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Mayurbhanj district Odisha
Thematic Intervention: Health, Nutrition, Participation

Project Context

The organization was formed on 2nd October 1996 by a group of likeminded persons, from rehabilitation and social work background. They intended to work with children and adults with disability, with a vision of creating inclusive communities where every citizen, irrespective of their abilities, can live with dignity and get opportunity to realize their inherent potential. In due course, a community based rehabilitation (CBR) approach was adopted, aiming at improving the quality of life among children and adults with disability. The organization’s basic philosophy is to work with willing persons and organizations to create inclusive villages where every person, including children, irrespective of their ability will get opportunities to grow and be nurtured to become responsible citizens. Its focus is on a twin-track approach – empowerment of people to play meaningful role as partners in development, and strengthening local governance which can play an effective role as duty bearer, to respect, protect and fulfill the rights of each and every citizen.

At present, Sadhana is working in the whole of Baripada Block and 6 Gram Panchayats of Suliapada Block. The founder, Mr. Ranjit Kumar Mahapatra, through his work ,has developed extensive experience in both disability and development sector and tries to mould all the programs of the organization to right based approach.

Achievements & Impact

Key Result Areas Achievements

Secure access to free primary health care in the intervention area.

* One day training of School Management Committee (SMC) & parents was conducted on facilitating school health card in 15 schools.
* Organized Panchayat (GP) level workshop of the GKS (Gaon Kalyan Samiti) and the Sarpanchs on the issue of health and nutrition.
* As a result of all efforts directed towards activating duty bearers, 11 GKS, 13 Matru Mandal, 7 SMC & 8 PRIs members have started taking initiatives towards improved delivery of health service. GKS in 3 GP have initiated taking out funds for community awareness generation.
* 146 children were screened and 12 children were referred to DEIC (District Early Intervention Center).
* 181 pregnant women underwent ANC and 304 PLM were linked to JSY (Janani Suraksha Yojna) and Mamta scheme.
* All the 558 children born during the year have been brought under the immunization. 368 children in the category of 0-9 months have completed all doses. It was also ensured that the 44 home deliveries also got the MCP (Mother & Child Protection) cards.

Key Result Areas Achievements

Reduction of child malnutrition in operational areas.

* 15 child labors were enrolled in the school after rescue.
* 500 children and adult became aware on the issue of child labor & child marriage.

Ensure preventive measures are instituted in project area to prevent child marriage.

* One training on treatment and designing a feasible and compatible community based management of SAM was conducted.
* Village Health and Nutrition Day (VHND) has been regularly organized in all 19 villages.
* 11 GKS have taken initiative to facilitate Kitchen Garden in their respective Villages and encouraging pregnant / lactating mothers to attend VHND (Village Health & Nutrition Day).
* 46 Families have developed kitchen garden. And Sadhana is ensuring visits of the horticulture department officials in the area.
* 13 Matru Mandal have been strengthen, which supported in mapping 1,030 children in the growth chart. 35 children identified in red category have been ensured of getting the double ration. Support provided in the BMI and hemoglobin test of 146 adolescent girls.
* 77 children identified as severely undernourished. 19 Children referred to NRC and completed treatment.

Key Result Areas Achievements

Improve understanding of children on their age appropriate growth & development.

* A 3-day Interaction Camp was organized for the leaders of children groups to develop relationship, exchange ideas and experiences. Members were trained in hand washing practice in the schools and kitchen garden promotion at home. They also exchanged fruit trees saplings such as banana to strengthen nutritional security at home.
* The members of 2 Matru Mandals helped in growth monitoring and visited SAM children at home to see the situation and encourage the family for appropriate intervention.

Update on major events / campaigns that may have taken place on ground:

In the current year Sadhana initiated the campaign named ‘Giving Children of Odisha –A Healthy Start’ in the 19 villages of Baripada block in Mayurbhanj District. The campaign included meeting with the stakeholders, community and service provider at the village level, promotion of kitchen garden by the adolescents and mother’s groups, hand wash practice in the schools with the children, identification of malnourished children and the referral services. The 6 months long campaign and the findings from it include identification of 77 Children out of 1020 mapped as severely undernourished and 122 children moderately undernourished. This compelled the organization to demand for strengthening the health and nutrition initiatives from the Women and Child Development Department, and Health department in the District. Along with the State alliance-VCRO, it placed the recommendation to the Minister of Women and Child Development Department in the state.

Update on knowledge and capacity building workshops that the project team may have organized /participated in them (this is for the project team and not for the community groups):

  • A four member team of Sadhana, Baripada had made an exposure to Palli Alok Pathagara (PAP), CRY partner organization in the state based out of Paikamal, in Baragarh district on 11th September 2017. The objective of the exposure visit was to experience the initiatives taken to reduce malnourishment and also share understand the working approach adopted by Sadhana to achieve the objective.
  • One capacity building was conducted for strengthening the understanding of the status of malnutrition in the project area and the NRC (Nutrition Rehabilitation Centre) procedures.


Key Result Areas Program Activities Planned

Secure access to free primary health care in the intervention area.

* Coordinate with Auxiliary Nursing Midwife (ANMs) / ICDS workers for early registration of pregnancy, issuing of Mother Child Protection (MCP) Card, and ensuring institutional delivery.
* Meeting with Rashtriya Bal Swasthya Karyakram (RBSK) Manager, Block Education Officer (BEO) for identified 9 schools.
* Workshop for networking and convergence effort on health, education among women & children, and social security for needy.
* Preparation of health cards for all students and analysis of the health information of the 900 children in the Gram Panchayat.
* Facilitate meeting of adolescent groups on healthy life style and skills.
* Workshop on healthy life style and better life skills at village level on hygiene & sexual health.

Key Result Areas Program Activities Planned

Reduction of child malnutrition in operational areas.

* Facilitate growth monitoring by ICDS centers with the support of the Panchayat Raj Institutes (PRIs).
* Facilitate admission of all Severely Acute Malnourished (SAM) children referred to Nutrition and Rehabilitation Centers (NRC).
* Ensure that all adolescent girls have regular health checkups in Village Health and Nutrition Day (VHND).
* Facilitate kitchen garden by three children groups and 4 adolescent girls involving the local nutrient yielding vegetables and food materials.

Improve understanding of children on their age appropriate growth & development.

* Transact training module-1 CRY Child Centre, with 6 children groups and their caretakers through child to child approach.
* Organize 2-day interaction camp among the leaders of children groups to develop relationship, strengthen bonds and exchange ideas.
* Annual tournament among children groups to encourage play, sports and exercise for the children to remain healthy
* Promote kitchen garden through the child group.

Financial Summary: January to December 2018

Budget Breakup 2018

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