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The one time relief grant of $5,000 from CRY America will be directed towards relief efforts for children affected by the communal riots in Muzaffarnagar, Uttar Pradesh, India.

The communal violence which erupted between the Hindu and Muslim communities in Muzaffarnagar district of Uttar Pradesh, India on August 27, 2013 claimed 43 lives and injured 93. The attacks have been described as "the worst violence in Uttar Pradesh in recent memory," with the army being deployed in the state for the first time in 20 years. The riots have led to large scale eviction of families after their houses were set on fire. The Indian government has set up 10 shelter camps in the district with meager provisions of food and water. With lowering temperatures, there are reports of mortality of children in these camps as they do not have access to essential health care services, basic medicines and clothes. Children are injured and staying in these camps and the situation is grim. Shamli, which was declared as a fragmented district from Muzaraffarnagar in Sept 2011 is also affected by the violence. 5 of the 10 government camps are being run in Shamli. Since this district is newly formed, the administrative functioning is weaker than Muzaffarnagar. For more details on the communal riots, view

Astitwa Samajik Sansthan led by Ms. Rehana Adib has been working in the area and liasing with the local administration, but coupled with political dynamics and handling communal cases as a priority, the departments are not providing sufficient support for ensuring the survival and protection of women & children affected by the communal riots.

The communal riots post August 27, have left a trail of incidences of deaths and acute ill health amongst children which is also aggravated by extreme weather conditions. Post CRY India’s assessments along with Project Partner Astitwa based in Muzaffarnagar, a stock taking on essential commodities and services showed that there was a shortfall of warm clothes, health care services, food security and blankets to protect the children from extreme weather conditions. The organizations have also been advocating for proper implementation of relief grants and security of children and their families in 10 of these camps.

The government has set up 10 Camps - 5 in Muzaffarnagar and 5 in Shamli. Information on the Muzaffarnagar camps is given below:

Name of the Camp
14 TO 18 Years

5 T0 14 Years
0 TO 5 Years

People who have taken shelter in these camps are not receiving sustained services and supplies for basic essentials like food, medicines, clothes and proper shelter. The protection mechanisms like the child welfare committees are dysfunctional in the district. Organizations like Action Aid and Oxfam have provided some relief materials like Food Kits (Pulses, Matches, Flour, Salt etc), Shawls and Blankets, Shelter Aids (Tarploene sheets, sitting mats) and solar lamps in a few camps. CRY India has initiated discussions with Save the Children and Plan India for the relief operations, particularly to avoid budget overlaps in these camps.

The funds will be directed towards Muzaffarnagar riot relief efforts for affected children. The age wise segregation has been assessed, so that children between 0-5 years are provided with warm clothes and children above 5 years are provided blankets. Target would be to reach out to 5 relief camps in Muzaffarnagar district (Shahpur, Loi, Harsoli, Basikala, Jola) which could then expand to cover 5 more camps in Shamli district.

On January 8, 2014, CRY India and Astitwa Samajik Sansthan teams distributed clothes to approximately 650 children and 250 households were provided with one blanket each since the situation was grave due to the chilling cold with open spaces, muddy floors and insufficient tents for families of 5-6 persons. This was one of the biggest camps covering displaced riot victims from 3 locations. On January 9, 2014, two more camps of Harsoli & Basikala were covered.

The detailed budget approved by CRY India towards this initiative is for $11,776, the details of which are given below. The BITS Pillani Alumni group are looking to support this initiative through their fundraising efforts in India. The Friends of Humanity International Inc (FHII) in Florida is also interesting in supporting this initiative through their fundraising efforts in the USA. Mr. Yunus from FHII is also a BITS Pillani alumni. CRY America will tie-up with FHII for this one time grant. This grant will be disbursed through CRY India and Astitwa Samajik Sansthan to the affected children.

One Time Grant amount approved by the CRY America Board: $5,000 to be disbursed through CRY India and the Astitwa Samajik Sansthan.

Muzaffarnagar Disaster
Relief Report for FHII – August 1, 2014

The communal violence that erupted between the Hindu and Muslim communities in Muzaffarnagar district of Uttar Pradesh, India on August 27, 2013 affected 11 villages of Muzaffarnagar and Shamli districts where more than 50 houses and around 20 mosques were set on fire. More than 100 people lost their lives, hundreds were left wounded and more than twenty thousand were displaced from their homes.

Seven camps were set up in Muzaffarnagar district in 5 areas- Loi, Jola, Shahpur(3), Basikalan and Harsoli and 12 camps in Shamli district in eight areas of Uttar Pradesh. More than 50 children died in camps due to extreme cold conditions and poor health facilities.

CRY Partners visited the Muzafarnagar and Shamli camps for a first hand assessment of the situation. An assessment of the number of children of varied age groups and the type of relief materials required and distributed was made. Also, constant discussion with Save the Children and Plan was done to avoid duplication of resources.

An urgent appeal was filed to the National Commission for the Protection of Child Rights,Government of India (NCPCR) and Quality Institutional Care and Alternative Care, Child Protection Network Of CRY in UP (QICAC) took up the matter with them which resulted in a field visit by NCPCR, led by it’s Director Anupam Mishra. The visiting team also comprised doctors and representation from the Minority Commission. Appeals were filed to relevant organizations and individuals at the national, state and district levels such as the Prime Minister, Chairperson of the National Human Rights Commission, Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh, District Magistrate of Muzaffarnagar etc. As a response to the urgent appeal for action, a notice was issued to the Ministry of Home by the Vice President’s Secretariat.

The following materials were distributed by CRY and it’s Partners to the victims:

Total number of Clothes for Children = 1727 pieces
Total number of Blankets = 640 pieces
On 8 and 9 January, 2014 relief materials were distributed in Shahpur, Harsoli , Barnavi:
Clothes for Children = 750
Blankets = 375
On 22 and 24 January, 2014 relief materials were distributed in Loi and Jola:
Clothes for Children = 977
Blankets = 265

Right to Information (RTI’s) have been filed and information received from the district administration on issues of children. QICAC is further tracking the situation of missing children and children in need of care & protection post the communal riots. One of CRY’s UP Partner’s participated in the panel discussion on the Rajya Sabha TV on the Muzaffarnagar Riots and portrayed accurate information from the field. Other panelists included spokespersons from various political parties.

CRY America thanks Friends Of Humanity International Inc (FHII) for their grant of $5,000 USD towards the Relief efforts in Muzaffarnagar through CRY Project Astitva Samajik Sanstha working in Uttar Pradesh.