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33 slum pockets in Tirupathi Urban Development Authority (TUDA).


Sanghamithra Service Society (SSS) is non government organisation established in the year 2001 which is working with target communities like Scheduled caste, Scheduled tribe and backward Minorities for the upliftment of the down trodden communities in Chandragiri and Tirupati Rural & Urban Mandal of Chittoor District. Mr Viswanath is the founder member of the organisation. Sanghamithra Service Society (SSS) having 9 executive members who are all educated experienced and committed people working for the development of down trodden sections. The executive members are hold experience in different fields like rural development, education and women empowerment.


The team with support from CRY is working towards the below goals

  • Ensure reduction in child labor from 113 to 53.
  • Increase 100% child-marriage-free colonies from 28 to 31.
  • Reduce school dropouts from 226 to 120.
  • Increase in Juvenile Justice Homes.

Achievements & Impact in the Review Period

The team with support from CRY adopts multiple strategies for addressing the identified issues. They work by promoting community based organisations (be it colony level or child level) and through media advocacy, by coordinating visits of government line departments to the bastis and by engaging with the government departments through participation in their meetings (ICDS, Education Depts etc.). The team has promoted a strong community based organisation (CBOs)in the name of ‘Bahujana Hakkula Vedika’ (BHV) which is a federation of various community based organisations (CBOs) formed at the colony level. BHV started playing the role of advocacy with various departments, organising campaigns and actively engaging with various representatives.
From the past 3 years the team has started engaging with JJ homes (4 in all in Tirupathi) on their own. This has given a scope to understand and assess the situation and engage with the children who are in conflict with law. They have built good relations and made inroads into the Juvenile Justice homes which will give them an opportunity to engage with Juvenile Justice Homes in a more effective way.


Focus 1: Reduce child labor from 113 to 98 and reduce dropout from 171 to 145

  • Quality of infrastructure and other facilities in schools to be improved.
  • Increase awareness within families on Child Rights.
  • Identify Colonies that face difficult in access to upper primary schools and work towards changing this
  • Conduct capacity building training for team on CLPRA(Child Labor Prohibition and Regulation Act).
  • Make the communities more conscious about child labor and its effects.
  • Track all children in the age group of 15-18 yrs to ensure they are accessing schools.
  • Track all children and ensure their transition from upper primary to high school & high school to other higher education courses.

Focus 2: Enhance understanding on Juvenile Justice (JJ) System in the District and arrive at intervention plans. Ensure 10 non-school-going children are admitted into schools.

  • Analyze gaps in JJ Homes in Tirupathi.
    • Participation in Juvenile Justice Board meetings (as observers) to understand matters pertaining to Juvenile Justice Homes.
    • Discuss with children to know their opinion about various facilities and the manner in which the home is functioning.
    • Discuss with staff of Juvenile Justice Homes to know about various issues / requirements in the homes.

  • Put efforts to admit children into schools.
    • Prepare list of non-school-going children.
    • Motivate children to attend the school.
  • Facilitate meetings with children in Juvenile Justice Homes.
    • Conduct monthly meetings with children at girls' and boys' homes and provide inputs on child rights.
    • Provide individual counselling to children wherever needed (in order to cope-up with any anxiety / stress / or to encourage them to study / participate well in children's activities, etc.)

Focus 3: Increase 75% strengthened Child Collectives

  • Facilitate regular meetings with child collectives.
  • Conduct sessions on child rights and how they are violated in society.
  • Encourage children to play games and sports.
  • Promote leadership development among children through capacity building trainings.
  • Give training to child collective leaders on how to conduct the child collective meetings.
  • Conduct counseling sessions for adolescent children against child marriages. Create awareness on ill effects of early marriages.


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