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Tirupathi, Chittoor District, Andhra Pradesh, India
Thematic Intervention: Protection and Education

Project Context

Mr. K.V. Ramana, the Project holder has good understanding and experience of socio economic conditions and issues of the community. He started NGO “PRAGATHI” in 1993. He initiated activities with underprivileged communities in his native Mandal. He has undergone several trainings and workshops conducted by various organizations. He played key role in land struggle of Tribal community. His association with CRY started with fellowship in 1998 and continued as fellow till June-2004. The organization Pragathi is working with scheduled caste, scheduled tribe and other backward communities for socio economic development in Chinagottigallu, Sodam, Somal and Piler Mandals of Chittoor district. The project holder Ramana is member in Mandal education Committee, Hospital and Hostel Advisory Committee on behalf of PRAGATHI. He is also the co-convener for District Anti-Child marriages struggle forum. PRAGATHI has been also implementing integrated development program for tribal, natural resource management with support of NABARD and community health intervention program etc.

Achievements & Impact

Key Result Areas Achievements

Ensure reduction & prevention of child labor among children the operational area through improved retention in school.

* Vulnerability survey was conducted in 74 villages across 4 Mandals through door to door survey by team members. Team carried out door to door sensitization with 355 families which have Child labor or school drop-outs.
* 17 child labors and 116 drop outs in the 6-14 years age group, out of total 133 children re-enrolled into schools through 17 enrolment campaigns covering 88 schools, community & stakeholder engagements.
* Re-opened government school Jinkalamitta which was closed for the reason of less number of enrolments by submitting 32 memorandums to district collector, educational officers about the issue.
* 379 parents and 56 members of PRI (Gram Panchayat), the local governance system, were sensitized on child labor issues. 28 PRI members engaged with households having child labor.
* A new school was sanctioned in Bandarupalli and 2 teachers were appointed after sustained advocacy by project team & community.
* Assisted 482 family getting job cards under National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme (NREGS), which is expected to reduce family migration and school dropout.
* Assisted admitting of 5 dropout and child labor children into social welfare hostels.

Key Result Areas Achievements

Reduced instances of child marriage in project area.

* 1018 girl children in 13-18 years age group were tracked regularly.
* 314 girl children identified at risk of getting dropped and getting married and their families were regularly counseled against dropping out and getting married, by project team and 42 teachers.
* 14 out of planned 60 child marriages were stopped.
* 3 Role model girls - who fought against child marriages were identified and motivated by project team to be a role model and support project’s efforts in arresting child marriage.
* 20 child collectives’ members have started discussion on child marriages.
* 67 CBO members involved to address on child marriage issues.
* 68 Adolescent girls’ groups’ have been formed in project villages.

Other Highlight Processes and Achievements – 2017.

* 298 families got GCC (Girijan Co-operative Corporation) cards for access to nutrition and welfare provisions.
* Total of 458 families are received social security benefits and prevented 62 children from migration and enabled to continue their school education.

Update on major events /campaigns that may have taken place on ground:

The project organized tracking and assistance support to children from target households who have passed 10th year and 12th year schooling board exams. The purpose was to ensure that such children enroll in some or the other college or polytechnic courses, so that they become eligible for employment. However, considering that fact that there are poor parents who can’t afford higher education, the project scouted for low cost and free skill focused courses which can ensure early employment for such children. One among such successful effort was admitting girls into 3-Month “Bed Side Assistant” course in a nursing training institute at Tirupathi with hostel and food facility. A total of 25 girls took admission into this course so far, under project’s guidance. And, 14 of them have passed out successfully and joined jobs.

Update on major advocacy meetings that the project may have organized /participated in:

The project intensely engaged with community against closure of school by government on the basis of rationalization of resources, which always affects the marginal communities who are target of CRY projects. As a result, the team succeeded in preventing closure of 2 schools viz. MPP School at Nachaneri and Gopalapuram.


Key Result Areas Program Activities Planned

Reduce school dropout and improve retention in project area.

* Track all children in the age group of 15-18 yrs and ensure their transition from upper primary to high school & high school to other higher education courses.
* Guide 10th and 12th standard failed children to appear for instant / supplementary exams.
* Advocacy with Education Dept for improvement of infrastructure facilities in schools and for appointing sufficient teachers and against closure of schools in the name of rationalization.
* Advocacy with Social Welfare Department for improvement of infrastructure facilities in hostels.

Reduce child labor in the project area.

* Sensitize parents of child labor and drop outs and other parents on the importance of education especially girl child education.
* Conduct awareness programs / Kalajathas on child labor at community level.
* Encourage Panchayat members to have child labor as agenda in their meetings and pass resolutions against child labor and drop outs.
* Personal counseling to parents whose children are working as child labor to sensitize them about negative effects on children.


Key Result Areas Program Activities Planned

Reduce instances of child marriages in the project area.

* Assist girls from most needy families and girls from families where parents migrate seasonally to get into social welfare hostels.
* Sensitize families against traditions and customs that result in child marriages, harmful impacts of child marriage and against negative attitude towards girl children.
* Sensitize priests and caste leaders on the issue of child marriage and urge their involvement in preventing child marriages.
* Encourage teachers to visit families where child marriages might happen / where child marriages are fixed and to counsel parents.

Financial Summary: January to December 2018

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