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Korba district, Chhattisgarh, India
Thematic Intervention: Education, Nutrition

Project Context

Gram Mitra registered in 1999 is dedicated to work for the rights of tribal and dalit children and advocate to address issues like livelihood, Panchayat Extension to Scheduled Areas (PESA) and forest rights. Babubhai Srivas the project holder of Gram Mitra has done Masters in Social Work and has been working for dalit and adivasi communities since last 5 years. The organization is working in Chhattisgarh to ensure educational rights of the tribal and dalit children and protect the resources of livelihood. The organization named as ‘Gram Mitra’ means Friend of Village, in the hope that it would build a strong community of people who have otherwise been excluded from mainstream society and social welfare schemes. The team in Gram Mitra believes in and follows the motto of ‘Sangathan mein Shakti’ i.e. ‘Strength in cooperation’. The organization has vowed to strengthen the community and create in them the ability to better protect, consolidate and manage their natural resources such as water, forests and land in order to secure their present and future livelihoods. They also aim to preserve the culture, heritage and empowerment of the Dalits and Tribes with focus on women and children. Gram Mitra as CRY partner intervenes in 13 villages of Korba and Kartala Tehsil of Korba district.

Achievements & Impact

Key Result Areas Achievements

Ensure all children in the age group of 6-14 are enrolled and retained in school;

* After sustained advocacy, got sanction for from forest department construction of school building at Sardhi village, as there were not enough land inside habitations.
* Ensured 955 (99%) children in 6-14 age-groups are enrolled and regularly attending school.
* Also ensured 317 (81%) children in the age group 15-18 are enrolled and attending school regularly.
* 25 children in 6-14 age-groups, with reported irregular attendance in school, were regularized.
* 6 children were assisted to appear in board exam under open schooling boards (NIOS).
* 82 children from Kohi, Ludhuketh & Bagharidand, between 3rd and 5th standard, have been identified with learning difficulties and support classes has been initiated for them.

Key Result Areas Achievements

All SMC’s are functional as per the RTE norms in 16 villages;

* SMCs with project’s support got school building repaired in 4 primary schools and one middle school.
* Water facilities were installed in 6 primary & 2 middle schools.
* Primary School in Kohi (Junadhi) got electricity, lights and fans installed.
* Gram Panchayat members from Ludhuketh and Dhongaamma have started actively monitoring child retention as a result of efforts towards strengthening community based system of monitoring services.

Ensure all children in 3-5 yrs from 16 villages are regularly attending Anganwadi and receiving quality pre primary school;

* Construction of 1 Anganwadi building in Rajadhahi village got completed after intense advocacy engagement, which was pending due to local bureaucracy.
* 2 new Anganwadi for Dongaamma & Chourabhata village got sanctioned and buildings constructed as a results of projects advocacy engagement.
* 346 children, including 165 girls continued to attend Anganwadi.
* 51 new Children, including 26 girls were enrolled into the Anganwadi in project area for access to services under ICDS.

Key Result Areas Achievements

100% ICDS centers in project area provide supplementary and cooked food to all children, pregnant women and lactating mothers.

* 7 Anganwadis started providing hot cooked food supplement.
* 20 Anganwadis has been assisted with establishing kitchen gardens to strengthen nutritional diversity in cooked food supplement.
* 111 pregnant women, 49 lactating mothers and 149 adolescent girls enrolled into Anganwadi for nutritional supplement services.
* 159 adolescent girls provided with iron & folic acid tablets.

Other Highlight Processes and Achievements – 2017.

The organization has organized block level consultation on the status of ICDS for stakeholders from 2 blocks viz. Kartala and Korba on 29th June 2017. Anganwadi worker, Anganwadi helper, Sector supervisor and Resource person Mr. Suresh Jaiswal were present in the consultation along with the community members from 2 blocks. The objective of this consultation was to highlight the issues related to Anganwadi in 2 blocks. During this consultation, the organization shared their nature work and also the issues related to Anganwadi and till now what they have achieved in Anganwadis and what are the present requirements in the Anganwadis and the difficulties faced by Anganwadi workers and the Gram Mitra staff while working on the issue of nutrition. The organization also shared their report on the status of Anganwadi which they have collated from 16 villages.

Update on knowledge and capacity building workshops that the project team may have organized /participated in them (this is for the project team and not for the community groups):

The organization had organized one training program on 10th September 2016 on ECCE (Early Childhood Care and Education) for 10 Anganwadi workers under ICDS. This was followed up with regular supportive monitoring visits to Anganwadis, which resulted to 4 out of 8 schools improving working to new ECCE norms based time table.


Key Result Areas Program Activities Planned

All children in 3-5 yrs from 16 villages are regularly attending Anganwadi and receiving quality pre primary school

* Facilitate community engagement with Grams Sabha for making the Rajadhahi Anganwadi functional and construction of Srimar Anganwadi building.
* Document all the irregular children, identify the reasons for irregularity to Anganwadi and take corrective measures.
* Gram Mitra along with ICDS department to co-organize training program on ECCE for the Anganwadi workers. Gram Mitra to support the Anganwadi workers to develop teaching aids based on the ECCE training module.

All children in the age group of 6-14 are enrolled and retained in school

* Gram Mitra to organize meeting with community, Gram Panchayat and other key stakeholders toward demanding sanction of school building in Sardhi.
* Facilitate community demanding repair work of primary school at Basakarha, boundary wall, electricity connection, lights and fans and drinking water.
* Listing of all irregular and dropped out children, to be identified through home visit, discussion with the school teachers and children & adolescent groups. Identify reasons, organize community & stakeholder meetings to initiate corrective measures.

Key Result Areas Program Activities Planned

100% RTE norms implemented through model building process in 4 schools.

* Gram Mitra to organize workshop for SMC members on developing School Development Plans and submit the same to block education department.
* Organization to provide training and inputs to SVC (school development committee) on preparing school development plan for each of the school and submit the same to the block education officer.
* Organization to conduct test of children from standard 3rd and 5th and demand for implementation of support class in the school and also motivate the adolescent girls to support educationally weaker students in the community.

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