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Mr. Prithibhushan Deka, is the President and founding member of Gramya Vikas Manch (GVM) since inception which builds the youth of the community and has organized capacity building process in collaboration with the Nehru Yuva Kendra of Nalbari district. They are in the process of consolidation of the activity and more focus towards building value based volunteers.


The Nalbari district is originally a part of undivided Kamrup district of Assam. Entire area is in a flood plain where there are no major industries (oil industry, tea estate) and the people are solely dependent either on agricultural process or government jobs. Agricultural process is no longer a viable source of livelihood.

Shrinkage in government jobs as well as increase in floods have resulted in a number of socio political issues. As per data, 64 infant deaths have been registered in the districts. Poor functioning of Anganwadi centres at the village is one reason for infant and child deaths in the operational area. 30% of the children are suffering from acute malnutrition in the operational area. The situation of girl child is critical in comparison to the male child. Incidence of common disease among the children is very high. Children from the marginalized community are out of school despite the presence of primary schools as children are engaged in domestic work and other economic activities with their parents. The public primary school has poor infrastructure, irregularity of school teacher, non availability of school play ground. Children being out of school in the operational area has resulted in increase of child labor and child migration. These children are mostly engaged in Guwahati town and also outside the State. Some of the children in the age group of 13-18 years are engaged in substance abuse.


  • To reduce infant and child deaths from the selected operational areas.
  • To reduce the percentage of malnutrition among the among the children of selected 18 villages.
  • Advocacy to ensure proper implementation of RTE Act in all schools of the operational area (accessible, infrastructure, quality education).
  • 100% children will have accessibility to schools with proper infrastructure and quality education in the operational area.
  • To promote common platform among children to enhance creativity, knowledge, innovation, reduce delinquency, increase participation towards reducing the incidence of child labor, child migration and other substance abuse.

Review and Impact

  • Organized community sensitization programs on the rights of children.
  • Consultative workshop with different stakeholders on different child issues and child rights.
  • Interface programs among community to communicate the issue of the area to the stakeholders
  • Providing training and sensitization among mothers on child health and nutrition, child specific issues during and post disaster situation.
  • Establishment of village level child specific First Aid Kits.
  • Sensitization meeting with mothers group / teachers union.
  • Training among key stakeholders on value based quality education.
  • Sensitization meeting with village health and sanitation committee.
  • Formation and promotion of village level children assembly.
  • Consultative workshop with influential community organizations, social leaders and panchayat members.
  • Training among members of alliances on different rights.
  • Organize motivational program and village level social education rograms / street plays with children (focusing on hazardous substances and behavioral change)


  • Training and sensitization among mothers on child health and nutrition.
  • Capacity building of all the volunteers.
  • Community mobilization towards rights of children.
  • Direct intervention with children on immediate needs.
  • Organize motivational program/ street play with children.
  • Organize village level social education program and inter village sports.


  • Right to Development
  • Right to Survival
  • Right to Protection
  • Right to Participation
  • Administration
  • Total Grant Approved