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Patang was started in the year 2003 with a vision to create a platform for young people to actively engage them in social justice issues in Western Orissa. In the initial years Patang did a rapid assessment of existing youth programmes in the region. Their main finding was that there was a dearth of serious, structured interventions with young people in Western Odisha. In the start-up phase, support from IGSSS (Delhi), Pravah (Delhi), MASS (Sambalpur) and National Foundation for India (Delhi) enabled them to start mobilizing a group of volunteers from different local colleges. The Squirrel program was initiated in 2008 with support from VSO to place volunteers in the community for 3 months to work in and with the community. Currently CRY supports the Squirrel programme. Patang currently is a youth led organization and works in the areas of life skills, youth development, youth active citizenship and youth volunteering. The founder member of Patang, Rita Mishra was a Pravah team member for many years. Pravah’s work with young people inspired Rita to set up Patang.


The district of Sambalpur is famous for its tie and dye textiles, folk dance and music and also for the Hirakud dam, which is one of the largest mainstream dams in the world. It is situated in the Western part of the Orissa state. The available sources of livelihood are shrinking and the traditional sources of livelihood are diminishing and becoming extinct, thus leading to children migrating to other regions.

The dismal status of child rights in the reference area calls for urgent intervention by state and non-state actors. Access to schools and quality teaching are still distant realities for many children in this belt. The number of dropouts in females is comparatively higher than males in the age range of 6-14 years. Access is an issue here. Schools are far away and children need to cross rivers and pass through dense forests in between. Schools also lack in infrastructure. Child labour is rampant, especially among adolescents. The health and nutrition status of children is also very low. Not only is the percentage of children having completed immunization low, but the degree also varies between boys and girls. Community awareness about vaccination, health and hygiene needs of children is very low and superstition ridden. Only some of the ICDS centres function properly in terms of providing all due services, including properly cooked nutrition supplement and pre-school education.


  • To promote spirit of volunteerism among young people and thus sensitizing a broader mass on child rights
  • To ensure access to quality education for every child in the reference area, as per education as a fundamental right
  • To create awareness among local communities on child rights violations and ways to address them
  • To ensure the implementation of provisions as per RTE Act
  • To promote formation of different kinds of children’s collectives


Patang wants to become a Regional Youth Support Center to facilitate youth development processes and youth-led social actions in the region, which could include Odisha and neighbouring states like West Bengal, Jharkhand and Chhattisgarh. The strategic direction of Patang thus involves developing into a Regional Youth Support Center to facilitate youth development processes and youth-led social action in the region by
  • Building capacities and leadership among local youth
  • Promoting volunteerism
  • Directly working with young people in educational institution and communities
  • Advocating for youth led social change
The successful implementation of the youth development programmes in the last 8-9 years has given the confidence to expand our programme and become a Regional Youth Support Centre. Some prominent highlights:
  • Nearly 50% attendance increased in 5 schools, community monitoring of schools ensured in 6 villages
  • 12 volunteer groups and 10 children’s collectives formed in 10 villages – 7 children’s collectives are actively participating in various activities including workshops, competitions and awareness programmes
  • 79% children (659 out of 830), aged 6 – 18 yrs, enrolled in schools
  • Percentage of children, aged 0 – 5 yrs, having completed immunization cycle is very low – 16%


The Squirrel program that involves young volunteers towards addressing CR issues in the reference area in Sambalpur district will have the following broad plans:
  • To ensure implementation of the RTE provisions, 100% enrollment and 75% retention of 6-14 age group children in schools
  • Infrastructure provision and development (Toilet, Kitchen room, Boundary, Gate and Classroom), promoting creative learning among children
  • Strengthening 10 children collectives, ensure implementation of co-scholastic activities with children collectives
  • Ensuring proper functioning of statutory bodies like Juvenile Justice Board and Child Welfare Committees in the district
  • To strengthen the cadre of young volunteers and develop advocates on child rights issues from among them


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  • Right to Protection
  • Right to Participation
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