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In 1992 Mrs. J. Lalithamma established People’s Organization for Rural Development (PORD) with an objective to build awareness and knowledge among dalits and to work for holistic and sustainable development. PORD started its activities in Thamballapalle Mandal which is underdeveloped and where the situation of dalit and tribal (especially of women and children) is poor. Presently it is operating in Thambalapalle and Madanapalle Mandals. PORD is able to form 65 village sanghas and 25 slums sanghas for urban.
PORD started it partnership with CRY from 2007. At the village level 90 children collectives formed and 36 strenthened. PORD is able to form 65 village sanghas and 25 slums sanghas for urban two mandal level federations were formed called balala hakuula ikky vedika And two Mandal level Federations for the Children’s collectives in Thamballapalle & Madnapalli.


PORD is working in two Mandals of Chittoor district- Madnapalle and Thambalapalle where dalits and tribes are poorest of the poor and they are unable to meet basic needs like education, health and land.In Thambalapalle 68% families and in Madnapalle 93% families are landless causing lack of access to quality education, health and nutrition food to children. 10637 families migrated to Madnapalli for livelihood from various rural villages.From the operational area 409 families have migrated and 490 children accompanied with then. Total 307 children of 0-5 yrs not yet immunized, it is 5% of the total children of 0-5 years of the operational area. 1493 children are malnourished .Reasons for malnutrition among children are lack of livelihood Resources; lack of ICDS centers and Food quality ; no sufficient PDS shops and proper distribution of food materials; no basic facilities like water, health check up, sanitation etc. ; many families do not have ration cards ; child marriage. 6% children of 6-18 yrs not accessing education in two Mandals of PORD. 263 children at Thambalapalle and 758 children at Madnapalle are not going school. As per the RTE Act-2009, one primary school is required in Madnapalli B.N.Reddy colony. In this colony 501 children are losing their education because of no school in the colony; children have to travel 3km to 6km to reach out schools; heavy traffic because of the high way; no transport facilities. 191 cases of child marriage are found in the area. 75 child marriages happening for boys and 116 child marriages happening for girls below 18 years.


  • To protect the rights of the children, especially right to health, education and dignity.
  • To conduct campaigns for protections of child Rights.
  • To ensure enforcement of right to survival, protection, development and participation of children through strengthening of child collectives in the operational areas at all level.
  • To empower the marginalized communities and build up awareness on the social realities.
  • To strengthen local panchathi governance systems.
  • To conduct awareness campaigns on hygnic and sanitation.
  • To mobilize livelihood resources from the Governments for the needy communities/people.

Review and Impact

PORD is covering 11436 families and 15044 children in Madnapalle urban and 4480 families and 8416 children at Thamballapalle. PORD also works with hostel children and currently covers 1937 .Infant Mortality ratio was reduced to 5/1000 through awareness rising among pregnant women, strengthening, ICDS centers, and health centres. .

During the year, the organisation,
  • Monitored Anganwadis for recording Infant Mortality cases to ensure reduction in mortality rates.
  • 95% has been achieved in terms of institutional deliveries.
  • Strengthening CBOs to bring pressure on Government for better services through PHC /SC & ICDS centres wherever required.
  • The organisation focussed on sensitizing parents on need of birth certificates and ensured birth certificates for every new born at the panchayat level . 90% of births were registered.

  • The organisation ensured medical checkups for all the children in ICDs and special medical care for all the malnourished children.
  • Ensured alternative livelihood resources for the families with malnourished children.
  • Demanding to government through CBOs for provide double ration in the icds centers. Memorandum presented to collector, ICDS project director for better infrastructure facilities.
  • Strengthening CBOs to bring pressure on government to sanction additional ICDS centres wherever required Demand for 4 ICDS in the project area.
  • 100% achievement in terms of strengthening ICDS centers.
  • Awareness meetings conducted in all village and colony door to door campaign demanding RTE Act implementation.
  • Out of 519 child labors, 80 children were mainstreamed in schools.
  • Sensitize people on impacts of child trafficking. Organize meetings with adult girls and aware them on impacts of child trafficking. 100% child trafficking free villages.
  • Encouraged Balala Sanghams to take up the issues related to schools with the teachers.


  • Birth certificates to be ensured to 90% children of 0-1 years .
  • To immunize 95% (children of 0-5 years)children along with new born.
  • 75 malnourished children will be ensured nutrition and health services.
  • Strengthening of ICDS centres and demand for new centres.
  • Enrollment of 751 children (3-5 years) in ICDS centers for preschool education.
  • One PHC and 2 subcenters will be strengthened and demand for one new subcentre.
  • Drop out children to be re-enrolled in schools.
  • Strengthening of 4 Govt. schools to ensure quality education.
  • Demand for upgradation of schools.
  • Welfare hostels to be strengthened related to infrastructure facilities .
  • 80 child labors to be re-enrolled in schools.
  • 100 children with disability will be ensured with medical certificate.
  • 8 villages /colonies to be made 100% child marriage free and 100% child trafficking free.
  • 4 new Balala Sanghas to be formed and 10 Balala Sanghas to be strengthened.


  • Right to Survival
  • Right to Development
  • Administration
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