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Chandel district, Manipur, India
Thematic Intervention: Protection


NEEDS was initiated with an objective of peace building among ethnic tribal communities across 10 villages in Churachandpur and Chandel districts of Manipur. The founder, Mr K Morang Maring hailed from tribal community and had the insight to realize that the people of such communities are deprived from any kind of development. NEEDS initiated a peace building effort so that fighting groups understand the dynamics behind the conflicts and disengage themselves from killing each other. The current project holder, Mr Angshem, has also been a victim of ethnic conflicts. He has been working with communities through NGOs in Odisha with a focus on trainings of community groups on peace building. NEEDS has worked closely with different formed groups under the churches and the tribe groups, beside these it has also formed the groups of children in all the villages, it has organized series of meeting with all the village chiefs and the village authority and also formed the people’s committee for child right to protection in the operational area.


Protection: Manipur is one of the states which have experienced prolonged ethnic and armed conflict since long. The state is also geographically and administratively divided in valley and Hill districts. There are a lot of political dynamics between these two geographical and ethnic divisions. There are 4 districts in valley and 5 districts in hill. More than 25 tribal communities have inhabited these 9 districts. There are geographical and cultural boundaries between them. Chandel is one of most vulnerable hills district of the state due to its proximity to international border. There are instances of ethnic conflict and migration within the district due to armed movements. Due to this it is unsafe for the children to stay in the village. Parents always try their best to place the children in protective institution for holistic child right development of children. This year in 2016, 6 cases of trafficking, 8 cases of child sexual abuse, 2 FIRs lodged for missing children and 3 cases of interim compensation done. These types of incidents were evident where children are not getting justice as per the constitutional framework. There were ignorance among the community people and they often send their children outside the district/state for education or other purposes. This leads to migration of children to other states and subjected to various forms of abuse. This year, efforts have been made to sensitise the community and to verify with Child Welfare Committee (CWC) before sending children outside the community.


Enhanced implementation of policies and laws pertaining to child labour, child marriage, child trafficking, Child Sexual Abuse in Chandel district.

Achievements & Impact in the Review Period

This year, intensive advocacy strategy was done in engagement with village chief association, home administrators, student body, religious organizations, mothers groups, police, Child Welfare Committee (CWC) and District Child Protection Officer (DCPO). This multi layered advocacy campaign enabled to create a sustainable safety net for children, where involvement of all the stakeholders have ensured to create protective environment for children. For instance, starting from the village level, where village chiefs, community leaders and women’s group were involved in the process of Child Protection Committee (CPC) formation. From the village level, the advocacy initiative was taken forward and in district levels sensitization process was done with tribal leaders, village chief association and women’s group. Likewise the same strategy was done at the district level. The DCPO, CWC Police, tribal leaders and student bodies were engaged and sensitized on the aspects of child rights situation, there were also engagement with District Legal Services Authority (DLSA) for legal aspects to be provided in child sexual abuse and Child Trafficking cases. The legal support is being provided to victims of child sexual abuse. Few highlights of achievement last year are as follows:

  • Altogether 17 Child Protection Committee (CPC) was formed in 17 villages through which, 972 children have been ensured in protective environment.
  • Through the process of Child Protection Committee (CPC) formation the entire community were mobilised and their participation were ensured.
  • Intensive engagement has been done with child care institutions (CCIs).The programme approach was able to reach out to CCIs to sensitize them and make them registered under Juvenile Justice (JJ) provisions. Due to the process 3 CCIs got registered under JJ provisions and 1 applied for registration with Social Welfare Dept. also 3 home registrations are under process with the Department.
  • This year 915 children were directly reached out through awareness programme conducted in 10 schools.
  • There also have been engagements with the Child Welfare Committee (CWC) for ensuring that children are not leaving their villages without verification from the appropriate authority.
  • In terms of sensitization process of police department there have been inroads in terms of taking action against the perpetrators.

Focus: Enhanced implementation of policies and laws pertaining to child labour, child marriage, child trafficking, Child Sexual Abuse in Chandel district.

  • To ensure 33 administrative body and caretakers sensitized on Juvenile Justice System (JJS).
  • Consultation program on unsafe migration, Child Sexual Abuse (CSA), Child labour, child marriage and Integrated Child Protection Scheme (ICPS) with Chiefs’ Association of 6 blocks of Chandel district.
  • District level consultative with children home proprietors, District Child Protection Unit (DCPU), Social Welfare, Chiefs, NGOs and women’s bodies.
  • To ensure 400 children from 6 blocks participated on annual children cultural meet held in the district.
  • To visit government children homes for collection of data - Meeting with DCPU, CWC, JJB & SJPU, data collection on child trafficking, CSA and vulnerable children at village level through protection committee.
  • To ensure sensitized the victim’s family towards registering FIR, the benefit and opportunity for the victim on registering FIR by capacity building programmes.


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