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11 villages in Kotra block of Udaipur district in Rajasthan
Thematic Intervention: Education

Project Context

Kotra Adivasi Sansthan (KAS) is registered under Societies Registration Act and is working since 1998 in Kotra block of Udaipur district in Rajasthan. KAS was formed to support the people’s named Adivasi Vikas Manch (AVM) initiated in 1993 and took up programs and activities for the issues of tribal community. KAS is a people centered organization. The vision of the organization is to create a self-reliant organization for supporting the tribal people’s struggle for the attainment of over-all development of the tribal community of Kotra Block. The key element of its working strategy is operating through people's institutions at the village level and taking up village level development issues. Community mobilization and facilitating the process of making village level organizations proactive, has been as well as continues to be done through organizing issue based organizations. The prominent areas in which the organization has worked extensively are land and forest rights of tribal communities, local governance, migrations and women empowerment.

Problem Statement:

It has also worked on education space, especially strengthening implementation of right to education (RTE) act, bridge courses to address wide educational access divide. However, the educational situation has continued to be grim due to priority of livelihood, which is a daily struggle for the community living in a semi-arid hilly terrain on the verge of desertification. The institutional infrastructure such Anganwadis centers for pre-school education, primary schools, middle schools and high schools has remained inadequate resulting to consolidation of challenge in terms of physical access barrier to education among the target community children. The inadequacy in human resource and other facilities in few existing schools do not inspire confidence among community as there is hardly any learning achievement in entry level classes resulting to low level of transition to higher classes from already poor enrolment. The low learning achievements and high dropout have remained worrying issues which this project is endeavoring to attend including the causative factors.

Achievements & Impact

Key Result Area: Strengthen community monitoring mechanisms for child rights through effective implementation of Gram Sabha as per Panchayat (Extension to Scheduled Areas) Act 1996

Program Activities Planned Progress and Achievements

? Organize community meeting, meetings with parents and children and participation in Gram Sabha, to establish demand for education.
* Organize workshop with the School Management Committees (SMCs) members on their roles and responsibilities, and initiate preparation of school development plan (SDP).
* Facilitate preparation of annual school development plan for the schools in a transparent and democratic manner in five schools.
* Initiate the tracking of child laborers in the intervening villages.
* Sensitized community on the issues of education and child labor through awareness drive on education and child labor.

?A disciplined engagement with the community to strengthen the special community based governance mechanism for tribes predominant area under the Panchayat (Extension to Scheduled Areas) Act 1996, has been the highlight of this year’s intervention by the project. The significant achievements of this efforts are:
* 73 children were admitted in the mainstream school.
* 20 Bhamashah cards and 15 Aadhar cards enabled easy access to entitlements for needy poor / marginal families.
* 17 applications for pension for senior citizens were submitted.

Key Result Area: Provide quality education to children within the government schools by ensuring enhancement in learning levels and retention of children in schools

Program Activities Planned Progress and Achievements

on methodologies and concepts. The training imparted will cover transaction of activity based learning and subject based concepts. Practical demonstration in the actual classroom space will also be provided to the educators during the training.
* Set up library corner in the school to inculcate reading habits among children.
* Conduct baseline assessment of learning achievements among children and further gradual formative assessments.
* Organize regular meetings with the educators for review and planning of transactions.

? 196 children are engaged with the learning centers. These included 29 school dropouts, 155 never been school, and 12 child labor.
* 6 primary schools and 3 senior secondary schools were identified to appoint the teachers. 3 subject teachers were appointed in Kaucha, Dhadamta and Mahad to teach Science, Mathematics and English.
* Sanction received to appoint educators / teachers in 5 lower primary schools and 1 upper primary school.
* All the teacher / educator selection / recruitment have been assisted with a structured and staggered training by expert agency Vidya Bhavan.
* 6 Library Corners have been established in 6 schools. A set of 29 books on inspirational stories and poems were provided to each centre / school. A conscious decision was taken to use the state textbooks. This is important as children are being prepared to enter the mainstream schools.
* 6 School Management Committee has been strengthened with 19 Parent Teacher Meetings involving participation of 320 people, and one each of orientation and training for selected members.
* Teaching learning materials were developed as guided by Vidya Bhawan.

Key Result Area: Secure access and quality education opportunities to out of school children in the remote and far flung areas

Program Activities Planned Progress and Achievements

? Child wise tracking to be done in the project villages and list out the dropouts and never been to school children.
* Establish and run five learning centre to provide access to education for children who primarily do not have access to school due to distance, rough terrain, absence of guidance at home etc.
* Providing training to the educators of the learning centers; transact with children basis of their competency level in a multi grade multi level environment

? 5 learning centers have been set up in as many villages with essential library supplies, with the support of the project community.
* The assessment of academic institutions such as KGBV, ITI, and Model School was undertaken wherein a tool was administered to collect information about PTR, infrastructure and some other relevant information.
* A number of visits and dialogues have been initiated with the block level officials to share the problems of the children.

