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Ramnathapuram district, Tamil Nadu
Thematic Intervention: Protection, Education

Project Context

Mr. Sathaiah has wide experience working with the community in addressing the livelihood and rights issues while he was associated with AIRD. His works focused on ensuring child rights for palmyra tappers children who form the future of the community. With this objective, he along with some of his peers formed an organization named RWDS (Rural workers Development society) in Ramnathapuram district of Tamil Nadu. Since the inception the organization has been addressing the child rights issues in 90 villages where the Palmyra workers were facing difficulties to sustain their life through strong community mobilization. The intervention of RWDS is focused into 52 villages in Kadalady, Mandapam and Tirupuzhani blocks with the clear target of addressing the child rights violations such as child labor and education accessibility for all children under the thematic focus of protection and education as per CRY programming.

Achievements & Impact

Key Result Areas Achievements

Ensure reduction & prevention of child labor among children in the 52 villages of the operational area.

* One multi-stakeholder interface meeting was organized on issues of child labor and child rights at kavakulam, attended by 207 people including DCPO, Child line officer, Labor Department officers, Ex- President of Gram Panchayat, School head masters and teachers, village leaders, child laborers, parents, Sangam members.
* The members of 6 Sangams (community organizations) passed resolution to prevent the entry of middlemen / Agents of child labor recruiting agencies in their villages.
* Findings of a medical report were shared with the Panchayat Health committees, Sangams, and patents of children into child labor to sensitize them on the ill consequences of child labor on their health. As a result, parents withdrew 6 children from working in tea and grocery shops and re-enrolled into schools.
* 9 new adolescent children collectives were formed with total membership 274, which included 76 child labors.

Key Result Areas Achievements

Creating a protective environment for children of migrant families who are exposed to risks for 9 months a year.

* Identified 11 dropouts in the migrated palm groves and ensured that they are re-enrolled into schools.
* 33 teachers and Head Masters were enrolled into community engagement to ensure no children from migrant families drop out from school for any reason.
* One Mobile health unit was stationed every third Thursday in the palm grooves to cater to the medical needs, ensuring treatment to 121 children and 32 mothers needing ANC/PNC.

Improving school retention through focused intervention on physical access to schools and quality building within schools

* The strength in government Primary School at Koravalli village increased from 42 to 57 due to the regular enrolment drives.
* 24 children who had stopped studies after certain years of schooling were brought back to schooling
* Ensured new school buildings worth US $ 43,000 were constructed in Manikanagar and Lakshmipuram, securing continuity of schooling for 41 and 67 children in respective villages.

Other Highlight Processes and Achievements – 2017.
* Engagement with Multiple stakeholders emerged as an important strategy. Engaging with DCPO, CWC member, Child Line, Health and Labor department officials, Panchayat Raj Institution members, and BDOs was prioritized. The discussion with the schools Head Masters & teachers on the situation of children during the migration period has really aided in ensuring the retention of children.
* The vigilance along with the community and Sangam members, and discussion / confidence building with the village leaders / ex-Panchayat members on monitoring the children resulted to preventing the entry of 3 middlemen / agents of child labor recruiters.

Update on major advocacy meetings that the project may have organized /participated in:

* Advocacy efforts ensured the district collector issuing specific order for the activation of the Naripayoor Panchayat level Child Protection Committee.
* All the 12 Panchayat’s Gram Sabha passed resolution to prevent child labor in their respective Panchayats after long sustained pressure from project team, Sangam members and volunteer cadres who participated in the Gram Sabha meetings. The Panchayats also committed to ensuring that the local system takes accountability for the children being protected from rights violations.

Any other observation about the project:

* The partner has invested time in the formation of adolescent collectives and also in promoting sports in the collectives as part of scaling of the programs from CRY. The partner has formed 9 Adolescent collective with focused 31 sessions this year. The adolescent collective organized and promoted in this project are unique in the sense that the membership is a mix of school going children and the child laborers. The partner had to deal with much care in integrating both and the team is constantly following up with the collectives. The partner had also motivated children to play Kho Kho and Kabadi in the collectives with the special attention to girl children. Within one year nine children (6 girls and 3 boys) have exhibited their talents at district / zone level competitions and brought laurels to the project.
* The partner has also initiated supplementary coaching for children in 10th & 12th classes with the support of older peers who are pursing higher education / professional courses. A meeting of 19 elder peers was organized to sensitize them about the importance of the support to the children. They volunteered themselves and started interacting with the children in motivating and preparing them for exams. Also they support in coaching the children on weekends on the subjects they are weak at, for 10th & 12th board children.


Key Result Areas Program Activities Planned

Ensure reduction & prevention of child labor among children in the 52 villages of the operational area.

* Focused discussion and debating with the parents of child labors (CL) & Sangams on child labor issues and initiation of steps for pulling them out of child labor and re-enrolling them in schools.
* Observing Anti-Child labor day in Kadalady Block with the participation of Panchayat members, DCPU, CWC, JJB, PLCPC and Labor department along with the community to sensitize the government officials on the issue.
* Organize training for volunteer cadres about Panchayat Level Child Protection Committee (CPC), and insist on the formation and activation of CPC in all Panchayat with the Gram Panchayat President as member in the CPC.

Creating a protective environment for children of migrant families who are exposed to risks for 9 months a year.

* Organizing get-together at least twice during the period in the high migration area to discuss the importance of nutrition, early school readiness and continuing education, and ensuring all children are enrolled in ICDS / schools.
* Instituting necessary precautions for the safety of children below 6 years & continuance of education for children in schools without getting dropped out in the migrated palm grooves.


Key Result Areas Program Activities Planned

Improving school retention through focused intervention on physical access to schools and quality building within schools, quality ICDS services

* Planned home visits to 126 vulnerable families (single parent/ grandparent headed) and interactions with parent and children to motivate and closely monitor them during exams and continue education.
* Initiate evening auxiliary coaching for 14-18 yrs old children (9th to 12th) in 5 villages on alternative days.
* Follow up of students who have failed to ensure reappearance for the exams and passing
* Organizing children enrolment drive with specific focus to Kadaladi block involving school teachers, Panchayat and Sangam members to ensure retention.
* Organize meetings in 9 existing adolescent children collective (CCs) to build confidence / orient members on life skills training.
* Initiate / establish 5 adolescent girl children collectives.
* Organize regular meeting of CCs and initiate sports like Kabadi, Volley ball, football and chess for boys and girls and form girls’ team in all the sports & motivate them for representation at cluster /district level competitions.

Financial Summary: January to December 2018

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