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Gramya Vikas Trust was founded by Prof. D.S.Ker in the year 1986-87 with the object of correcting eco-environment imbalance and there by paving way for developing agriculture and animal husbandry and improving the lives of the poor farmers. At the initial days, the organization had to work hard to develop its own understating on gender issues as well as work towards changing mindset of the community. Today, there are some 1500 women members organized in 117 self help groups.


In the project area there are only 3 government schools in Bandar areas till std 5th. Only Rupenbadar village has 1 school till 8th std and for further studies they have to go to Dwarka or private schools. In all 3 Bandar area has a school management committee formed, but all the committee are in paper and most of the members are not aware about the rules & responsibilities of SMC. In GVT operational area the total no. of children in the age group of 3-6 years old are 500 (M 234 & F 266) and as per the Anganwadi all children are registered in their respective operational area. The lack of educational opportunities, limited livelihood opportunities & cultural issues children get engage or married in very early age. As per the BLD year 2012, children get engage in age of 6-14 and age of 14-18 get married in Muslim community.


  • Establish and strengthen women’s self help group.
  • Develop linkages between the people and Government schemes.
  • Ensure food security for the people by providing income generation activities.
  • Improved access to better health care.
  • Improved access to primary education for the children.
  • Increased capacity and involvement of women in fulfilling issues related to the basic need.
  • Empowered women with enhanced ability to take decisions for development.

Review and Impact

Due to door to door visit in the operational area, meeting with Aanganwadi teachers, survey etc, all birth and death were registered from 3 Bandar. All pregnant women from 3 Bandar were immunised due to door to door meeting, survey during which they ensured that any cases of home delivery or private hospitals also were registered with Grampanchayat. Total 82 children were immunized (47 – M & 35 – F).

The team conducted regular meetings with parents, conducted health awareness campaign and also ensure children get facilities of “Sukham Balam” yojana- under this government scheme 5 times meal through Anganwadi centre and after 3 month follow-up meeting carried out with parents. Team also distributed awareness material of NRHM on malnutrition.

A survey was conducted in school during June session and conducted awareness meeting during “Shala Pravesh” program due to which 100% children were enrolled.Due to GVT team efforts, government sanctioned school in Gandhvibandar after 30-35 years.

Survey was conducted in all 3 operational areas and shared the legal implication of getting children married in yearly age. Due to these efforts team has able to stop 4 children from getting married. Total 13 child labour cases identified. Team conducted “Health & education” workshop and before the workshop, conducted meeting in operational area and informed community members about same.


  • Ensuring 100% enrollment of children and 100 % re-enrollment of identified drop out children in 3 Bandar age of 3-18 years old & retain in school
  • Improve children’s access to school infrastructure in 3 primary school and strengthening SMC under RTE
  • To ensure 100% immunization of children & pregnant women
  • To ensure reduction of malnutrition cases through activation of 5 ICDS centers in 3 bandar
  • To ensure children are free from child labour in 3 bandar
  • To reduction in cases of child marriage in Bandar
  • Strengthening children groups in 31 operational area


  • Right to Development
  • Right to Survival
  • Right to Participation
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