Key Result Area: Provide career counseling to children in 15-18 years age group and so as to enhance their confidence and empower them to achieve their goals

Program Activities Planned Progress and Achievements

? Identifying out of school children in age group of 15-18 years.
* Organize identified children into group of 30 children who are vulnerable and have readiness to attend career counseling process.
* Develop detailed plan for the identified set of children to guide them in achieving their endeavors.

? 28 selected children were imparted life skill training using the 7 day module ‘Buland Houslon ki pahal’. These helped the children to identify their interests and expertise. This exercise proved a landmark for these children and it gave them a hope and confidence to lead a life with dignity in society like other regularly school going children.
* 7 children were linked with vocational courses.
* 1 child was linked with open school board (NIOS) for board examination.

Highlights of technical and capacity building inputs:

In addition to scheduled guidance and monitoring, CRY had organized below inputs to the project:
* Theatre trainer Mr. Walter Peter conducted theatre in education sessions for children groups. The children’s groups’ demonstrated vocal participation and children are confident for doing role plays.
* Expert agency Vidya Bhawan conducted capacity building training for educators working under the project to enhance the understanding of the educator towards pedagogy.
* A Yuva Chintan Shivir facilitated by Majdoor Kishan Shakti Sangthan A shivir was organised for youth to increase their knowledge and understanding towards the contemporary issues being faced by the tribal community.

Highlights on community action and government interface:

* An admission campaign was organized from 20 June – 5 July, 2018 across 11 villages to mainstream maximum number of children. The campaign was initiated with awareness rallies on education and child labor issues. Then, small camps were organized to spread the information among people relating to admission procedures. And, finally the campaign assisted target families with applications processes and in getting other necessary documents such as i.e. Bhamashah, Aadhar and birth certificate. Apart from this, the campaign has been able to spread mass awareness and sensitization for the prevention of child labor. The community members actively participated in the campaign, in which other stakeholders were also involved and participated in the campaign. The campaign resulted in KAS establishing a good rapport with critical stakeholders. An environment has been created where the community has started responding and thinking about these issues. As a result of this campaign a total of 73 children got admission in 6 schools.
* Two state level networking meetings have been organized during the year wherein request has been made to the District Collector to make appointments of teachers in single teacher schools.


Key Result Areas Program Activities Planned

Awareness and empowerment of community members and PRIs as per Panchayat (Extension to Scheduled Areas) Act to ensure quality education for children

* Form active community groups in the villages and also initiate their linkage with existing CBOs in order to raise the issues of children vis-à-vis education in a comprehensive manner by organizing regular meetings every month.
* Identify and prepare a list of families who are vulnerable to migration and approach & encourage them to send their children to schools and learning centres.
* Mainstream the girls and enrol them to learning centres.
* Organize school admission drive in all 11 villages to ensure admission of maximum no. of children.

Provision of quality education to children in schools and learning centres by ensuring enhancement in learning levels and retention of children in schools/ learning centres

Training of educators will be conducted by Vidya Bhawan to build the capacity of educators and to provide technical expertise for smooth classroom transactions
* Organize a meeting with Shiksha Committees every month to identify the issues and encourage them to promote education within community.
* Track and conduct follow ups for 21 children admitted in learning centre and schools who were previously employed as child laborers, and 73 newly admitted children. * Impart education in 3 senior secondary schools in Kaucha, Dadhamta and Mahad in subjects such as English, Maths and Science.

Key Result Areas Program Activities Planned

Access to educational opportunities to out of school children in the remote and far flung areas

* Organize children groups and take up age appropriate activities to build their understanding and develop leadership quality.
* Explore the possibilities of residential schooling or enrol dropout children at learning centres and subsequently mainstream them.
* Conduct home visits to counsel the parents of children involving in child labor, so that so that such children can be enrolled in learning centres.
* Facilitate implementation of the social protection scheme i.e. Scheme for Adolescent girls “SAG - Scheme for Adolescent Girls” which is meant for dropout girls under the age category of 11-14 years.

Career counselling and assistance to enhance confidence among children in 15-18 age group so as to empower them to achieve their goals

Regular tracking and follow ups of 28 children who participated in life skill training namely “BHKP” during previous project cycle.
* Facilitate enrolment of 16 children in NIOS (National Institute for Open Schooling) for board exams.
* Identify and select a new group of children between the age group of 15-18 years for life skill training “BHKP” in the intervention area. Develop detailed plan for these identified set of children to help them realize their goals in life.

Networking, liaising and advocacy efforts for rightful educational entitlements for children

* Ensure follow ups of the representations which were submitted to the government authorities at block and district levels.
* Assist in placing demand for upgrading of schools, teachers appointments, supply of textbooks, drinking water and infrastructure etc. in 6 government schools, to ensure quality education in them.
* Ensure regular participation in Shiksha Samvad at the block and district level, and networking and liaising at the state level to address service gaps and issues in the project area.

Financial Summary: January to December 2018

Budget Breakup 2018



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