguna Joshi, she was appraised about absence of SoP and state rules on child marriage act, in which she gave a positive response in extending support towards developing the rules. As a result State level committee has been formed towards preparation of SoP on Child Marriage.

Formation of WCPC (urban Ward Child Protection Committee) was a key target throughout the year by the organization and thus advocacy processes were undertaken at various level including several meetings and communications with officials from district to state level. However citing a lack of clarity in formation of the committee in urban areas, WCPC was not formed by the district office. The issue was raised before the Union minister for Women and Child Development (WCD), Ms Maneka Gandhi seeking clarity in this regard. As a result of this, the concerned district level officials received communication quoting the ICPS which provided clarity in formation of WCPC. Based on this letter from the ministry the first WCPC in Uttar Pradesh was formed in Daniyalpur ward no. 16 of Varanasi.

Update on knowledge and capacity building workshops that the project team may have organized /participated in them (this is for the project team and not for the community groups):

* Capacity building of team members on Child protection issues and child marriage prohibition Act.
* Capacity building of team members on ICPS and case management


Key Result Areas Program Activities Planned

To create an enabling environment that empowers children to influence decision making on issues that affects them

* Strengthening of children groups through regular meetings.
* Orientation of children group done on child rights issues and children views/opinion documented. Catalogue of schemes related to children and protection issues updated including ICPS.
* Children identified to be linked with various schemes (sponsorship, foster care etc.)

To create informed, sensitized, empowered family members and community to stop child marriage

* Conduct community awareness meeting on child marriage.
* Awareness camps on Child marriage with the help of District Legal Service Authority will be organized. Roles and responsibilities of stakeholders will be shared with the community.
* Potential victims of child marriage will be identified by the Alert Groups and the partner along with the Alert Group will closely monitor the identified vulnerable children for timely prevention and providing protective cover.
* Individual Care Plan for each identified critical case will be developed to address the issue.

Key Result Areas Program Activities Planned

Ensuring access and quality education for all children at primary, upper primary and secondary school level.

* 100 % Enrolment of children in school and 90 % retention will be ensured.
* Digital learning centre to be established for providing support in digital literacy to the children in the intervention area
* Meetings with School Management Committee (SMC), Education Dept and Dist. Education Committee for sharing of findings on Learning Assessment.
* Linking children with skill development programs and initiating digital learning centre for them.

Ensuring vigilant governance for child protection in operational areas

* Orientation of the team on revised JJ Act and other schemes and laws relating to children.
* Interface/Advocacy with stakeholders and place a demand for formulation of state rules and SoP on child marriage.
* Supporting the WCPCs in escalating community level issues to the district level for being resolved.
* Follow up meeting with concerned government officials responsible for child protection and child marriage in specific (Police, CWC, CMPO, DCPO) and sensitize them about the issue of child marriage

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